U.S.S. Bellerophon NCC-74705

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Intrepid class[1]

The Federation Starship Bellerophon,[2] an Intrepid class light explorer, was named for the mythological Greek hero who fought against the Chimera.[3]. The Bellerophon ferried a delegation—including Vice Admiral William Ross and Dr. Julian Bashir—to a conference on Romulus in 2375.[4]

Notes and References

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  2. The Bellerophon was one of two ships bearing the name in service simultaneously in the 2370s, as the Nebula class U.S.S. Bellerophon NCC-62048 confronted a Romulan force that attempted to take the U.S.S. Prometheus NX-74913 in 2374, and was part of a task force that intercepted a Borg Sphere near Earth in 2377.
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