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Count class
Commissioned 2277
SFC Timeline
(Starfleet Command Games)

The Hydran Kingdoms' Count class destroyer leader, a variant of the Lancer class destroyer, was commissioned circa 2277, and was essentially a Lancer with the addition of a hellbore and the power to arm and fire it, as well as increases in batteries and shuttles. While no phasers were added, all were upgraded to Type-1.

The class featured a crew complement of 300, a capacity of four shuttlecraft, and carried two squadrons of two Stinger class fighters. The class was equipped with four science labs, one transporter, and one tractor beam emitter. The class was armed with one hellbore weapon, three fusion beam emitters, three banks of Type-1 phasers, and two banks of Type-G Gatling phasers. The class remained in service until 2299.[1]

Count class vessels

SFC Timeline

H.M.S. Count Fidelity  • H.M.S. Count Horizon  • H.M.S. Count Methane  • H.M.S. Grandee  • H.M.S. Nobleman  • H.M.S. Patrician  • H.M.S. Peer

Notes and References

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