U.S.S. Sagan NCC-75055 (First Splinter)

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U.S.S. Sagan
U.S.S. Sagan (SFAMVL12)

U.S.S. Sagan (SFAMVL12)
Registry NCC-75055
Class Intrepid
First Appearance SFAMVL12 (Nov 1997)
First Splinter Timeline
(Split from the Columbia Timeline during the events of First Contact)

The Federation Starship Sagan, an Intrepid class light explorer, was commanded by Captain Stuart, and the chief engineer was Lieutenant Duaner. In 2372, the Sagan and the U.S.S. Bolivar NCC-1862 intercepted a Danube class runabout that had been stolen by several Starfleet Academy cadets, who were on the run while trying to prove that the Academy commandant, Admiral Pradesh, had been replaced by a Changeling. The Sagan and Bolivar were disabled by a Romulan surprise attack, allowing the runabout to escape.[1]

Ships Named Sagan

FASA Timeline

U.S.S. Sagan NCC-20000 (Sagan class)

FASA Timeline

U.S.S. Sagan NCC-75055 (Intrepid class)

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