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Starfleet Command
Box Cover

Box Cover
Released 31 Jul 1999
 •  Gold Edition: 12 Oct 2000

Finally, a starship naval combat game worthy of the name Star Trek

Using data from the best-selling strategy board game, Star Fleet Battles, Starfleet Command puts you in the captain's chair for the most amazing real-time space combat experience ever created.

Pledge allegiance in the Klingon Empire, the United Federation of Planets, the Romulan Star Empire, the Hydran Kingdom, the Gorn Confederation or the Lyran Star Empire.

  • Experience a 30-year campaign that takes you from Lieutenant Commander of a frigate to a Rear Admiral in control of a task force including Destroyers, Heavy Cruisers, and Dreadnoughts.
  • Every good tactician knows there's a fine balance between speed and raw power. Choose from four classes of ships and over 50 3-D rendered hull designs.
  • Command over 50 unique campaign missions generated by the Dynaverse engine, or reenact classic scenarios from the original series.
  • Dozens of multifunctional display panels offer instant access to every critical system. Weapons, Shields, Sensors, Transporters, Marines, Mines, Engineering, Science, and Energy Management.
  • Multiple tutorials and technicals will introduce the controls necessary for you to take command.
  • Numerous multi-player options include "Pass the Tribble" and cooperative Starbase Assault with up to 6 players. Or go head-to-head via modem/serial cable, direct TCP/IP, IPX or Mplayer.

Starfleet Command is a true starship simulation
These are monstrous vessels, equipped with dozens of weapons and systems. Maneuver to keep your target within the arc of your weapons, but remember that these are massive ships and you will have to plan ahead. Use transporters, tractor beams, electronic warfare, marine boarding parties and sensors.

Between campaign missions...
Refit and repair your ships at Starbase. Recruit new officers or send your trainees back into the officer pool to earn additional prestige. Spacedock allows you to purchase additional shuttlecraft, marines, transporter bombs and more.

Command is a team effort.
Multiplayer supports up to 6 players via TCP/IP and IPX (Internet and LAN) or two players via modem or serial. Each player can control up to three ships. There are various multiplayer games and missions, both cooperative and competitive. Gang up on a computer controlled Starbase. Duke it out in a best two out of three. Or try your hand at a game of Tug of War.

The Dynaverse awaits.
The single-player dynamic campaign presents a fresh series of missions based on your performance and actions. A unique series of campaign missions for the Federation, Klingons, Romulans and Lyrans combine to tell the story of the missing Organians. There are over 100 missions that can be generated in thousands of different combinations. The galaxy is at war and you can make a difference.

Space is not completely empty.
Discover uncharted Nebulae, maneuver through dense asteroid fields and belts or battle at the fringe of a black hole. Flying close to a sun will test your shields and your ship. The different types of terrain require commanders to exercise additional caution and skill.

You are not alone.
In your missions, you may encounter Orion Pirates attempting to steal cargo or otherwise cause trouble. Freighter convoys require protection or plundering. Defensive satellites and battle stations orbit planets and moons. In the cold of space exist monsters of the most unusual kind.

Gold Edition

The Star Trek: Starfleet Command Gold Edition has 26 new missions, featuring three Federation missions, three Klingon missions, 10 Hydran missions, seven Gorn Missions, and three Romulan missions. Similar to the original Star Trek: Starfleet Command, the Gold Edition offers you the starring role as a captain in any one of six star empires. You start out with command of a frigate, then take on missions, such as Convoy Escort and Courier. Depending on your success with the missions, you gain prestige. With prestige comes rank, larger ships, multiple ships, and more experienced officers.



Errand of Curiosity

Captain's Log
Our mission is to Deep Scan all the listening posts at the edge of the Organian system, and if we find anything wrong, to scan Organia itself.

Welcome to the Starfleet Special Task Force. We are very busy, so let's get down to business.

There has been an alarming increase in military activity across the quadrant in the last few months. The foundation for our recent peace has been the Organian Treaty, which was brokered by a race of advanced beings after hostilities between the Federation and the Klingons threatened to plunge the galaxy into war.

We have not heard from the Organians in weeks, and we want to talk with them. Your mission is to go to Organia, and scan our listening posts for any messages that they may have sent. If there are no messages, then proceed to Organia and discreetly scan the planet to see if anything's wrong. Try not to disturb the Organians unless it's absolutely necessary - they're very sensitive about contact.

Testing Ground

Captain's Log
We are to tractor the SES toward the star until it is in position, then patrol the area until the mission is complete: destroying any hostile ships and capturing any curious ones.

Starfleet Special Task Force is conducting a small experiment, and we need your help.

The Subspace Equaliscopic System is a prototype device that can tap energy directly from a star and generate a dampening field that blocks subspace communications in a two parsec radius.

The SES is loaded into the unmanned science vessel Dukain. We need you to tractor the Dukain to the system and place it in orbit. When the Dukain has achieved orbit, you will scour the system for possible intruders. Eliminate them, let the Dukain send out its test signal, then bring it home.

Bordering on Insanity

Captain's Log
Federation relations with an allied race are being threatened by mysterious attacks, allegedly by the Federation. Our mission is to scan a communications buoy and see if it might help us solve the mystery.

This is a delicate mission.

Starfleet Command is receiving reports of Federation ships attacking allies in the system. But no Federation ships are assigned to that sector, so we need you to investigate what's really happening.

You will head to the system. There's a communications relay there; scan it and get a copy of its log. The post is in neutral space, so try to be civil. Avoid a shooting war at all costs.

Dancing With Myself

Captain's Log
In a bold gambit, we've been sent to capture our counterpart and deliver them to our allies as evidence of our innocence. I don't like being used as bait, but Starfleet feels that a larger force would scare away the Imperials.

Starfleet Command has some bad news.

Our allies are accusing you of some heinous crimes. We believe that your counterparts from the parallel universe are responsible. Our allies aren't buying the explanation - they want your head.

We believe that your counterpart can be found at an abandoned Orion base in the system. Your mission is to find that ship, capture it, deliver it to our allies, and clear your name as well as restore the reputation of the Federation.

A Nest of Spies

Captain's Log
There's no rest for the wicked. We're going to pose as our extra-dimensional counterparts at a meeting. We hope to beam over an infiltration team, extract data on Imperial forces, and get out quietly.

We now have an opportunity to take the fight to the Imperials.

Our main problem in this skirmish has been the lack of reliable intelligence. This situation has now changed. Starfleet Command has just learned that the alternate universe version of your ship was supposed to meet with other Imperials at a captured Orion base.

You will take your ship to that meeting, pose as your counterpart, and send an infiltration team onto the station. Once the team has retrieved data from the Imperial computers, you will discreetly return to Federation space.

It's going to be a difficult mission. Make as little contact with the enemy as possible, and watch out for scanning devices.


Captain's Log
The son of the Imperial Supreme Commander, Will Decker, is having a secret meeting with our enemies. Our mission is to disrupt that meeting and show them that if they support the Imperials, they're backing the losing side.

Cryptographers at Starfleet Command Special Task Force have decoded information from the Imperial computers. Their leader is Supreme Commander Matthew Decker, the 'Mirror' counterpart of the great Starfleet hero, who, several years ago, sacrificed his life to save the Federation from an alien Planetkiller. I think it's safe to say Supreme Commander Decker is far less benevolent than 'ours'

Decker's son, Captain Will Decker, is being sent to a meeting with our enemies. He plans to make an alliance with them. This could be devastating to the Federation, so you need to break up that meeting. Destroy every Imperial ship, make them look weak, and destroy their credibility.

And if you could capture Captain Decker and his ship, we'd be really happy.

Does Anyone Know What Doomsday This Is?

Captain's Log
When I was at the Academy, I had to take the Kobayshi Maru scenario, which judges how we handle no-win situations. Now, facing the most terrifying weapon the Federation has ever encountered, I get the feeling I'm doing that scenario again. We must not let the Imperials get access to these weapons of destruction.

We have a serious problem.

The Imperials have undertaken a special project. Since the Organians disappeared, we've noticed an increase in extra-dimensional phenomena such as dimensional rifts and wormholes. The Imperials have found a wormhole to a special place - a place outside the galaxy, a graveyard of Planetkillers. It appears they think they can activate some of them and use them as weapons against the Federation.

We barely managed to defeat one of them. I don't want to think what a dozen of them could do to us. Starfleet Command needs you to go through the wormhole and stop them. Use your Deep Scan to search the 'dead' Planetkillers. If they manage to bring any of them on-line, destroy them. The only reliable method of destroying a Planetkiller is to send a large vessel, such as a cruiser, into its maw. You may have to capture enemy ships to accomplish this.

Rift Raft

Captain's Log
This is it, the big one. If we succeed in our mission, the bulk of the Imperial forces will return to their home dimension, and we'll have ended a grave threat to the Federation. If we fail... I don't want to think about that.

Our Special Task Force has located Decker's main base and we're about to launch an attack. However, the attack is actually a diversion from our main operation, and this is where you come in.

Decker's main base is located in dimensionally unstable space. If we can trigger a dimensional disruption in this star system, we can shift any ship that has traveled between dimensions back to its original universe.

To trigger a disruption, we're going to need to tap into an enormous power source - a star. We've rigged a freighter with a star tap; once it's achieved orbit, it will trigger the disruption. Unfortunately, there's a base on a planetoid near the star: when the Imperials detect your approach, they'll do everything they can to stop you. Your job is to keep the freighter alive until it triggers the disruption.

Armageddon Away

Captain's Log
We are facing the most powerful threat that the Federation has ever seen. If we fail, Earth is dead. There's an empty feeling inside I can't begin to describe, as if I dare not feel any emotion in this hour or risk breaking into pieces.

We're facing a desperate situation.

In spite of our recent success with the Imperials, Supreme Commander Decker has amassed a fleet of Planetkillers, and brought them through a wormhole into the heart of the Federation. They're on a direct course for Earth.

We assembled a task force led by the Enterprise, but they won't arrive in time. All we have are a few cruisers - and you. We've developed an experimental weapon to combat the Planetkillers, but it's untested. The Nova mines are a transporter weapon; you have to get to point blank range, transport them into the Planetkiller's maw, and detonate them.

You have two goals. First, save Earth from the Planetkillers. Second, get Decker. If he escapes, he'll try this again. We want him alive.

The fate of Earth and the Federation is in your hands.

Lands of the Lost

Captain's Log
The Organians stopped a galactic war once -- Starfleet hopes they can do it again. Our mission is to scan two planets in this system for signs of the Organians.

We finally have a lead in tracking down the missing Organians. A probe registered strange energy signatures around two planets, an energy signature that is identical to the Organians.

I know it's a long shot, but finding the Organians could solve a lot of the galaxy's problems. Go to the system, scan the planets, and bring back any findings to Starfleet Command. Also, if you find any unusual phenomena in that system, scan it too.

Settling the Skorr

Captain's Log
The Skorr were one of the most aggressive races in galactic history until A'lar taught them the ways of pacifism and encouraged them to join the Federation. If anything was to happen to his Soul - or to his people - the results could be catastrophic.

The hunt for the lost Organians has hit an ominous dead end. The mysterious energy field you discovered has reappeared at the Skorr Homeworld.

The Skorr recently disavowed violence and disbanded their navy, leaving their planet defenseless. The energy field is increasing the radiation levels on the planet. We're sending freighters with anti-radiation drugs to the planet. When the freighters deliver the drugs, they'll take on cargo -- eggs from the Skorr hatcheries. And there's one other sensitive matter...

The Skorr religion venerates the Soul of A'larr, the Skorr messiah. The Skorr wants the Soul removed for safekeeping. The USS Sidorov has been assigned to accompany you. Its priority is to go to the planet, get the Soul and take it to a safe haven. Given Skorr fanaticism, we don't know what would happen if the Soul is lost. Protect the Sidorov at all costs and protect as many freighters as possible.


Captain's Log
The Federation always viewed the Organians with reverence, so it's a surprise to learn that we developed anti-Organian technology. However, in dealing with this energy phenomenon, it looks like it's being put to good use.

We've made a disturbing discovery about that energy field you've recently encountered.

The Organians once mentioned that there were many beings in the universe like themselves. Some of these beings had gone mad over the eons and threatened the younger races, so the Organians and others like them imprisoned them in the Damnation black hole. An asylum for higher beings.

We believe the energy being you encountered is an escapee from the Organians' asylum. It's gathering energy sources, such as the Soul of A'lar and who knows what else, and has returned to the Damnation system in an attempt to free its brethren. It must be stopped.

Starfleet developed the Mandoss system to imprison higher class beings as a weapon of last resort, in the event that the Organians ever became a threat. It's been loaded into the unmanned freighter USS Contempt. You will go to the Damnation system and drive the Contempt into the energy field. Once it has been imprisoned, you will send the Contempt into the black hole, imprisoning the entity.


A Sign of Things to Come

Ship's Record
Rebellion. The passions of the Brown Stripes in the Igorash system have led to violence, which has only recently been quelled. Our mission is to deliver medical supplies to the planet Igorash I. Many on my vessel consider it to be a distasteful duty, but it shall be done.

King's Guard: I am certain you've heard the reports of rioting on the Igorash system's outpost. Like most rumors, they are greatly exaggerated, but this is a season of weak tongues.

Nonetheless, the Igorash system is in need of medical supplies. Yours is the duty of delivering the supplies to the colony on Igorash I.

This region is being used as a poaching ground by the Orion. These jackals need to be removed from our space. Bloody your claws on them whenever possible.



Defenders of the Egg: This time, your's shall be an errand of mercy.

There has been an insurrection in the Igorash system, but it is over. Our duty now is to help those who have been loyal to our Loving Mistress. They need supplies from our healing stores. Our duty is to deliver them to Igorash I.

Take glory in your assignment, and know that the treacherous Orions have been seen in the area. The Orion are our greatest threat, a plague that must wiped clean.



Guardians Errant: I regret to inform you that we missed the fun in the Igorash system. Local authorities have managed to get the riots under control without our help.

Yes, I know, I'm surprised too...

We have agreed to deliver medical supplies to Igorash I. It's not much of an adventure, but our friends the Orions have been seen in the area, so this assignment might not be too boring.

Seize your chance for greatness, my friend.

Picking the Bones

Ship's Record
We are seizing the assets of the traitorous Manthar. We understand the system contains some dangerous asteroids, but I'm not worried about asteroids, Orions, or any other obstacles.

King's Guard: The traitorous house of Manthar is falling, and it is your duty to push them into the abyss.

The Manthar have several weapons caches in the asteroid belt. Scan the major asteroids and find the location of every cache. If it is defended, destroy the defenses. If you find a base in the system, capture it. A marine transport is at your disposal.

Fly well, for the glory of our King.



Defenders of the Egg: The traitorous house of Manthar is being punished, and it is providing us with an opportunity to rearm ourselves.

We have discovered that the Manthar kept several weapons caches in the asteroid belt. We need those weapons for our own dwindling supplies. Scan the asteroids, find the caches, and destroy the defenses. If you find a major base, capture it. A marine transport is at your disposal.

And if any Orions cross your path, crush them with a smile. May the Mistress smile on your claws this day.



Guardians Errant: We've got an interesting assignment for you.

We've been mauling our favorite incompetent traitors, the Manthar, for quite awhile. The time has come to finish them. They've got a base and some weapons caches in the asteroid belt. Go there, scan the asteroids, find the caches, and take that base. You'll have a transport full of marines with you to make it easier.

There's a weapons shortage right now, so we could really use those caches. Have fun, but don't drop the egg on this one.

Bright Colony, Full of Flame

Ship's Record
Revenge is our banner, the war stones are brown with blood. We go to the system. We go to reclaim what is ours, and to watch the thieves burn. Some missions are merely trivial passages of time. Then there are the missions such as this one, missions that make you feel alive.

King's Guard: Morale in the Confederation is not good right now. Although rumors of openly rebellious planets and interfactional warfare are completely false, and anyone caught perpetuating them will be...punished.

Many of the current problems can be traced to the loss of Garragan, which was taken from us several years ago. Now is the time for retribution. Your mission is simple, retake Garragan. Leave no survivors.



Defenders of the Egg: A malaise grips the Confederation. The displeasure of the Mistress is clear to all. Planets are in rebellion, and the harmony of the guilds, faiths, and soldierly Orders has completely broken down into strife and chaos.

Many of our problems began when Garragan was stolen, but we have a chance to take Garragan back. Your mission is to retake the system. If any alien technology were to fall into our handsduring your mission, so much the better.



Guardians Errant: Listen up hatchlings. There's a lot to discuss.

As you know, morale in the Confederation is at an all time low, despite our beloved (ha!) King's best efforts. But we can use the current situation to seize some glory - and revenge.

Garragan was taken from us several years ago, the first of our most recent wave of defeats. What you may not know is that something has happened. The defenses at Garragan are now minimal. Let's take advantage of it. Let's take Garragan, and seize whatever technology we can get our claws on.

Green Eggs and Empire

Ship's Record
On Gihdahr, the eggs of blue-yellow hatchlings are considered holy. To lay even one such egg in a clutch is a great blessing, but to lay four...

A blessed event has occurred that will end the misfortunes of the Confederation. The Queen of Gihdahr has given birth to a clutch of eggs. According to the Mistress, four of the offspring will be Yellow-Blue Scales. This is a great omen, and may calm the unrest that has gripped the Confederation.

You have been selected to be one of the cruisers that will escort the eggs to Hatch Hold. There, the eggs will receive their traditional blessing. The system is heavily mined, but a lane of safe passage will be made available to you.

I cannot imagine that even the Orions would dare to attack this convoy, but do not let your guard down. Failure could mean civil war - and a slow death for anyone involved in this debacle.

Hatching a Scheme

Ship's Record
Treachery or desperation? The Defenders of the Egg are meeting with the Orions, for reasons unknown. Our assignment is to demonstrate our control over Gorn space by destroying the Orions, and it shall be done gladly.

King's Guard: The Defenders of the Egg have called a secret meeting with the Orions in the system. Given that the Holy Mother herself called for their extermination, this is most unexpected.

We will not permit secret meetings with our enemies. You will go to the system and destroy any alien ship you find there. If any Gorn ship fires on you, you may return it.

As for the Holy Mother, while we would never advocate harming her, it might be a good thing if she were taken into custody. To protect her from the Orions, of course.



Ship's Record
We are assigned to safeguard our holy mother at a meeting. There are elements of this mission that deeply disturb me, but I will not speak them openly. No enemy shall touch the Holy Mother.

Defenders of the Egg: The Holy Mother herself will be meeting with the Orions at the system to discuss important matters. This is unusual and most disturbing... but if the Holy Mother wills it, so be it.

Word of the meeting may have leaked to other Gorn factions. Your duty is to safeguard the meeting by patrolling the area and discouraging interference.

The Orions are hardly the most trustworthy creatures, so keep an eye on them. Should they threaten the Holy Mother, leave none of them alive.



Ship's Record
Treachery or desperation? The Defenders of the Egg is meeting with the Orions, for reasons unknown. Our assignment is to plant listening devices on nearby asteroids and hopefully uncover the secret.

Guardians Errant: This is a weird one, so listen up.

The Defenders of the Egg has called a secret meeting with the Orions in the system. They're mortal enemies. We'd like to know what this is all about.

There are a lot of asteroids in the system. You will proceed to asteroids Sigma, Theta, and Upsilon and transport listening devices onto them. Try not to get caught, but if things go wrong, destroy as many Orions as possible and return to base.

Wooden Starships and Iron Gorn

Ship's Record
The Guardians Errant are known for their arrogance and insolent manner. It will give us great pleasure to reassert the king's control over his domain.

King's Guard: The Igarron shipyards have typically been the responsibility of the Guardians Errant, but their recent actions have forced the King to remove them from that office. We need a ship to go to the shipyards and announce the King's wishes. If they resist, destroy them - and the shipyards.



Ship's Record
The Guardians Errant are known for their impiety, but they have seldom been punished for it. Tonight, that will change.

Defenders of the Egg: The Guardians Errant's recent espionage must be punished. Our target is the Igarron shipyard. Your orders are simple - destroy the shipyards and destroy every ship in the system.



Ship's Record
Ships are the lifeblood of a fighter, and our enemies seek to drain us dry. To the Ice with them, they won't get them today.

Guardians Errant: We're expecting trouble. Word has it that the King is planning to take back control of the Igarron shipyards. It is also thought that the Defenders of the Egg are planning to destroy those shipyards in retaliation for our attempt to listen in on their conversation with the Orions.

We aren't about to let either happen. Your mission is to go to Igarron and destroy all attacking ships.

All the King's Starships and All the King's Captains

Ship's Record
We are heading for a nebula. We are to find the base, perform a deep scan at close range, send a message to the rest of the fleet, and then take the station with our boarding parties.

We've tracked down one of the ships that stole the Gorn Blue-Yellow Eggs. There's a hidden Orion base somewhere in the system's nebula.

Sending a task force into a nebula without knowing the exact location of the base would be suicide. We're sending you ahead of the main force. Find the location of the base, get close to it, perform a deep scan, send a signal to the task force, then join them in the assault. When its shields are down, beam over your Vanguard teams to recapture the eggs. If the eggs are not present, or if they've been destroyed, leave no Orion alive.

Muddy Waters

Ship's Record
Although we prefer to respect the laws of our neighbors, we have no choice but to violate the law and rescue a criminal who has information on the stolen eggs. It is expected to be a difficult mission.

We have received word from a Federation trader who claims that he has information about the Orions and the whereabouts of our Blue-Yellow Eggs.

Unfortunately, his name is Harry Mudd, and he's currently incarcerated at the Federation New Brisbane penal colony.

We could attempt diplomacy with the Federation, but there isn't time. Mudd will exchange information on the eggs for his freedom. You will rescue Harry Mudd from New Brisbane and bring him back to Gorn space. Don't let anything stand in your way.

The Egg and Why

Ship's Record
This mission is going to be a difficult one. We must capture a freighter, use it to infiltrate a base, capture the stolen eggs, then safely escape. There are many opportunities for error.

We have tracked down the location of the remaining stolen Eggs to the Fargaross system on the Romulan border. The Orions will shatter the eggs at the slightest opportunity, so we need to be very cautious.

There's a traitor Gorn freighter heading to Fargaross. You'll need to capture that freighter to acquire an up-to-date security pass-phrase. Send that freighter back to the homeworld for further crew...interrogation. We will provide you with an identical freighter that you will pilot to Fargaross safely, get the eggs, then return to Gorn space.

Romulan ships patrol the edge of the system, but if you treat them with respect, they should not be a problem, given our relations. There's a more serious threat: several Orion listening posts in the system. If you venture too close, they will scan you and penetrate your disguise.

If we do not recover the eggs soon, civil war is inevitable. May the Mistress protect you on this, the most critical mission in Gorn history.

The Gorn Navy Versus a Higher Being

Ship's Record
It was not long ago that the Gorns of the Three Worlds were living savage lives, worshipping kings who styled themselves after the great Father, the Dark King of Myth, the Egg-Breaker. Now, the only remaining King in Gorn space is a constitutional monarch, and we laugh at fables, and we go into space to destroy this advanced alien, who calls himself the Great Father. It is a good time to reflect on our evolution, and think of what we might become.

We've gathered as large a force as we can on short notice. We're going to hit this Quosian - the so-called Great Father, hard enough that even the gods will hear it.

The Three Planets and all the Gorn Worlds are watching you. Today, you shall become like the Egg-Bringers of Myth, when you return with those who are destined to become the greatest of Gorns, rescued from the god of darkness, a new age will dawn. The only alternative is insurrection and chaos, the final nightfall of our race.



Welcome to the Keepership. In addition to your duties as a Hydran Knight-Captain, you will also be responsible for the protection of sacred Hydran Star-Beasts, which are worshipped by some of our most prominent cults.

The situation is a mess. When the Organians vanished, the subsequent quantum wave disrupted the energy fields that envelop the Star Beast preserves. Quite a few of our gods escaped, and we're going to need someone to round them back up. But we won't send you after them until you've gotten a lot more experience.

We'll start with something small. A pair of hanyurii mated in the sector and produced several offspring. As is the habit of hanyurii, these orphans were left to fend for themselves.

Agents of a star-beast hunter cult have been spotted in the area. We need to drive the hunters away, wrangle the offspring and deposit them in the local mineral field, where they'll be able to grow in peace and safety.

Fait Accompli

Repair the three sub-space generators and disengage. Do not destroy the monster, lose your ally or the generators.

The containment fields around many of the Star-Beast preserves have failed. We have assembled engineering teams to repair them. Your task will be to take the engineering team to the system, transport them aboard each generating station, and then beam them away when they've completed their task.

Be careful. There are Star-Beasts in the area, and the monster-hunters have also been spotted. In addition, the muriyz, the most fanatical Star-Beast cult, have excommunicated the Keepership and threatened to destroy all of the containment field projectors.

...bloody lunatics...

Eye of the Storm

Capture the enemy comm station and retrieve their computer core information. Disengage after you have the files.

We believe that the enemy has been sending genetically engineered spies into our space.

We need to gather evidence of their spy network and determine what they know and who their operatives are. We've uncovered an enemy communications station in the dust cloud of a system along our border that we believe is their local headquarters. We want you to land your Triad boarding parties, capture the station, get as much data as you can, and get out fast.

There are high energy discharges in the cloud, so be careful.

Final Voyage

Escort the Star-Beast until he gets close to the sun. Protect Him from His enemies.

We have received a communication from one of the oldest known Star-Beasts, Ctalhru, Scion of Stars. He is dying. He wishes to throw himself into the sun of his home system. He wishes us to send a ship to escort him on his final journey. You'll be commanding that ship.

We are worried that members of the star-beast hunter cult may decide that Ctalhru would make a fine trophy. So watch out. Though I'd really like to bloody the noses of those spoiled brats.

You're IT!

Transport bio-monitors onto all star-beasts and destroy all poachers.

This should be a relatively dull mission - I hope. We've discovered a new herd of scovion, a young star-beast type, in the system. We need to constantly monitor their condition. So we're sending you into the system with bio-monitor packages. You'll transport the bio-monitors into the creature's nautical cavity, then move to the next one. Preliminary reports indicate there are five scovions in the area.

It's possible that the muriyz will view this as a sacreligous act, or that the star-beast hunters will be nearby. So be careful.

Dragon's Breath

A Hydran base has come under a surprise attack. We had few forces in the area, and most of them have been destroyed. It's almost certain that the system will fall, leaving a strategic gap in our defenses.

We have one hope, although it's a violation of the principles of the Keepership. There is a small herd of scovions in the first system. Some may be intelligent. We want you to convince them to intervene in the conflict, then proceed to the second system and drive the enemy away.

Perhaps you have moral problems about involving a Star-Beast, a space god, in mundane affairs. But whatever we may feel about them, orders are orders.

Endangered Species

We have a desperate situation in the system. The muriyz beast cult, protesting our use of scovions in military engagements, has seized the planet and the system's base. The matriarchs are most upset over this development, and I don't need to tell you what that means...

You will be accompanied by a transport ship loaded with many Triads of our best ground troops. Your mission is to retake both the planet and the base. If you can do so without bloodshed, do it, but if diplomacy fails, use whatever force is necessary.

A Beast Unknown

A wormhole has opened up in a system which leads to enemy space. We believe they have an astrophysics observatory there. We've decided to retaliate for their recent raid. You will travel through the wormhole, board the observatory, gather as much of their data as possible, and return.

If this raid is to be more than a symbolic gesture, it needs to be thorough. Hit them fast and strike them hard.


There is a large migration of star beasts to the system. Our mission is to discover why they're here. Scan the star and destroy all poachers.

There is a large gathering of Star-Beasts near the system nebula. These Star-Beasts are among those who escaped when the quantum disruption destroyed their confinement fields.

We don't want them recaptured yet. We want to know why they are gathering together. This doesn't fit any established mating patterns. Something in the system must be drawing them there. Your job is to find out what it is.

Also, there are reports that the ulazhi, the Star-Beast hunters, have gathered at least two task forces and they're heading toward the nebula. It's time to obliterate them once and for all.

The Abyss Stares Back

Subdue the Star-Beasts so tugs positioned just outside of this system may safely approach them.

We have a crisis. The Star-Beasts are leaving Hydran space, heading into uncharted territory. The Beast-Cults are treating this as an apocalyptic sign. There is unrest on many planets.

The time has come at last to recapture the Star-Beasts and return them to the preserves. Some of our larger ships will be escorting you. You will attack the Star Beasts and knock them unconscious. Then we'll send in a fleet of tugs to tractor them back to their preserves.

One last thing, due to these troubled times, fighter reinforcements are not available and all fighters have been pulled off the line. You must make do without fighter escorts.


Expedition to Organia

Commander's War Record
We are investigating a space-time anomaly near Organia. A Deep Scan will help us calibrate our probe, and the probe launch will yield detailed information about the area surrounding the anomaly. Any Federation vessels can be used for whatever information they have gathered.

The Organians were a plague who violated the Klingon right of conquest. Although we should be celebrating their departure, those mewling beacons of pacifism could not be bothered to share the reason for their disappearance with lesser beings such as ourselves, so we are forced to investigate this mystery ourselves, launching probes at spatial anomalies. Probes! This mission would insult a child.

A little over 6 light-hours from the Organian system...

So this is the best that the Academy could produce. Pitiful.

This mission might prove challenging for a child, so perhaps you will not completely disgrace yourself. The Organians have recently vanished. Near the Organian system is a large space-time anomaly. You are to scan the anomaly and launch a probe near it.

It is possible that Federation vessels may be present in the system. Find out what they know, one way or another.

Now go out there, and act like a Klingon.

A Hole in Time and Space, Part I

Commander's War Record
We are engaged in a mission whose purpose is unclear. But Klingons enjoy embracing the unknown and conquering it. The Lyrans will fall. The justification of this mission is unclear, but the objective is to capture a Lyran ship.

Wormholes have opened into distant corners of Lyran and Hydran space, providing the Black Fleet with a unique opportunity.

This mission has two phases. In phase one, you travel through the wormhole, arriving in a newly discovered system where the Lyrans are mining dilithium. Intelligence believes there are two light vessels in the system. Capture one, destroy the other, then return through the wormhole. We'll brief you on Phase Two when you return.

A Hole in Time and Space, Part II

Commander's War Record
The Hydrans are a race of three legged, methane breathing, marginally evolved slugs. We are posing as a Lyran, and using a freighter to destroy a Hydran base. This will reignite the old hatred between the Hydrans and the race that once occupied them.

You will transfer operations to the captured vessel and pose as a Lyran on a raid in Hydran space. You will take the Lyran vessel and a freighter loaded with fusion bombs through a second wormhole, and enter a system near the Lyran-Hydran border. Here, you will protect the freighter until it rams a Hydran space station. Once the station has been destroyed, you will return through the wormhole.

If you succeed, the balance of power in the quadrant will be changed for the better.

Paradise By the Disruptor Light

Commander's War Record
Treason is the ultimate insult against those who faithfully serve in difficult circumstances. I do not know if the recent raids are the actions of traitors, or incompetents who have lost their ships, but regardless of the cause, I shall be their executioner.

Klingon High Command is quite upset. A week ago, three Klingon Birds of Prey entered a wormhole and vanished without a trace.

Two days ago, however, these ships appeared out of nowhere, attacked the Golrek shipyard and stole the components for Klingon defense platforms. They did not answer any hails.

Your mission is to determine what happened to those ships: to return them and their crews to Klingon space, and to punish them for criminal behavior if they have mutinied.

The Cloak of Night

Commander's War Record
Technology has always been a coward's way of trying to match a warrior's prowess. It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to destroy some anti-cloaking technology, a threat to the security of the Klingon empire.

One of our neighbors is researching anti-cloaking technology. If this technology is allowed to develop, it could threaten Klingon interests. Fortunately, a wormhole has opened into the system where the test is taking place.

The Black Fleet needs you and a companion to travel through the wormhole to the system, find the vessel containing the anti-cloak field, destroy it, and return through the wormhole. Destroying enemy ships is also a desirable goal.

That Which Must Die

Commander's War Record
The most insidious predator ever to be brought into Klingon space is the tribble. Our mission is to find every tribble in this system and destroy them.

We have a chance to destroy one of the Empire's greatest enemies, a verminous creature that is despised by all Klingons.

We've spent years searching for a way to destroy this menace, and now a wormhole has opened into the heart of the Federation, and the enemy is open to us. It will be your proud honor, privilege, and duty to destroy the homeworld of our worst nightmare.


You will take your ship through the wormhole, head to the planet, and bombard it until it is destroyed. If any ship in the system contains a single tribble, it must be destroyed.

Go forth, and when you return, the Black Fleet will sing songs of the Great Tribble Hunt!

The Devil You Know

Commander's War Record
We have been sent to rendezvous with a renegade Federation captain, a man who claims to be from a parallel universe where the Federation has more spine. High Command wants to talk about an alliance. I, of course, believe the only worthwhile alliance is with one's self.

We have a special diplomatic mission for you.

The Klingon Empire has received an interesting overture. A fleet from a parallel universe plans to overthrow the Federation and wishes to talk with us. They've arranged a secret meeting with us.

Your mission is to meet with a ship from this Imperial faction and determine whether they can be trusted - or if they're a threat to the Klingon Empire. If they threaten you, do not hesitate to destroy them.

Vanishing Act Part 1

Commander's War Record
Several key Klingon shipyards have mysteriously vanished, pulled into subspace fractures. My mission is to determine whether this is another freak accident caused by these spatial phenomena that my scientist keeps nattering about, or whether it's part of a deliberate attack on the empire.

Scan subspace fractures for any signs of Klingon shipyards. If anything is discovered, we are to follow the trail into the anomaly.

The shipyards have vanished. Although that system has been victimized by the Orions on several occasions, we do not believe ]they are responsible. There are several subspace fractures that have formed in this system.

Your mission is to scan the subspace fractures, determine whether the shipyards were pulled through, and follow them. With all of the strange phenomena in Klingon space lately, we must be vigilant. If enemies hold the shipyards, or if those who hold the shipyards have gone mad, destroy them.

Vanishing Act Part 2

Commander's War Record
This mission is to determine the allegiance of those who stole the shipyards, and if necessary, destroy them.

The shipyards have vanished. Although that system has been victimized by the Orions on several occasions, we do not believe that they are responsible. There are several subspace fractures that have formed in this system.

Your mission is to scan the subspace fractures, determine whether the shipyards were pulled through, and follow them. With all of the strange phenomena in Klingon space lately, we must be vigilant. If enemies hold the shipyards, or if those who hold the shipyards have gone mad, destroy them.

We Are The Dead

Commander's War Record
We are heading through yet another wormhole, in search of Dr. make him our captive.

With the information you uncovered on Ikyriaa, many things have become clear to us. The "ghosts" started appearing soon after the wormholes appeared, after the Organians left. We do not know the extent of Organian involvement — they were never trustworthy — but there is another individual we suspect is involved.

Dr. Kraa is a renegade, a scientist who accuses the High Council of violating the rights of our subject races, and would make us ashamed of our glorious history. He has traveled through a number of these wormholes and visited worlds destroyed long ago by the Klingon Empire. Psionic science is his specialty.

We believe that Dr. Kraa is currently in the system, accessible only by wormhole. Your mission is to go through the wormhole, find him, and bring him back alive. We need the information he possesses, and he must be punished via public trial.


Commander's War Record
Since the Klingons first took to the stars in conquest, only a handful of races have ever dared to approach our home system with a fleet of war. All have been destroyed to the last ship. Today, history shall repeat itself.

A fleet of psionically controlled warships is approaching Qo'noS. It is a formidable force, but with our prototype Psionic Disruptor, we hope to disrupt their psi abilities by capturing Praxis and transporting the Disruptor onto the surface.

The situation is grave. The enemy has passed through a wormhole to the heart of Klingon space. They have captured the Klingon moon of Praxis, our main energy supply, and possessed the automated defenses. A large fleet protects them. Automated factories are building weapons. Soon, they will be capable of wiping out Qo'noS itself. Their fleet prevents any evacuation.

We have developed a device, which, if placed on the moon, will disrupt psionics and stop production on the weapons platforms. Unfortunately, any ship not equipped with this disruptor may become possessed by the enemy. We only have a few untested prototypes at our disposal.

Your ships will be the ones to receive the prototypes. You will run the enemy gauntlet and place the disruptor on the moon. After that, destroy as many enemy ships as possible. Any possessed ship is a threat to the Empire.


Commander's War Record
I have been assigned to salvage duty. I am not in a good mood; perhaps a little battle will come our way and improve the way I feel. If we do meet an enemy, we are to scan them and beam a tracking device onboard via a successful hit and run raid on any system. I hope we find more than one.

Defend our salvage rights from intruders, and use Hit and Run raids to secretly transport homing devices into all enemies. We want to find out where they are coming from.

You should not have called Admiral Raha's wife a targ-faced hag at the last victory party. I know what bloodwine does to a man, and I know what the Mistress of the House of Rahar looks like, but even so... You have been assigned to salvage duty. Many ships were destroyed or left for dead at the recent engagement. It is your duty to go to the system, scan any the derelicts you find, and tow back any ships that are salvageable.

We believe that some enemy, probably Orion, has been scavenging parts from the battlefield sites. If you encounter any enemy ship, engage them. However, since we would like to know where the enemy is based, we would like you to scan one and beam a tracking device into the ship via a successful hit and run attack. The tracking device might prove invaluable in helping us locate the their base, any ship not so tracked, must be destroyed.

That's Not a Mission, That's Suicide!

Commander's War Record
My sensors report an odd sub-space harmonic emanating from this group within the protostar cluster, maybe I can survive this mission with my honor intact after all.

Get close to the protostars (scanning helps) to collect data about possible enemy activity.

It seems that Admiral Raha is not done with you yet. He has assigned you to a very dangerous mission that offers little chance of you dying honorably in battle.

It seems that the telemetry gained from the Lyran hybrid ships you tracked on your salvage mission have lead to signs that their may be an organized force within the W-Y-N nebula, otherwise known as the burning zone.

You are to enter the burning zone at the same location as the enemy force retreated. It is hoped that you will find clues that will lead to the location and eventually destruction of these secretive enemies.

As you know, no ship as ever returned from the burning zone, so in an effort to reduce accusations of outright murder, the Admiral has commissioned one of his own ships to be specially refitted to resist the effects of the deadly radiation that engulfs that entire region. However the protective shielding required the ship to be rendered nearly defenseless. If somehow the enemy is able to survive in the burning zone, you will have almost no chance of defending yourself.


Commander's War Record
We have met a new galactic race, and are greeting them in true Klingon fashion - with force of arms. Soon we will see whether we will sweep the WYN aside as we have done to so many others.

Do as much damage to the enemy as you can. Don't get too damaged yourself or you will die here.

Now that we've made contact with the WYN, we must initiate diplomatic relations. You will ensure that the WYN unequivocally understands that Klingon Empire is superior to all other galactic powers, and can crush them at any moment we choose!

You will travel at high warp through the radiation belt, make your way to the core, and locate and destroy their shipyards. Their resources must be limited, so destroying even a single shipyard would be a major victory. Do be aware that you can expect your ship to take some damage crossing through the Burning Zone.

Yet again, the good Admiral Raha has sponsored this mission. However, due to your bravery in your previous missions, the Admiral's first choice for the commander was rejected. Do not fail the High Councils decision to let you have this incredible honor! Three Klingon warships have been assigned to you. They are expendable, however, do not lose these ships without reason.

Remember, not only do you have to survive the Burning Zone, and destroy the shipyard, you have to return safely. Our engineers say that your hull integrity is below 50% maximum, you will be at risk of destruction on your return journey.


A Cold, Quiet Place

War Log
We have lost contact with planet Kazr'rai. Our job is to determine what happened to it.

All contact with the planet Kazr'rai has been lost following an Orion attack. This is very odd, since they could have used ships to supplement their communications if damaged, and the Orions would not have been powerful enough to destroy the planet. Go to Kazr'rai and determine what happened.

Red Claw: You're one of the newer ones, aren't you?

The Red Claw of the Lyrans is the most powerful and illustrious clans in Lyran space. Our generation has worked very hard to get us there. Don't mess it up.

There is a puzzling situation. All contact with Kazr'rai was lost three days ago. We need you to travel there and find out what happened.

The Orions have been active in the sector. If you see any, eliminate them.



Iron Fang: Welcome. You hold your head with pride. Have you forgotten this is forbidden? Good. It is time for pride to be restored to the Iron Fang. It's been twenty years since your grandsire's disgrace. We have spent enough time outside the corridor of power. It is time to become great again. Our hope lies in you.

Now for the situation at hand. We lost all contact with Kazr'rai three days ago. We want you to travel there and discover what happened.

By the way, the Orion raiders have been active in the sector. If you see any, eliminate them.


War Log
The White Edge clan has violated their agreement with our clan, and we intend to get the information that they're denying us on their secret project. All I need to do is send the signal to my cousin, wait for them to get out of the way, and perform a pair of simple scans.

You will conduct a spy mission, coordinating your action with a second ship. On your signal, that ship will fire on a listening post on the edge of the system and hopefully draw ships away; you will then make a run for the station, scan it, scan the planet, and then escape before you can be stopped with information on the tap.

The White Edge clan has been working on a major project: a ramscoop that will project a geyser of hydrogen gas from a planet's atmosphere and shoot it through a containment field into a collection station. It's extravagant, wasteful technology - like most Lyran projects these days - but it may have useful applications.

Red Claw: The trade agreement of - oh, I forget the year, all these treaties become such a blur - requires the White Edge Clan to share new technological research with us, and they're refusing to live up to their obligations. Therefore, we will take this research from them.

We will launch a two-pronged attack. Your cousin, Gar Novarn will attack a White Edge defense platform at the rim of the sector. When their defending forces have been drawn away, you will go to the station, perform a deep scan, then proceed to the planet, perform a second deep scan, then leave the system as quickly as possible.



Iron Fang: The White Edge Clan refuses to negotiate a technological exchange treaty with us, so we will return the insult. We will take this research from them.

We will launch a two pronged attack. Your cousin, Avar Dovarn will attack a White Edge defense platform at the rim of the sector. When their defending forces have been drawn away, you will go to the station, perform a deep scan, then proceed to the planet, perform a second deep scan, then leave the system as quickly as possible.

The Iron Fang needs to show the other clans that we have teeth, and that we will not be snubbed any longer. This is a very important mission.

Scum of the Universe

War Log
The actions of the Orions in Lyran space have been of great concern to the Duke, and we hear rumors of a secret alliance between the Orions and one of the Lyran clans. An informant is willing to expand on these rumors. We must rescue him from a nebula after we destroy the listening post.

Red Claw: We've heard disturbing reports of Lyran Clans having secret meetings with the Orions. Since our clan is the acknowledged leader of the empire, it is our duty to police the lesser clans and expose this treachery.

Your task will be to enter the system's nebula, make contact with an informant, and escort him safely here. The informant is not very... popular with Orions or Klingons, so you may have to protect him.

There's also an Orion listening post somewhere around the nebula. Please destroy it for us.



Iron Fang: We've heard disturbing reports of Lyran Clans having secret meetings with the Orions. Discrediting other clans would put us in good stead at regaining our lost prestige, so we will uncover the truth behind this traitorous house and expose them for all to see.

Your task will be to enter the system's nebula, make contact with an informant, and escort him safely here. The informant is not very... popular with Orions or Klingons, so you may have to protect him.

There's also an Orion listening post somewhere around the nebula. Please destroy it for us.

The Plot Thickens

War Log
In order to prove Orion involvement with the Mountain Watchers, our clan has planted a probe in a system with an Orion base. The probe will record if any Lyran ship has visited the station, giving us the proof we need to indict them. All we need to do is deep scan the probe and return home.

Red Claw: Our informants tell us that the Orions have made an alliance with the Mountain Watchers clan. The Mountain Watchers are greatly favored at Court - dirty little sycophants - and it will take more than our word to bring them down.

We've had our eye on a suspected Orion base for quite some time. We're performing a joint operation with the Iron Fang clan - I know, it's a disgrace that we have to collaborate with the sons of traitors, but our elders want to ensure the alliance. You will go to the system, proceed to a probe we placed in a nearby asteroid belt, deep scan the probe to download its contents, then return.



Iron Fang: Our informants tell us that the Orions have made an alliance with the Mountain Watchers clan. The Mountain Watchers are greatly favored at the Courts - dirty little sycophants - and it will take more than our word to bring them down.

We've had our eyes on a suspected Orion base for quite some time. We're performing a joint operation with the Red Claw clan - yes, we know they're pretentious gloryseekers. You will go to the system, proceed to a probe that we placed in a nearby asteroid belt, deep scan the probe, then return.

The Red Claws are an influential clan who will help us regain our prestige, so do your best to keep them alive.


War Log
My cousin Rax, that backbiting little clod, has challenged me to a duel for possession of my great grandfather Jirr Teth's argon laser rifle. He used that weapon to win glory for our clan in the war against the Enemy Whose Name We May Not Speak Aloud, and it is one of the great heirlooms of my house. I will win it.

You're about to be awarded a prestigious heirloom by your clan, but your jealous cousin Rax is demanding an opportunity to fight you for the heirloom and for family prestige. You will engage in a test of skill. You will both enter a minefield. Whoever takes out the most mines wins.

For your service to your clan, the elders were going to award you custody of your great-grandfather Jirr Teth's argon laser rifle, a prestigious honor indeed. However, your cousin Rax has issued a formal challenge for the weapon, so we've arranged a contest to settle the issue.

The system's minefield has not been needed since the Enemy Whose Name We May Not Speak Aloud, was defeated forty years ago. There are sixteen mine controllers in the mine field. Whoever destroys the most mine controllers will take the prize.

You may only take one ship, but beyond that, there are no rules. People have died in these challenges. Keep that in mind.


War Log
Kar'rai has returned to our universe, and they are not explaining their disappearance. They have violated clan treaty by sealing off their system. We cannot allow this.

The planet Kazr'rai has suddenly reappeared. There are some mysterious satellites surrounding the planet. Scan the satellites and find out what you can from any vessels in the area.

The planet Kazr'rai has reappeared. They refuse to allow any ships from other clans to enter the system, even though neither the senate nor the emperor have formally approved a quarantine order, and technical supply ships continue to be allowed into the system.

Long range sensors indicate a ring of strange listening posts around the planet. Your job is to enter Kazr'rai and perform a deep scan of each listening post at close range. That's your primary mission. Also, you might see if you can learn anything from one of the supply ships.

Red Claw: The Red Claw will not be intimidated by others. Once again, it is your duty to prove our supremacy to the new generation of lesser clans.



Iron Fang: Prestige in the Lyran Empire has shifted from military force to engineering excellence. Technical knowledge is as valuable as a fleet of ships. If we are to regain our status, we must gather as much scientific information as possible.

The Whole Kitten Kaboodle

War Log
Since ancient times, the building of monuments has been used to boast of one's greatness to all of the Imperial clans. Now, with new breakthroughs in engineering, we compete in the building of monuments once more. Zarr Attep is a master engineer whose services are desired by many clans, including ourselves. We've been told to get him at any price. The bidding will start when we get close to the system.

A young Lyran engineer named Zarr Attep has invented an improved Lyran shield. He's offering the shield - and his services - to the highest bidder. Your mission - go to the auction and get him for your clan.

Red Claw: The clan needs to bolster its engineering corps. The best recruit from this year's crop is Zarr Attep, a gravitics engineer. He's having a meeting with several clans where he will receive bids. We want you to represent our clan at that meeting.

When you enter the system, proceed directly to the planet; Zarr will call the meeting when you get close. We don't want you to damage any relations with our allies, but do whatever is necessary to win the bid.



Iron Fang: The Iron Fang needs to regain its rightful status. In the last few years, nothing demonstrates a clan's greatness like an ambitious engineer. The surest path to glory is for a clan to build a work of technical excellence. The Iron Fang needs engineers.

Our target is Zarr Attep, a gravitics engineer, the most promising candidate of his generation. He's having a meeting with several clans where he will receive bids for his services. We want you to represent our clan at that meeting.

When you enter the system, proceed directly to the planet; Zarr will call the meeting when you get close. We don't want you to damage any relations with our allies, but do whatever is necessary to win the bid.

Strike First, Strike Hard!

War Log
The Mountain Watchers have gone too far. They have a major base at Zrr'atep. We have joined with a coalition from other clans, and we are going to destroy the base and its neighboring ship tenders.

The actions of the Mountain Watchers in their alleged alliance with the Orions and their attempt to seize Zrr'atep by force demands retribution. You will join as part of a large task force of several Lyran clans to take out the Mountain Watchers' shipyards and as much of their fleet as possible.

Red Claw: We have had enough of the Mountain Watchers clan. It is time to strike first, and strike hard.

We have assembled a task force from three clans who despise what the Mountain Watchers are doing to the Empire. You will be a part of that task force. There is a key Mountain Watcher base and shipyard at Zrr'atep. You will proceed there and wipe out all Mountain Watcher installations. Fortune willing, this will put that clan in its place.

The Mountain Watchers have a robust engineering corp, and have been very good at concealing their research from others, so expect surprises.



Iron Fang: The Mountain Watchers clan is the scourge of the empire. It is time to deal with them.

Because of your past efforts and tactical brilliance, you have been invited to join a task force composed of three clans who despise what the Mountain Watchers are doing to the Empire. There is a key Mountain Watcher base and shipyard at Zrr'atep. You will proceed there and wipe out all Mountain Watcher installations. Fortune willing, this will put that clan in its place.

The Mountain Watchers have a robust engineering corp, and have been very good at concealing their research from others, so expect surprises.

Broken Toys

War Log
We are alone. No allies will accompany us on our mission to prevent the Mountain Watchers from building an impregnable shield. If we can take it out before it comes online, and destroy the planet's defense platforms, then we have a chance to take them out and restore order to the empire.

The Mountain Watchers have been moving a fleet of freighters to Lyra Prime. With the information from Vur Shar, it's believed that they're planning to secretly build a subspace phase generator around the planet. When it's completed, they'll have an instrument to take and hold the capital of the empire. Destroy the freighter fleet.

The Mountain Watchers are gathering a combination of military might and technical prowess that will enable them to overwhelm any clan in the empire. They must be stopped, but it will be difficult. Since the Mountain Watchers demonstrated their shield nullifier at Zrr'atep our allies are reluctant to engage them. We will be acting alone.

The Mountain Watchers are building a subspace phase shield around their home planet, identical to the one they used before. If they complete this, they will become impervious to attack. Your mission is to go to the system, and destroy the tugs around the planet that are assembling the shield.

We also need you to remove the defense installations around the planet. If we can whittle down their defenses, we might be able to persuade our allies to join us in a concentrated assault.

Red Claw: From the information you obtained from... your source... we determined that one of the tugs contains the shield negator. Destroy that tug, and your shields and power systems will return to normal.



Iron Fang: Using the information you obtained from...our grandfather... we have determined that one of the tugs contains the shield negator. Destroy that tug, and your shields and power systems will return to normal.


Four Funerals and a Wedding

Commander's Journal
We are escorting the daughter of General Aselius to her wedding. We will defend against any pirate activity in order to get her there safely.

On approach to the wedding planet...

Tal Prai'ex: You're the new member of the Tal Prai'ex? Welcome.

Oselia of the House Coriann is about to marry General Aselius. This is a time of celebration. Unfortunately, the General's campaign against the Orion Pirates has made him some enemies, and we are expecting trouble. We need to safely escort Oselia to her wedding location. You are being assigned as one of the escort vessels.



Tal Shi'ar: So, you are the latest addition to the Tal Shi'ar. Interesting.

Oselia of the House Coriann is about to marry General Aselius. Unfortunately, the General's campaign against the Orion Pirates has made him some enemies, and the Romulan fleet is expecting trouble. They want you to help escort Oselia to her wedding.

The Tal Shi'ar, on the other hand, have other plans for the bride. When the Orions attack, you are to contact the freighter and inform them that you will lead her ship around the Orion force while the rest of the fleet supplies a diversion. If you persuade Oselia to come, take her to the alternate planet, where we will place her in...protective custody.

If you fail to convince Oselia, proceed with the mission to her original wedding location. Failure is irritating but success is not absolutely essential to our plans.

Medicine Jar

Commander's Journal
A plague has broken out on a number of Romulan systems. It is being called the Traveler's Death, and so far it has proved resistant to conventional medicine. We are delivering badly needed medicine to the system. Given rumors of the virulence of this plague, I expect... complications.

Tal Prai'ex: The Tal Prai'ex has been tasked with shipping an experimental medicine to the system. Your mission is to deliver the medicine to the planet. The planet has rights to this medicine, so make sure it gets there.



Commander's Journal
A plague has broken out on a number of Romulan systems. It is being called the Traveler's Death, and so far it has proved resistant to conventional medicine. We are delivering badly needed medicine to the system. The planet has rights to this medicine, but if it were transported to a *friendly* faction, that could be...overlooked.

Tal Shi'ar: We are shipping an experimental medicine to the system. Your mission is to deliver the medicine. Intelligence indicates that other Romulan worlds are not happy that the system has been chosen to receive the medicine and may be sending out ships to stop you. If it ends up "accidentally" falling into the hands of a planet that's more friendly to the Tal Shi'ar, well, that would be *SUCH* a shame.

The Yellow Flag

Commander's Journal
The Traveler's Death is spreading through the empire. Plague ships are headed for Romulus. They are a determined bunch, but their posturing might fade with the strength of their support ships. Our mission is to stop them from reaching the homeworld.

Tal Prai'ex: The Traveler's Death is spreading, and a small flotilla of ships is heading to Romulus, to protest Romulan treatment of plague victims.

The Tal Prai'ex cannot permit these misguided fools to reach the homeworld. You will head to the system, intercept the fleet, and stop them. If you can, disable their ships. But they must not be permitted to spread the plague to our capital.



Tal Shi'ar: The Traveler's Death is spreading, and a small flotilla of ships is heading to Romulus.

We cannot permit these diseased fools to spread the plague to the capital. You will head to the system, intercept the fleet, and stop them. If you can, disable their ships. If you can persuade these galactic lepers to divert to the planet Immelask, which has more advanced medical facilities (and whose planetary government has made things difficult for the Tal Shi'ar) - that would be much better.

Howdy, Neighbor!

Commander's Journal
The Traveler's Death continues to spread through the empire. We have been assigned to raid an enemy research station in order to find data on this mysterious virus.

Because of the virulent effects of the Traveler's Death, the Romulan Empire is getting desperate. We need knowledge to combat it. The enemy has a base with an advanced medical facility. Your mission is to attack the base, capture it, and extract every piece of medical data.

Tal Prai'ex: At the request of Vice-Consul Orioss, his son will be commanding a warship that will be accompanying you on this mission. Make sure he gets back alive.



Tal Shi'ar: At the request of Vice-Consul Orioss, his son will be commanding a warship that will be accompanying you in this mission. Orioss is an enemy of the Tal Shi'ar in the Senate. If his son were not to return to Romulus alive...we would not grieve. I hope you clearly understand what we want you to do.

Scan and Scram

Commander's Journal
The Traveler's Death continues to spread throughout the empire. We have been assigned to scan an Orion base in order to find data on this mysterious virus and determine if the reports that the Orions engineered it are true.

There are voices in the Romulan Senate who believe that the Orions are responsible for the Traveler's Death. Given their relentless attacks against us, we have good reason to suspect their involvement in the plague's development.

Tal Prai'ex: The Orions have a base in the system. You will enter the system, go to point blank range, deep scan it, and leave.

Oh, the Tal Shi'ar have asked to accompany you in this mission. You will be escorted by a vessel from the Empire's internal security force. We believe the Tal Shi'ar is up to something. We'd like you to let them play out their hand and find out what it is.



Tal Shi'ar: The Orions have a base in the system. You will enter the system, go to point blank range, and deep scan it. We would also like you to transport a black box into the Orion base. I am not at liberty to tell you what the box contains.

Oh, the Tal Prai'ex have asked to accompany you in this mission. You will be escorted by a vessel from the Empire's elite naval force. I trust you will treat it with the appropriate respect. It serves our purpose if it returns home intact.

Orion Must Be Destroyed

Commander's Journal
They have attacked our people, poisoned us, spread disease. Now, it is time for the Orions to feel our anger. We have assembled a task force, and the Orions' most powerful base near Romulan space will be destroyed.

The Imperial Senate has come to the conclusion that the Orions created the Traveler's Death to decimate our worlds, as a prelude to invasion, possibly in collaboration with the enemy. They are demanding that the Empire strike back against these filthy pirate scum.

Tal Prai'ex: Your target is an Orion base. You are a member of a small task force that is assigned to take it out. First, you will eliminate a listening post on the edge of the system, then you will proceed to destroy the main base. Leave nothing alive.



Tal Shi'ar: Your target is an Orion base. You are a member of a small task force that is assigned to take it out.

The Tal Shi'ar has received reports of strange occurrences aboard one of your companion vessels, the Dominatus. In addition to destroying the base, you will also scan the Dominatus during the battle, look for anything unusual, and report back to the Tal Shi'ar at the end of the mission. We fear there may be psionics on board, and as we all know, there is no greater internal threat to the Empire than a telepath - except a ship full of telepaths.


Commander's Journal
The system is in chaos. Our job is to pacify rebellious ships and rescue those who have been forced into life pods.

The Traveler's Death continues to ravage our worlds - and two ugly complications have recently emerged.

First, we have discovered that traveling at warp speed greatly slows progress of the disease. This is good news for starship crews, except that the plague victims have begun commandeering starships.

Second, long-term exposure to the Traveler's Death activates certain genetic potential - namely psionics - which is forbidden by the Romulan Empire.

The empire is close to chaos. One of the worst situations is in the system, where we have reports of open fighting, anarchy, and murder. We want you to go to that system and straighten it out. You will force any rebellious ship to swear loyalty to the Romulan Empire. There are also life pods drifting in the system. Protect the life pods, and transport any survivors aboard you ship for medical care.

The Secret of Romulan Fury

Commander's Journal
We have been sent on a mission into the heart of the Federation, to prevent the Tal Shi'ar from committing genocide on our ancient world of Vulcan. Failure would have dire consequences.

Tal Prai'ex: A serious situation has developed. A faction of the Tal Shi'ar has secretly sent a ship to Vulcan. Its mission is to drop samples of the Traveler's Death on key cities, spreading the plague to the Federation.

This is a treaty violation that will prompt the harshest of responses from the Federation and turn our allies against us. The Tal Shi'ar must be stopped. You will be sent to stop them.



Commander's Journal
We have been sent on a mission into the heart of the Federation by Tal Shi'ar Vice-Consul Tuvius himself. We must deliver a package to the planet Vulcan without being detected.

You are being recruited by Tuvius, Vice-Consul of the Tal Shi'ar, for a mission of the utmost secrecy. You are being asked to take a package deep into Federation space, and transport it onto the planet Vulcan. The package will be in the custody of Deputy Director Molon until the moment of transport; scanning it is punishable by death.

More than this, I am not permitted to say.

War of the Tals

Commander's Journal
I have battled many enemies from many worlds, but it seems the greatest serpent was nesting in our midst. The Tal Shi'ar is planning to take complete control of Romulus. I never liked the Tal Shi'ar...

Tal Prai'ex: Tuvius, Vice-Consul of the Tal Shi'ar, is claiming the title of Praetor and is moving toward Romulus with a fleet of ships loyal to the Tal Shi'ar.

We will not let this little megalomaniac overthrow the lawfully appointed Senate. You will be part of a task force whose task will be to defend Romulus. Because of your battle experience, the fleet will follow your lead in the fight.

The best wishes of the Romulan Order are with you.



Commander's Journal
Vice-Consul Tuvius is making a play to gain control of Romulus. And, in the name of the Tal Shi'ar, I must follow him into battle.

Tal Shi'ar: The Romulan people have grown weary of the incompetence of the Senate. Because of their failure to control the Traveler's Death, because the Praetor repeatedly lied when he claimed that the Orions were responsible for this problem, and because both the Praetor and the Senate obstructed justice by refusing to give full power to the Tal Shi'ar to conduct an independent investigation, the Tal Shi'ar is reluctantly taking the extraordinary step of overthrowing the current government until order can be restored to the empire.

Vice Consul Tuvius is humbly acceding to the will of the people and will assume the title of Praetor. You will be in the vanguard of his fleet, and because of your experience, they will be following your lead.

I envy your participation in this grand adventure. Your name will be a word of honor for the entire empire.

If at First You Don't Succeed...

Rescue the Frieghter from the Orions.

There's been a shortage of hithernium on one of our worlds. The freighter Auriga was on route to that planet, but it sent out a distress signal; there was an overload in the ship's singularity engine.

We've also heard reports that an Orion fleet has been spotted in the system. Your mission is to destroy all Orions and safely deliver the freighter to the planet.

Going, Going, Gone...

Commander's Journal
The Orions have a bounty of my head. Hopefully, when I recapture this freighter, I can increase it a little.

Capture the Orion Freighter that has stolen the dilithium crystals and destroy all Orion opposition.

We sent a shipment of dilithium crystals to Praetys II, but the shipment has been hijacked by Orions. They've stopped off at the gas giant in the system to refuel, and we need you to head there and cut them off before they go to warp. Retake the freighter with your marines, and destroy the Orion presence.

The Orions have a bounty on your head, so be careful.

A Dish Best Served Cold

Commander's Journal
I am heading into certain death. The Orions have given the Empire a choice - the lives of millions, or me. But as long as I am alive, there is hope that I can defeat the Orions without sacrificing the colony.

Prevent the Orions from destroying a Romulan colony.

The Orions have launched an attack. They have a freighter full of xenium gas; when it is dropped into the planet's atmosphere, all life will cease to exist. They've offered to destroy the freighter; if you come to the planet - alone. In short, the Vandalon family wants to kill you in person.

The Tal Shi'ar have uncovered one piece of information that you might find useful. There's an Orion supply fleet in the system, away from the main fleet, commanded by the Vandalon's youngest son Divitry. Perhaps you might find a way to use him as a bargaining chip.

However, your mission objective is to protect that colony. That freighter must not be allowed to hit the planet's atmosphere.


Asteroid Encounter

Engage and destroy the enemy ship.

We are getting some sensor readings from within the asteroid field that do not make sense. I suspect there is some sort of vessel hiding within the field. It might be a pirate, or it might be an enemy ship. We should approach with caution.

Asteroid Fleet Action

Engage and defeat the enemy fleet.

Long-range sensors indicate unknown vessels in the vicinity. Our rules of engagement require us to investigate unknown signatures of this kind, and engage hostile units if any are found. We should be able to spot them shortly, near the asteroids.

Base Assault

Assault the enemy base and destroy it.

You have been assigned to attack the enemy base located in the system. Our long term goals require the absolute destruction of this base. The destruction of any defending ships is a secondary goal, but still important.

Base Defense

Captain's Log
We are currently stationed at the starbase where our ships have finished their refitting. We were about to head out-system when we detected enemy ships approaching. The starbase commander has requested our help, which we are happy to provide.

Defend our base from attack and stop the enemy forces.

We are assigned to base security. Our orders are to protect the base from enemy attack. Our long-range sensors have detected an enemy fleet approaching at warp speeds. We must prepare for battle.

Black Hole Encounter

Captain's Log
While investigating a previously unmapped quantum singularity, we have encountered an enemy vessel. Attempts to communicate have failed, and we must now prepare for combat. All hands are manning their stations, and damage control is standing by.

Engage and destroy the enemy ship.

We have two objects on the sensors. One is an enemy vessel. The other object is a large black hole, perhaps even two black holes. It's hard to tell, we are getting some sensor interference. It looks like the enemy vessel may be interfering with our studies of the black hole. They are not responding to our communication attempts.

Black Hole Fleet Action

Engage and defeat the enemy fleet.

Long-range sensors indicate unknown vessels in the vicinity. Our rules of engagement require us to investigate unknown signatures of this kind, and engage hostile units if any are found. We should be able to spot them shortly in this open sector of space.

Bring 'Em Home

Escort the patrol ship back to the base.

A patrol that we sent to survey the border is under heavy attack from two enemy ships. Your ship is all that this outpost has to intercept the raiders and bring the patrol back to base.

Convoy Assault

Intercept and capture as many freighters in the convoy as possible.

"A spy has delivered to us the time table of enemy military forward supply convoys. Your mission is to intercept and capture as much cargo for command as possible. The destruction of the cargo is a less attractive alternative.

Convoy Escort

Protect the convoy from attack.

The ship has been assigned convoy escort duty. The convoy must deliver goods to the system. We are currently located in deep space, on course and on time.

Convoy Escort Pirates

Protect the convoy from attack.

The ship has been assigned convoy escort duty. The convoy must deliver goods to the system. We are currently located in deep space, on course and on time.

Convoy Raid

Intercept and destroy as many freighters in the convoy as possible.

We have detected an enemy convoy on long-range sensors. Your mission is to intercept and destroy as many freighters as possible. We believe the convoy to be well guarded. Even so, we cannot let the [ENEMY_EMPIRE] resupply.


Version A

Deliver the strategic plans to the station.

We have an urgent task for you. We need you to transfer a set of strategic plans that are too vital to transmit via subspace. Take the plans to the station. Do not let the plans fall into enemy hands.



Version B

Deliver the positional stabilizer capacitor to the station.

The station is suffering from a mechanical breakdown. You must deliver a positional stabilizer capacitor to the station as soon as possible. We are showing signs of enemy movement in the area. Take care.



Version C

Deliver the sensitive cargo to the station.

You will be carrying sensitive cargo to the station. While we did not originally expect enemy activity in the area, the station is having pirate activity in the sector. We do not have any available escorts to send with you and you will be on your own in this mission. Good luck. The cargo must be delivered safely!

Crippled Enemy

Destroy the crippled enemy ship.

We have located an enemy vessel on long-range sensors. We have also detected the signature of what might be a freighter adjacent to it. Probably a repair vessel of some type. There might be additional enemy ships in the area moving in to support rescue or repair operations.

Deep Space Encounter

Engage and destroy the enemy ship.

Long-range sensors indicate an unknown vessel in the vicinity. Our rules of engagement require us to investigate unknown signatures of this kind, and engage hostile units if any are found. We should be able to spot them shortly in this open sector of space.",

Deep Space Fleet Action

Engage and defeat the enemy fleet.

Long-range sensors indicate unknown vessels in the vicinity. Our rules of engagement require us to investigate unknown signatures of this kind, and engage hostile units if any are found. We should be able to spot them shortly in this open sector of space.


Intercept the courier ship.

Version A: Last week, intelligence discovered a spy at Starbase 313. The spy escaped apprehension and is now en route to the border. The spy is carrying the plans for a new light cruiser refit, and must be stopped. You are to penetrate the border and intercept this spy.



Version B: A scientist working on the new universal anti-viral serum has defected. You must enter enemy space, capture this scientist alive and return him to Starbase 624 for debriefing.


Captain's Log
We are entering an inhabitated system while on patrol. The Chief Science Officer has detected an alien life-form. We are investigating.

Engage and destroy the alien life-form.

Alien life-forms such as these monsters can cause serious damage to our systems. You must stop them at all costs.

Nebula Encounter

Engage and destroy the enemy ship.

During our research of the nebula, we have come across scattered sensor readings. It looks like a vessel of unknown origin. We should investigate. The nebula is interfering with our scans.

Nebula Fleet Action

Engage and defeat the enemy fleet.

Long-range sensors indicate unknown vessels in the vicinity. Our rules of engagement require us to investigate unknown signatures of this kind, and engage hostile units if any are found. We should be able to spot them shortly in this open sector of space.


Defeat the pirates.

Long-range sensors are picking up scattered warp signatures, probably of Orion Pirate origin. It might be pirate activity, sir. Briefings from command indicate increased pirate activity in this sector.

Pursuit into the Asteroids

Captain's Log
While escorting a convoy of freighters, we came under attack by Orion pirate raiders. We destroyed one Light Raider, and we are in pursuit of another Orion ship. He is trying to make his way through an asteroid field. We have him in sensor range and should be able to close with him shortly.

Pursue the Orion Pirate into the asteroid field and destroy or capture him.

We are in pursuit of an Orion Pirate. He is trying to make his way through an asteroid field. We are now in pursuit. He is on a course that will take him into an asteroid field. There is the possibility that this is an ambush, but I feel confident we can handle whatever the pirates have ready.

Station Duty

Captain's Log
We are stationed at the starbase, awaiting orders. Until our new orders arrive, we are defending the station and any freighter convoys in the local region of space.

Defend the base from pirate attacks.

The ship has been assigned temporary duty at the starbase. The former base defense ships were destroyed a few weeks ago by Orion pirate raiders. Until the replacement Police ships arrive, we are the station's only defense.

Strange New Life

Captain's Log
We are on a survey mission. Our orders are to map out the system and search for any important resources.

Deep scan the planet.

During a routine survey, our science officer has noticed intermittent readings on the sensors. If these suspicious readings continue, they will deserve a more detailed examination.



Captain's Log
We are on a routine survey mission. We are inspecting the asteroid field for large asteroids that are suitable for mining.

Deep scan the marked asteroids.

During a routine survey, our science officer has noticed intermittent readings on the sensors. If these suspicious readings continue, they will deserve a more detailed examination.

Survey Encounter

Captain's Log
We are on a survey mission. Our orders are to map out the system and search for any important resources.

Deep scan the planet.

During a routine survey, our science officer has noticed intermittent readings on the sensors. If these suspicious readings continue, they will deserve a more detailed examination.

Survey Mission

Captain's Log
We are on a survey mission. Our orders are to map out a large asteroid field in this system in a search for any rare minerals. Long-range sensors have discovered a large asteroid that looks especially promising. We need to scan that asteroid in order to complete our mission.

Version A

Deep scan the marked asteroids.



Captain's Log
Our mission is to map out the asteroid field in this system and search for any unusual signals. Reports from other ships have indicated that there may be something of interest amongst the asteroids. Long-range sensors have discovered two large asteroids that look promising. We need to scan them both in order to complete our mission.

Version B

Deep scan the marked asteroids.



Captain's Log
We have just warped into the system. We have been ordered by command to investigate and scan the large asteroid field located here. Intelligence suspects there may be a pirate base in the area. Long-range sensors have discovered three large asteroids that look promising. We must scan all three in order to complete our survey mission.

Version C

Deep scan the marked asteroids.



Stop the asteroid before it hits the planet.

While on patrol duties, we have recieved an emergency communication from a planet in the system. A rogue asteroid will hit them unless we can intercept and move the asteroid off it's current course.

We are the only ship that can reach the system in time.

Balance of Terror

Destroy the Federation outposts and return to Romulus. Engage Federation ships at your discretion.

After the war with the Earth forces ended in 2160, we were forced to sign the Treaty of Algeron with the humans. Part of the treaty established a neutral zone between our two empires. We are now ready to test both the defenses and the resolve of this Federation. Your orders are to proceed across the Neutral Zone and destroy a series of Federation outposts. If you are intercepted by a Federation spaceship, it is your decision to engage. Destroy as many of the eight outposts as possible and return to our territory by disengaging along the Romulan border.

Under no circumstances are you to be captured.

Black Hole Mania

Defeat the enemy ship and avoid the black holes.

Starships are battling when the very fabric of space becomes unglued. Around them black holes start to appear out of nowhere. Oblivious to the gravity of the situation, the starships continue to fight.

Convoy Escort

Your convoy is under attack by pirates!

Long-range sensors detect the presence of an enemy convoy in the sector. Intercept the convoy and destroy as much equipment and cargo as possible.

The Duel

Destroy or capture the enemy cruiser to win.

This scenario depicts typical cruiser actions in deep space. For whatever reason, two hostile cruisers have come into contact, and all attempts to peacefully resolve the situation (whatever it is) have failed.

Hostile Skirmish

Destroy, capture force the enemy to disengage to win.

This scenario depicts a typical hostile skirmish in space between two or more empires. Actions of this kind can occur on a variety of terrain types, and with a variety of ship types. This is your basic skirmish encounter with only one condition of victory: defeating the enemy. You may destroy, capture, or force the enemy to disengage to win.

Kobayashi Maru

Captain's Log
Stardate 8130.3, Starship Enterprise on training mission to Gamma Hydra Section 14, Coordinates 22-87-4. Approaching the Neutral Zone. All systems normal and functioning.

Nothing can prepare you for the Kobayashi Maru test...

The Kobayashi Maru is one of the most famous of the command training missions used by Starfleet Command. Young officers on the command track must learn to deal with failure, and this is the mission that will teach them. Due to previous problems with a cadet reprogramming the simulation computer, no cheating is allowed.

The Mighty Hood Goes Down

Destroy or capture the USS Hood.

The Klingon declaration of war arrived in the Federation council chambers almost simultaneously with the first battle reports. It seemed as if a hundred Klingon ships had crossed the border and were engaged in 20 battles with border stations, standing patrols, and border fleets.

Among these reports was one that brought particular anguish. The heavy cruiser Hood, patrolling along the Klingon border, had not reported in since the attack began.

Repair Rendezvous

Protect your forces while fending off the enemy ship. Take the crippled vessel to the repair freighter and request resupply.

The use of repair and logistics ships is critical on campaigns. These ships can make a badly shot-up cruiser battle-worthy again, or patch up a crippled vessel enough to allow it to get back to a starbase.

In this scenario, a badly damaged cruiser is on its way to rendezvous with a repair ship when it is surprised by a marauding enemy.



Federation Version

The use of repair and logistics ships is critical on campaigns. These ships can make a badly shot-up cruiser battle-worthy again, or patch up a crippled vessel enough to allow it to get back to a starbase.

In this scenario, a badly damaged cruiser is on its way to rendezvous with a repair ship when it is surprised by a marauding enemy. A hospital ship that is waiting to transfer wounded off of the damaged cruiser must also be protected.

Starbase Assault

Destroy or capture the computer-controlled Starbase to win.

You are assigned to attack the starbase located in this sector. The entire campaign in the sector depends on the destruction of this enemy starbase.

The Surprise Reversed

Destroy as many of the enemy ships as you can then disengage.

You have discovered an enemy task force preparing to invade. You do not have time to call for reinforcements or alert your command. You have only one choice: cross the neutral zone and attack them while they are still preparing for invasion and are unprepared for YOU!

The Wrath of Khan

Khan Noonian Singh has captured the U.S.S. Reliant, a Federation New Light Cruiser. Only one Starfleet starship is in the area that can stop Khan before he can get away with the Genesis Device. For James Kirk, captain of the Starship Enterprise, this will be his second and final encounter with Khan.

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Culture Great Bird of the Galaxy; Heaven; Hell; London Bridge is Falling Down;Muriyz; Soul of A'larr; ulazhi; The Usurper
Education doctor; doctorate; Klingon Academy; Kobayashi Maru scenario; psychiatrist; Starfleet Academy
Food bloodwine; gagh; omelet; raktajino; Rigilian cookies; Romulan ale
People A'larr; Aak'Torr; Abel, Tim; Abudonni, Nhera; Accersitus; Adler, Wic; Adrokos; Afshar, Sha; Akros; Albrek; Amrasaur; Anabesh; Anaria; Andican, Jenno; Andrius; Aselius; Attep, Zarr; B'Aileer; B'Elzebub; B'Jinn; B'nie; Bailey, William; Bair, Tyler; Barca; Barker, Pamela; Barr, Bradley; Bartfast, Slarti; Bates, Marian; Beckwith, Carter; Bedi, Sheel; Beech, Carson; Beech, Susie; Beilstein, Heidi; Beirhoff, Rudolf; Bell, Kevin; Berdos; Bessent, Avery; Betz, Anton; Biela; Big Mike; Bikungiphar; Bilbodar; Birash; Blackeye; Blackfoot, Samuel; Blackwell; Bloodfeast; Bloodfur; Blue; Bobb, Matt; Bolmark; Bombadier; Boors, Martin; Bordrake, Tar; Borkas; Bowen, Alex; Braugh, Erin G.; Brazarlisss; Bren'vok; Brightnose; Brown, Scott; Buchert, Jacob; Bryx; Cadly, Omar; Caladislus, Teric; Camicia, Rosso; Caries, Barathrum; Cartwright; Casar, Carl; Castillo, Rudy; Cepek, Stefani; Chairman Meow; Chalicon; Chang, Aldrich; Chang, Grace; Charon; Chekov, Pavel; Chromin; Chumarr; Ciabattari, Vincent; Cilya; Clawfist; Clawraker; Contini, Lee; Corallel; Croll; Crxon; Ctalhru; Dace; Daches'tel; Dagitz; Danneskjold, Ragmar; Dardis, Caim; Dastaprawson; Dawntali; Daxar; Daylynne, Cheryl; Dbil; Decker, Matt; Decker, Matt (Mirror); Decker, Will; Decker, Will (Myriad)#SFC-M Timeline; Def the Mij; Deklash; Dentrivan; Deridex, Tafev; Desius; Dianna; Diffordetz; Dodson, Clark; Domaric, Arinius; Donati; Dorsai, Latissimus; Dovarn, Avar; Dronnum, Evid; Dulitan, Dapris; Dumas; Ek'rin; Ekinus; Eldath; Endicott, Jill; Ent, Christopher; Essig, Larry; Everts, Scott; Excelisss; Falimorr; Falsone, Laura; Fang; Fangwhisper; Fayzokh; Fenrehr; Ffarric; Ffirrah; Fikrohn; Findley, Tracey; Finney, Ben; Finney, Ben (Mirror); Fissk; Fizzbin; Fleming, Amy; Ford, Benjamin H.; Ford, E. Thomas; Ford, William; Forester, Champ; Fossor, Tumulorum; ]Frammk; Frannic; Fredex, Galleron; Frinkor; Frowgark; Fuggwynonhir, Hwutdi; Fugo, Candus; Fulsome, Bell; Furst, Lastnaym; G'eoss; Gabri, Ellus; Galadon; Gallion, Gary; Gapth, Hisp; Gargantaine, Droole; Gautier; Gentile, Shelly; Geuder, Jon; Ghak'zur; Glavius, Flavius; Glavius, Mal; Gloiu, Pelagius; Gojira; Golash; Goldenclaw; Gorbash; Goremaker; Gorn Holy Mother; Gorst, Kand; Grag; Greymane, Felna; Grith; Grogan; Groge; Groll; Growler; Gummex; Gurn; H'ippo; Habablathh; Hadra; Hanghsth; Hansen; Hanson, Greg; Harland; Harrison, Gus; Havoc, Sven; Havok; Hel-Hyan; Helfram, Pledzur; Heydt, Dorothy; Hickman, Alyssa; Higgins, John; Hiser; Hist, Hsplith; Hlyrst; Hopper, Nancy; Hopsth, Plyst; Hornberger, Jake; Horton, Gretchen; Hromuth; Hrous; Hrumlith; Hrun; Hstaphathh; Hultz; Hydra, Druthh; Hydrahysrta; Hygraphht; Hypantspts; Hyrnn, H'rol; Hyrrth; Hyspathh; Hystorpth; Hythx, Erix; Iblis; Iceclaw; Ilia; Ilia (Mirror); Jackel; Jackol; Jartrin; Jeron; Jester; Jett, Lyr; Johnson, LaFuente; Jones, Arthur; Jones, Cyrano; Jones, Jackie; Joth, Gavin; Juddult; Junger, Cole; Juridoth; K'Bol; K'Nard; K'Teh; K'trenn; Ka; Kadama; Kagan; Kagan, Sarl; Kahl; Kahless; Kaleen; Kaleo-parr; Kallon, Borzad; Kalosh; Kang; Kann; Karg; Kargan, Bocar; Karnage; Karten; Karvic; Kasomia; Kass; Kaufman, Ken; Kault; Kausuch; Keim; Kelbrim; Kelbrim, Matt; Kelix; Kelleux; Kelley, Brian; Kemas; Kenthas; Ketrick; Keyzini; Khrarrar; Kirk, James T.; Kirk, James T. (Mirror); Kleiman, Nathan; Knott, Elsie; Kobayashi, Lorna; Kor'letus; Korath; Korn; Kosnett, Phil; Kraa; Kraal; Kreiger, Roger; Krenn; Krokaa; Krotag; Kulinarr; Kumerian, Ardak; Kung; Kupnil; Kurtz; Kyljoi; Lablijepts; Lal; Lauldi, Jeffrey; Ledford, Skip; Lee; Leelun, Kay; Light, Jenela; Longclaw; Longears; Lui; M'Dras; Mad Jack; Madrasaur; Malcolm; Manthar Governor; Mao; Marcus, Lennardi; Martin, Gayle; Martin, Jamie; Maxillius; Maximus; McBride, Mackensie; McCullens, Louise; McKenna, Jennifer; McLaughlin, Connor; M'row; Mellencamp, Hud; Mellis, Mel; Mergele, Edwin; Mkritz; Modavius; Molon; Montag; Moreska; Mudd, Harry; N'Drersen, L'afe; Naes, Leikeze; Narak; Nashar; Nem'sir; Nemesarr; Nexslis; Nimitz, Gary; Nope, Keith; Nordikal; Norris, Roe; Novarn, Gar; Nu, Gwen; O'Bannon, Marcia; O'Kay, Deth; O'Leary, Megan; Obitztor; Octavianius; Oomph; Orioss; Orioss, Riov; Orok; Orsanion, Cherov; Oselia; Osterman, Valeri; Ovirapt; Oxinamicus; Ozzymand; Pak-tarr; Pawwhisper; Perrzear; Pfrizzek; Pfroshor; Phliss, Styopa; Phoenix; Pi-Jui, Harry; Pilerk; Plesio; Plinne, Marrio; Pltzvltz; Pluzx; Plyathhapbast; Plytth; Powdwan; Prozhoti; Purple Sonja; Pvath; Pylghht; Pyskof; Qezl; Qismet; Qoph, Trisp; Qosian; Quamtiron; Quarasss; Quarglespurth; Quazurr; QuickFang; Raask; Ragha; Raha; Rallie, Oliver; Rama; Rambnkziz; Ramsey, Chris; Rankin, Mike; Rax; Redbeard; Regis; Remus; Rexus; Ricca, Neil; Ringtail; Rippke; Rising Eagle; Robbins, Laura; Roberts, Corkie; Rolindra; Rololon of Lesanius; Rook; Rose, Matthew; Ross, John; Rossitus; Rowrt; Roy, David; Rr'teff; Ruk-pak; Ruzzabot; Ryan, John; S'Arnth; S'Gundern; S'kuss; S'kuzz; S'Leuthold; S'loth; S'puth; S'staph; S'Teken; S'Toval; S'Trenk; S'zatan; Samsusss; Sandavia; Sandcat; Saurussa; Savak; Sazzafraz; Schonfelder, Dick; Sclumpts; Scott, Jorge; Scott, Montgomery; Sectarius, Donarius; Semprinnius; Sempritenitus; Senex, Diruo; Shar, Vur; Sharpclaw; Sharptooth; Sherman, Indian; Silverman, Israel; Simon; Singh, Khan Noonian; Skardal; Skaxzss; Skizzerd; Skullsplit; Skzowitz; Slistaxss; Slitche; Soderlund, Hansel; Sokras; Soran; Sorbok; Sorek; Sorel; Spencer, Keith; Spock; Spon; Ssender; Sshennok; Ssist; Sskulli; Sslack; Sslith; Sslith, Rexus; Sss'rex; Ssslithisss; Ssulluss; Stanislaus; Steenberge, Daniel; Steiner, Reinhart; Stocker, Anthony; Stoddard, Ransom; Suberus, Starn; Sullivan, Thomas; Sulu, Hikaru; Sutton, Wallace; Surek; Szaastul; Szasz; T'Flok; T'Jan; T'Val; T'Vek; Takamura, Henry; Taksulus, Andros; Tal, Marcus; Taladur; Tama; Tarkas, Tars; Tartessos; Taylor, Mark; Teagarden, Heidi; Tekla; Temujin; Tenet, George; Teth, Jirr; Thalman, K'enn; Tharos of Ilvurius; Thickfur; Thomas, Evan; Thorn; Thragg; Thrasslith; Thrichduk; Tiercellus, Marcus; Tkorrick, Talon; Todd, Anne; Tolok; Toops, Hoors; Torius; Tormillius; Torvar, Linnus; Tragar; Trium, Artemis; Turnquist, Roger; Turren, Sirhc; Tuvius; Ty; Tyran; Tyrano; Ulman, Erin; Umphra; Usss; Valgras, Karth; Vallius, Vrac; Vandalon, Ceretes; Vandalon, Divitry; Vandalon, Rokyr; Vek-Nor; Vendemiatrix; Ventribarr; Vermatrix; Vex; Vickers, Paul; Vladamir; Volandus, Nerok; Volinna; Vrek, Torindar; W'rkssm'n; Walsh, Johnathon; Weeks, Jeremy; Wei, Ellen; Wellby, Mark; Wellington, Darius; Whitetip; Winslow, Parker; Withers, Connie; Witters, David; Wood, Amber; Wotan; Wright, Kelly; Xiphius Navigo; Ya-jue, Fu; Yarr-tree; YnrohKeeg; Ynygma; Yvet; Zahn; Zaob; Zaowgron; Zarab; Zaur; Zerhk; Zern; Zool; Zor; Zorilluth; Zul, Hissar; Zurdl, Hrdox; Zralluth
Politics Battle of Britain; Black Fleet; Defender of the Egg; espionage; Federation Council; Gorn Confederation; Gorn Houses (House of Manthar); Grugwan Brand of Valor; Hydran Kingdom; Keepership; King of Gihdahr; Klingon Empire; Klingon High Council; Klingon Houses (House of Rahar); Lyran Clans (Black Fang, Broken Tail, Death Howl, Iron Fang, Mountain Watchers, Red Claw, White Eagle); Lyran Duke; Lyran Emperor; Lyran Star Empire; mutiny; Orion Pirates; Romulan Houses (House Coriann); Romulan Legate; Romulan Praetor; Romulan Ranks (Sub-Commander, Commander, General, Sub-Admiral); Romulan Senate; Romulan Star Empire; Romulan Vice-Consul; Starfleet; Starfleet Intelligence; Starfleet Marines; Starfleet Ranks (Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Starfleet Captain, Commodore, Rear Admiral); Starfleet Special Task Force; Tal Prai'ex; Tal Shi'ar; Terran Empire; treason; Treaty of Cestus; United Federation of Planets; WYN cluster
Science & Technology agony booth; argon; asteroid; asteroid belt; black hole; blood; cloaking device; communicator; computer; dilithium; disruptors; Doomsday Machine; drones; eggs; expanding sphere generator; fusion beam; fusion bomb; Genesis Device; Hellbore; hithernium; hydrogen; impulse drive; ionic projector; laser (laser rifle); listening post; mining; nanotechnology; nova; nova mine; nuclear fusion; parallel universes; parsec; pharmaceuticals; phasers; photon torpedo; plasma torpedo; probes; protostar; psionic disruptor; psychiatry; quarantine; radiation; self-destruct; sensors; shield nullifier; shields; subspace; telepathy; tetryon; tractor beam; trans-dimensional stellar amalgam; transporter; trilithium; warp drive; warp nacelle; wormhole; xenium
Ships & Vehicles U.S.S. Abercrombie; I.K.V. Abomination; Ace of Spades; Aces and Eights; R.I.S. Acheron; U.S.S. Adad NCC-515; I.K.V. Adamant; I.K.V. Adept; Advancer; R.I.S. Adversary; U.S.S. Agamemnon NCC-2257; U.S.S. Agincourt NCC-1601; H.M.S. Agony; U.S.S. Ahriman NCC-513; H.M.S. Airguild; Akula class; U.S.S. Alabama NCC-1502; I.K.V. Alacrity; U.S.S. Alamo; U.S.S. Alaric NCC-503; U.S.S. Alesia NCC-1732; U.S.S. Alexander NCC-511; Alleycat class; U.S.S. Alfeld NCC-1741; U.S.S. Aliyah NCC-1537; R.I.S. Allegiance; U.S.S. Alliance NCC-2113; R.I.S. Amberwing; Ambush Pass; Ambusher; I.K.F. Amelko; I.K.F. Grolika Amelko; Anaconda class; H.M.S. Anarchist; I.K.V. Anarchist; I.K.V. Anarchy; R.I.S. Anger; Angler; H.M.S. Anguish; I.K.V. Annihilation; R.I.S. Annihilation; I.K.V. Antagonist; Apache class; I.S.S. Apollo (Mirror); U.S.S. Apollo; R.I.S. Aquila; U.S.S. Arafat NCC-802; U.S.S. Arbela NCC-1649; I.K.V. Archer; I.K.V. Ardent; I.K.V. Arduous; U.S.S. Ardzinba; U.S.S. Ares NCC-520; U.S.S. Ares NCC-2151; U.S.S. Ari NCC-1723; R.I.S. Aries; H.M.S. Aristocrat; Arrogance; R.I.S. Arrow; Artful Dodger; H.M.S. Ascendent; U.S.S. Assad NCC-863; Assassin class; H.M.S. Assassin; Assaulter; U.S.S. Assawari NCC-1538; R.I.S. Astra Volantis; Astro-Miner; U.S.S. Atilla NCC-523; U.S.S. Atlanta NCC-1663; I.K.V. Atrocity; I.K.V. Atropos; I.K.V. Attack; I.K.V. Attacker; H.M.S. Attitude; U.S.S. Auchinlek NCC-403; R.I.S. Audacia; I.K.V. Audacious; I.K.V. Audacity; R.I.S. Audax; Auriga; R.I.S. Auspex; U.S.S. Austerlitz NCC-1742; U.S.S. Australia NCC-1752; H.M.S. Autumn Shadow; I.K.V. Avenger; R.I.S. Avenger; I.K.V. Aversion; R.I.S. Avian Fury; R.I.S. Avion; R.I.S. Axe; I.K.V. Axe Champion; I.K.V. Axe Chieftain; I.K.V. Axe Demon; I.K.V. Axe Destroyer; I.K.V. Axe Killer; I.K.V. Axe Leader; I.K.V. Axe Lord; I.K.V. Axe Slayer; I.K.V. Axe Soldier; I.K.V. Axe Warrior; I.K.V. Axe Wielder; I.K.V. Axemaster; U.S.S. Azov NCC-1515; U.S.S. Azrael NCC-517; H.M.S. Azure Dawn; B-10 class; B-11 class; U.S.S. Baba Yaga NCC-1519; Babylon; U.S.S. Babylon NCC-2125; U.S.S. Bailey; U.S.S. Bailiff; I.K.V. Bakurian; R.I.S. Ballista; U.S.S. Ballista NCC-1603; H.M.S. Bandit; I.K.V. Bandit; Bandit; U.S.S. Banksism; G.C.S. Barb; Barbarian; I.K.V. Barbarous; Baron class; H.M.S. Baron Hakar; H.M.S. Baron Hapis; H.M.S. Baron Homta; U.S.S. Barr NCC-1604; H.M.S. Barrister; I.K.V. Barracuda; U.S.S. Barzani; U.S.S. Basra NCC-1750; Bastaga; Bastaga II; Bastaga IV; Bastaga LXIX; Bastaga LXXI; Bastaga LXXII; Batteries Included; I.K.V. Battle; I.K.V. Battle Champion; I.K.V. Battle Chariot; I.K.V. Battle Chieftain; Battle Claw; I.K.V. Battle Cry; I.K.V. Battle Demon; I.K.V. Battle Destroyer; I.K.V. Battle Dog; I.K.V. Battle Dragon; I.K.V. Battle Fire; I.K.V. Battle killer; I.K.V. Battle King; I.K.V. Battle Leader; I.K.V. Battle Lord; I.K.V. Battle Soldier; I.K.V. Battle Song; I.K.V. Battle Storm; I.K.V. Battle Sword; I.K.V. Battle Wind; I.K.V. Battleaxe; Battlecharge; Battlehawk class; I.K.V. Battlemaster; I.K.V. Battleraker; I.K.V. Battle's Fire; Battle's Heart; I.K.V. Battlestalker; Battlewidow; R.I.S. Battlewing; U.S.S. Bear; I.K.V. Beast; G.C.S. Beasticon; U.S.S. Beaty NCC-308; U.S.S. Begin NCC-801; R.I.S. Behemoth; U.S.S. Beijing NCC-1657; U.S.S. Belknap NCC-1811; Bengal Tiger class; U.S.S. Berlin NCC-1658; U.S.S. Berserker NCC-2507; R.I.S. Betrayal; R.I.S. Bird of Pulsar's Light; Bismark class; U.S.S. Bismarck NCC-1761; Black Ace; R.I.S. Black Death; Black Ghost; Black Guard; Black Heart; Black Jaguar class; G.C.S. Black Rhino; Blackened Heart; I.K.V. Blackguard; Blackjack; I.K.V. Blackstar; G.C.S. Blade; Bladecaster; Blademaster; Blasphemer; Blaze of Glory; I.K.V. Blood Champion; I.K.V. Blood Chariot; I.K.V. Blood Chieftain; I.K.V. Blood Demon; I.K.V. Blood Destroyer; I.K.V. Blood Fire; I.K.V. Blood Killer; I.K.V. Blood Leader; I.K.V. Blood Lord; I.K.V. Blood Lust; Blood Red Fang; I.K.V. Blood Slayer; I.K.V. Blood Soldier; I.K.V. Blood Storm; I.K.V. Blood Sword; Blooddrinker; Bloodfang; Bloodfeast; Bloodguard; R.I.S. Bloodhawk; Bloodhound; I.K.V. Bloodmaster; I.K.V. Bloodsheder; Bloodshredder; Bloodspiller; R.I.S. Bloodtalon; R.I.S. Bloodwing; Bloody Gloves; R.I.S. Blue Victory; Bold Fortune; Bold Salesman; Bold Venture; Bon Homme; U.S.S. Bon Homme Richard NCC-1712; G.C.S. Bonecrusher; I.S.S. Boston (Mirror); U.S.S. Boston; R.I.S. Bow; Boxman; I.K.V. Brave; R.I.S. Bravery; H.M.S. Brazen; U.S.S. Brigham Young NCC-526; R.I.S. Bright Hawk; Broadside; Broadsword; I.K.V. Brutality; R.I.S. Maximus Brutus; U.S.S. Buenos Aires NCC-1660; U.S.S. Buford NCC-400; Buffalo Hunter class; U.S.S. Bunker Hill NCC-1767; Burgler; U.S.S. Burke NCC-301; Burning Carrier; Burning Claw; Burning Mother; Burning Path; Burning Stone; U.S.S. Bush NCC-851; U.S.S. Buthelezi; C-7 class; C-8 class; C-9 class; C-10 class; U.S.S. Cadwalader; R.I.S. Caelum; U.S.S. Calgary NCC-1664; Call of the Wild; R.I.S. Camulod; Cancelled Check; R.I.S. Canis; U.S.S. Cannae NCC-1731; Canopious; Capital Running; U.S.S. Capitalism; H.M.S. Capitulation; Captain Courage; Captain of the Hunt; Captivity; U.S.S. Cardott NCC-420; Cargoship A140; Cargoship A336; Cargoship A686; Cargoship A1001; Cargoship A2163; Cargoship A7725; Cargoship B23; Cargoship B256; Cargoship B273; Cargoship B985; Cargoship B1101; Cargoship B9213; Cargoship C094; Cargoship C0239; Cargoship C875; Cargoship C1000; Cargoship C1024; Cargoship C9283; Cargoship D0001; Cargoship D3; Cargoship D095; Cargoship D312; Cargoship D512; Cargoship D9539; Cargoship E0010; Cargoship E21; Cargoship E32; Cargoship E295; Cargoship E684; Cargoship E4644; Cargoship F62; Cargoship F64; Cargoship F0100; Cargoship F360; Cargoship F809; Cargoship F990; Cargoship G57; Cargoship G094; Cargoship G128; Cargoship G660; Cargoship G1111; Cargoship G3342; Cargoship H16; Cargoship H75; Cargoship H123; Cargoship H770; Cargoship H1011; Cargoship H8952; Cargoship I8; Cargoship I94; Cargoship I550; Cargoship I784; Cargoship I912; Cargoship I1110; I.K.V. Carnage; R.I.S. Carniflex; I.K.V. Carnivorous; U.S.S. Cassini NCC-3824; Cast Iron; H.M.S. Castle; Castratica; H.M.S. Cat Killer; H.M.S. Cat Slayer; Cataclysm; I.K.V. Cataclysm; Cataphract class; H.M.S. Cataphract; I.K.V. Catapult; R.I.S. Catapult; Catcher; Catnip; U.S.S. Cavalier NCC-2508; G.C.S. Cave Finder; G.C.S. Cave Fire; Cave Lion class; G.C.S. Cave Protector; H.M.S. Celerity; R.I.S. Centaurii; G.C.S. Centrosaurus; R.I.S. Centurion Rogallus; Ceon; U.S.S. Cetshwayo NCC-353; R.I.S. Cetus; U.S.S. Chadwick NCC-350; Chainmail; U.S.S. Chaka NCC-352; I.K.V. Challenger; R.I.S. Challenger; U.S.S. Chamberlain NCC-411; G.C.S. Chamelicon; G.C.S. Champion; R.I.S. Champion; H.M.S. Chancellor; U.S.S. Chandalar NCC-1594; H.M.S. Charger; U.S.S. Charlemagne NCC-530; U.S.S. Charleston NCC-1802; U.S.S. Chaudhry; Cheetah class; I.K.F. Chekz Kortosh; Cheyenne class; U.S.S. Chicago NCC-1651; I.K.V. Chieftain; U.S.S. Chilingutila; G.C.S. Chimericon; U.S.S. Chissano; Chopper; Chotiska; G.C.S. Chromaticon; G.C.S. Chromaticon Rex; U.S.S. Churchill NCC-307; H.M.S. Citadel; G.C.S. Clan Provider; U.S.S. Clancy NCC-1585; R.I.S. Clarescere; G.C.S. Claw; R.I.S. Claw; Claw Captain; Clawrunner; Claw's Voice; U.S.S. Clausewitz NCC-1580; Claymore; U.S.S. Cleveland NCC-1803; Climer; U.S.S. Clinton NCC-862; I.K.V. Cloudburst; G.C.S. Cloudfire; R.I.S. Coalition; COD; R.I.S. Cohort; G.C.S. Coil; R.I.S. Colossus; Comanche class; H.M.S. Commando; Commando Eagle class; Commando Hawk class; Commando Hunter class; Commando Lancer class; U.S.S. Concordat NCC-2109; H.M.S. Concept; Condor class; I.K.V. Conflict; I.K.V. Conqueror; R.I.S. Conqueror; I.K.V. Conquest; U.S.S. Consortium NCC-2119; U.S.S. Constabulary; U.S.S. Constellation NCC-1017; Constitution class; U.S.S. Constitution NCC-1700; R.I.S. Consul; U.S.S. Contempt; U.S.S. Copernicus NCC-3815; U.S.S. Coral Sea NCC-1737; R.I.S. Corvus; Count class; H.M.S. Count Fidelity; H.M.S. Count Horizon; H.M.S. Count Methane; I.K.V. Courageous; I.K.V. Covertscout; U.S.S. Coyle NCC-1586; Crashing Snow; H.M.S. Creeping Spectre; U.S.S. Cristiani NCC-866; I.K.V. Crossbow; R.I.S. Crossbow; G.C.S. Crotalian; R.I.S. Crown Hawk; Crusader class; G.C.S. Crusader; I.K.V. Crusher; Cuirassier class; Culprit; U.S.S. Custer; Cutpurse; Cutter; R.I.S. Cygnus; U.S.S. Czar Alexander IV NCC-528; D-5 class; D-6 class; D-7 class; D'plo; R.I.S. Dagger; Dagger Warning; U.S.S. Dana; Dandy Warrior; Danger; I.K.V. Dareslayer; U.S.S. Darius NCC-502; I.K.V. Darkness; I.K.V. Darkraker; I.K.V. Darkslayer; I.K.V. Darkstalker; R.I.S. Darkwing; I.K.V. Dasher; I.K.V. Dawnraker; I.K.V. Dawnslayer; I.K.V. Dawnstalker; U.S.S. Dayton NCC-1653; U.S.S. Dayton NCC-1804; U.S.S. De Gaulle NCC-311; U.S.S. De Ruyter NCC-1528; Deadfall; Dealcrasher; Dear Kelebrim; I.K.V. Death; I.K.V. Death Angel; I.K.V. Death Champion; I.K.V. Death Chant; I.K.V. Death Chariot; I.K.V. Death Chieftain; I.K.V. Death Cry; I.K.V. Death Demon; I.K.V. Death Destroyer; I.K.V. Death Killer; I.K.V. Death Lord; I.K.V. Death Soldier; I.K.V. Death Song; G.C.S. Death Stomp; I.K.V. Death Storm; I.K.V. Death Sword; G.C.S. Death Tongue; G.C.S. Death Wail; I.K.V. Death Warrior; I.K.V. Death Wielder; I.K.V. Death Wind; G.C.S. Death's Eye; G.C.S. Death's Head; G.C.S. Death's Heart; G.C.S. Deathbeast; Deathblow (Lyran); Deathblow (Orion); Deathbringer; Deathcat; Deathdealer; I.K.V. Deathmaster; I.K.V. Deathraker; I.K.V. Deathscout; I.K.V. Deathslayer; I.K.V. Deathstalker; R.I.S. Deathtalon; Deathwing; R.I.S. Deathwound; R.I.S. Deceit; I.K.V. Decimation; R.I.S. Decimation; I.K.V. Decimator; I.K.V. Deedslayer; I.K.V. Deepslayer; U.S.S. Defence NCC-1531; H.M.S. Defender; I.K.V. Defender; Defender of the Race; Defiance; R.I.S. Defiance; U.S.S. Defiance NCC-1717; I.K.V. Defiant; Defiler; I.K.V. Defiler; I.K.V. Deftraker; I.K.V. Deftslayer; U.S.S. Degrasse NCC-345; R.I.S. Delphinus; I.K.V. Demolisher; Demon Star; I.K.V. Demonfire; I.K.V. Demonraker; I.K.V. Demonslayer; I.K.V. Demonstalker; H.M.S. Dependable; U.S.S. Deputy; I.K.V. Desecration; I.K.V. Desolation; I.K.V. Despicable; I.K.V. The Destroyer; Destruction; I.K.V. Destruction; H.M.S. Determination; R.I.S. Determination; I.K.V. Determined; I.K.V. Devastation; I.K.V. Devastator; I.K.V. Devilraker; I.K.V. Devil's Anvil; I.K.V. Devilslayer; I.K.V. Devilstalker; I.K.V. Devisor; I.K.V. Devoted; U.S.S. Dewey NCC-344; Diamond Lover; I.K.V. Dimslayer; H.M.S. Direction; U.S.S. Directorate NCC-2110; I.K.V. Direslayer; R.I.S. Dirk; I.K.V. Dirkslayer; I.K.V. Dismay; I.K.V. Divineslayer; Djinn of the Desert; Dodger; U.S.S. Dolittle NCC-341; U.S.S. Domination NCC-2128; H.M.S. Dominator; R.I.S. Dominatus; U.S.S. Donitz NCC-331; I.K.V. Doom Champion; I.K.V. Doom Chant; I.K.V. Doom Chariot; I.K.V. Doom Chieftain; I.K.V. Doom Cry; I.K.V. Doom Destroyer; I.K.V. Doom Killer; I.K.V. Doom Leader; I.K.V. Doom Lord; I.K.V. Doom Soldier; I.K.V. Doom Song; I.K.V. Doom Sword; I.K.V. Doom Warrior; I.K.V. Doom Wind; G.C.S. Doomlizard; Doomsday Machine; I.K.V. Doomslayer; R.I.S. Dorado; U.S.S. Dostam NCC-837; Double Cross; Double Fun; Double Pleasure; G.C.S. Double Thunder; I.K.V. Doubtslayer; I.K.V. Dourslayer; R.I.S. Draco; G.C.S. Draco Norbus; G.C.S. Draconiad; G.C.S. Draconian; G.C.S. Drago; I.K.V. Dragon Champion; I.K.V. Dragon Chariot; I.K.V. Dragon Chieftain; I.K.V. Dragon Claw; I.K.V. Dragon Cry; I.K.V. Dragon Destroyer; I.K.V. Dragon Fire; I.K.V. Dragon Honor; I.K.V. Dragon Killer; I.K.V. Dragon King; I.K.V. Dragon Leader; I.K.V. Dragon Lord; G.C.S. Dragon of Three Stars; I.K.V. Dragon Scale; I.K.V. Dragon Soldier; I.K.V. Dragon Song; I.K.V. Dragon Sword; I.K.V. Dragon Tooth; G.C.S. Dragonbane; Dragonfire; G.C.S. Dragonfire; G.C.S. Dragonicon; G.C.S. Dragonicon Rex; G.C.S. Dragon's Breath; G.C.S. Dragon's Destiny; G.C.S. Dragon's Fire; G.C.S. Dragon's Heart; I.K.V. Dragonslayer; Dragoon class; U.S.S. Dragnet; U.S.S. Drake NCC-305; G.C.S. Drakeicon; G.C.S. Drakorra; I.K.V. Dreadness; I.K.V. Dreadslayer; I.K.V. Dreamraker; I.K.V. Dreamstalker; I.K.V. Droitslayer; U.S.S. Dudayev; I.K.V. Duelslayer; U.S.S. Dukain; U.S.S. Dunnigan NCC-324; U.S.S. Duster; E-4 class; E-6 class; G.C.S. Eaglebane; Earl class; H.M.S. Earl Hakikki; H.M.S. Earl Hives; H.M.S. Earl Horta; U.S.S. Eaton; H.M.S. Eclipse; Eiger Sanction; U.S.S. Eisenhower NCC-534; U.S.S. El Dorado NCC-1722; U.S.S. Elevator Up; U.S.S. Elliot Ness; G.C.S. Emperor of the Sky; G.C.S. Emperor's Glory; Enchantress; U.S.S. Endeavor NCC-1716; H.M.S. Endothermic; G.C.S. Enemy Crusher; Enemy's Blood King; Enforcer; Enforcer Lord; R.I.S. Enormity; U.S.S. Enright NCC-474; U.S.S. Entente NCC-2120; U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701; U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A; Entrails; H.M.S. Entropy; H.M.S. Epee; R.I.S. Equus; G.C.S. Eradicator; U.S.S. Essex NCC-1727; H.M.S. Ether Spirit; U.S.S. Etzel NCC-509; U.S.S. Euro; Euromastyx class; U.S.S. Evert's Joy; G.C.S. Eviscerator; I.K.V. Eviscerator; H.M.S. Exactitude; H.M.S. Excalibur; U.S.S. Excalibur NCC-1705; G.C.S. Excellence; U.S.S. Excelsior NCC-1718; U.S.S. Excelsior NCC-2000; R.I.S. Exchange; Exchange of Goods; Executioner class; R.I.S. Executioner's Song; U.S.S. Exeter NCC-1706; R.I.S. Exidium; H.M.S. Exile; U.S.S. Eximer NCC-1019; H.M.S. Exolthermic; F-5 class; F-6 class; F-007; F-52; F-128; F-240; F-256; F-1024; F-2001; F-3001; F-4562; F-7740; F-17832; F-034590; F-41232; F-053030; F-090828; F-100100; F-0101597; F-120101; F-0405098; F-Pi; U.S.S. Fadlallah; G.C.S. Fafnir; R.I.S. Falchion; R.I.S. Falcon; G.C.S. Fang; Far Stars Pride; U.S.S. Farragut NCC-1702; Fasting's Call; R.I.S. Fate's Flyer; R.I.S. Fate's Hand; G.C.S. Father of War; Fear Render; Fear Quaker; I.K.V. Fearless; R.I.S. Fearless; G.C.S. Fearless Dragon; U.S.S. Federation NCC-2100; U.S.S. Federation NCC-2126; U.S.S. Federation-Ex; Federation freighter; G.C.S. Ferocious; Fencer; Fetcher; I.K.V. Ferocity; Fencer; Ferocious; Felonious; Fence; R.I.S. Fendere; R.I.S. Fervently; U.S.S. Fencer NCC-2505; R.I.S. Ficuda; I.K.V. Fiend; Fighter; fighters; Filcher; Final Blow; Final Cut; G.C.S. Final Strike; R.I.S. Finality; I.K.V. Fire; I.K.V. Fire Air; I.K.V. Fire Angel; I.K.V. Fire Champion; I.K.V. Fire Chariot; I.K.V. Fire Chieftain; I.K.V. Fire Cry; I.K.V. Fire Demon; I.K.V. Fire Destroyer; I.K.V. Fire Dog; I.K.V. Fire Dragon; Fire Hawk class; R.I.S. Fire Hawk; I.K.V. Fire Hound; I.K.V. Fire Killer; I.K.V. Fire King; I.K.V. Fire Leader; G.C.S. Fire Lizard; I.K.V. Fire Lord; I.K.V. Fire Lust; I.K.V. Fire Slayer; I.K.V. Fire Soldier; I.K.V. Fire Song; I.K.V. Fire Starter; I.K.V. Fire Storm; I.K.V. Fire Sword; I.K.V. Fire Warrior; I.K.V. Fire Wielder; I.K.V. Fire Wind; Firecat; Fireclaw; G.C.S. Firedrake; R.I.S. Firefly; H.M.S. Fireguild; Firekitten; I.K.V. Fireraker; I.K.V. Firestalker; Firestar; I.K.V. Firestar; R.I.S. Firewing; G.C.S. First Strike; Fist and Claw; Firing Squad; Fist of Power; H.M.S. Flagcarrier; G.C.S. Flame; Flaming; Flashpan; I.K.F. Fleet Transport; G.C.S. Fleshharrower; Flying Dagger; Flying Fish; R.I.S. Flying Fish; I.K.V. Focus; H.M.S. Foil; G.C.S. Footfall; U.S.S. Ford NCC-1533; Foremost Hunter; R.I.S. Forgiveness; R.I.S. Formidable; U.S.S. Forrest NCC-1762; H.M.S. Fort; R.I.S. Fortis; R.I.S. Fortiter; H.M.S. Fortitude; H.M.S. Fortress; Fortune Royale; Fraticide; Frazikar; Free Spirit; Freedom; G.C.S. Freedom; R.I.S. Frenzy; Frightful Foe; Full House; Full Speed Ahead; Full Trick; Furious; I.K.V. Furious; R.I.S. Furious; I.K.V. Furious Fighter; Fury; I.K.V. Fury; R.I.S. Fury; H.M.S. Futile Fury; G-2 class; G.C.S. Galaga; U.S.S. Galilei NCC-3808; R.I.S. Galley; G.C.S. Galnitak; U.S.S. Galtieri NCC-861; U.S.S. Gatekeeper; U.S.S. Gaugamela NCC-1748; G.C.S. Gdhar; U.S.S. Gemayal; R.I.S. Gemini; H.M.S. Gendarme; U.S.S. Gendarme; U.S.S. Genghis NCC-501; U.S.S. Gettysburg NCC-1728; H.M.S. Ghost; R.I.S. Ghost Bird; U.S.S. Gil; Gir Lion class; R.I.S. Gladius; R.I.S. Glaive; R.I.S. Gloriosus; I.K.V. Glorious; G.C.S. Glorious Comeback; Glory; I.K.V. Glory; Gloryfire; Gloryhound; I.K.V. Gnasher; U.S.S. Gneisenau NCC-1509; Goblin; Godfather class; H.M.S. Godkiller; H.M.S. Godmaker; G.C.S. Godzilla; U.S.S. Goeben NCC-1018; U.S.S. Glorie NCC-1530; G.C.S. Gojira; U.S.S. Golan NCC-1740; U.S.S. Golda Meir NCC-525; Golden Crown; R.I.S. Golden Hawk; U.S.S. Golden Nuggets; Goldenspear; G.C.S. Golitho; U.S.S. Gorbachev NCC-853; R.I.S. Gorgon's Breath; G.C.S. Gormwest; Gorn freighter; G.C.S. Gorrion; I.K.F. Gorvis Kormlin; Gothic; H.M.S. Governess; Graf Spee; U.S.S. Graf Spee NCC-1801; G.C.S. Grand Finale; H.M.S. Grandee; U.S.S. Grant NCC-869; U.S.S. Gravelotte NCC-1734; Grendel class; Grief Giver; U.S.S. Grissom NCC-1545; U.S.S. Grochenko NCC-1518; H.M.S. Grognard; U.S.S. Gromykii NCC-1517; U.S.S. Gross Details; U.S.S. Groton NCC-1535; G.C.S. Groundfire; G.C.S. Groundpounder; U.S.S. Groznyy NCC-1516; R.I.S. Grus; R.I.S. Gryfalcon; H.M.S. Guard Captain; I.K.V. Guardian; U.S.S. Guderian NCC-323; H.M.S. Guide; U.S.S. Guirierre NCC-1805; U.S.S. Gusmao; R.I.S. Gyphon; I.K.V. Hailstorm; U.S.S. Hall NCC-420; U.S.S. Halley NCC-3833; U.S.S. Hamilcar NCC-518; U.S.S. Hannibal NCC-512; I.K.V. Harasser; G.C.S. Harmony; U.S.S. Harrier NCC-2250; R.I.S. Harrower; H.M.S. Harus; U.S.S. Harwood NCC-335; U.S.S. Hashishiyun NCC-516; U.S.S. Hastings NCC-1621; R.I.S. Hathcock; I.K.V. Havoc; R.I.S. Havoc; R.I.S. Hawk; U.S.S. Hawking NCC-3805; Headhunter; H.M.S. Headmaster; Heartbreaker; Heart of Glory; Heaven's Fall; Heavensent; Heavy Marauder class; Heavyhanded; U.S.S. Hekmatyar NCC-832; Hellcat class; Hellraiser class; I.K.V. Hellraker; I.K.V. Hellstalker; G.C.S. Hero; I.K.V. Hero of Zursk; U.S.S. Hiawatha NCC-522; I.K.V. Hidden; Hidden Carrier; I.K.V. Hidden Death; Hidden Mother; Hidden Path; Hidden Stone; I.K.V. Hidden Strike; H.M.S. Hierarchy; U.S.S. Higgens NCC-410; Highstrike; Highwayman; U.S.S. Highwayman NCC-2503; Hipper; U.S.S. Hipper NCC-317; U.S.S. Hired Runs; Hitman; U.S.S. Holiday; U.S.S. Holmes; G.C.S. Homeland Vindicator; Homeworld Defender; R.I.S. Honesty; R.I.S. Honor Wound; Hood; U.S.S. Hood NCC-1707; G.C.S. Horn; G.C.S. Horned Rhino; R.I.S. Hornet; U.S.S. Hornet NCC-1714; I.K.V. Horror; Horseman class; H.M.S. Horseman; U.S.S. Hosegawa NCC-348; R.I.S. Hospadar; R.I.S. Hostility; Housecat; U.S.S. Howland NCC-1768; H.M.S. Hullcrusher; U.S.S. Hun Sen; Hunter class; Hunter (Lyran); Hunter (Orion); G.C.S. Hunter; I.K.V. Hunter; G.C.S. Hunter Two Legs; Hunter's Breath; Hunter's Domain; Hunter's Tears; H.M.S. Hurtle; H.M.S. Hydra; H.M.S. Hydraguild; Hydran freighter; H.M.S. Hydran God; H.M.S. Hydran Lord; H.M.S. Hydrax; H.M.S. Hydraxius; H.M.S. Hylan; H.M.S. Hypothesis; H.M.S. Idea; Ilvurius flagship; Impaler; R.I.S. Impavidus; R.I.S. Imperator; R.I.S. Imperator Maximus; R.I.S. Imperator Rex; R.I.S. Imperator Titanicus; Imperia; R.I.S. Imperial Behemoth; G.C.S. Imperial Defender; R.I.S. Imperial Fist; R.I.S. Imperial Gorgon; R.I.S. Imperial Hawk; R.I.S. Imperial Medusa; R.I.S. Imperial Might; G.C.S. Imperial Protector; R.I.S. Imperial Triumph; R.I.S. Imperiosus; G.C.S. Imperius Rex; R.I.S. Incepteris; U.S.S. Inchon NCC-1738; R.I.S. Inclutus; I.K.V. Incomparable; H.M.S. Indeterable; H.M.S. Indeterminable; I.K.V. Indisputable; H.M.S. Ineluctable; I.K.V. Inevitable; H.M.S. Inexorable; Infidel; R.I.S. Infinity; Inflammatory; I.K.V. Insatiable; Inside Straight; H.M.S. Insociable; I.K.V. Insolent; H.M.S. Insouciant; H.M.S. Inspiration; H.M.S. Instancy; H.M.S. Instantaneity; I.K.V. Insufferable; H.M.S. Integry; H.M.S. Interrogation; U.S.S. Intrepid NCC-1708; R.I.S. Invenio; R.I.S. Invictus; I.K.V. Invincible; I.K.V. Inviolable; I.K.V. Invisible; I.K.V. Invulnerable; U.S.S. Iowa NCC-1525; H.M.S. Iridium Soul; G.C.S. Iron Fang; G.C.S. Iron Hide; Iron Horse; G.C.S. Iron Will; Iron Wolf; G.C.S. Irongrip; G.C.S. Irontail; Iroquois class; U.S.S. Isandhiwana NCC-1733; U.S.S. Iskandarov; U.S.S. Israel Putnam NCC-533; U.S.S. Jackson NCC-416; Jagged Fang; Jaguar class; Jarckman; U.S.S. Jason NCC-343; Java Tiger class; G.C.S. Jaws; U.S.S. Jellico NCC-306; I.K.F. Jerviz; U.S.S. Jomini NCC-1582; U.S.S. Joseph NCC-418; U.S.S. Judge; Judgment; Judicious Blow; Jungle Carrier; Jungle King; Jungle Mother; Jungle Path; Jungle Stone; Junglecat; G.C.S. Justicar; U.S.S. Justice; H.M.S. Juxirr; I.K.F. K'rang K'ong; U.S.S. Kadesh NCC-1729; I.K.F. Kalday; I.K.F. Vak Kalday; U.S.S. Kali NCC-2154; G.C.S. Kalessin; I.K.V. Kang; Kapish; I.K.F. Kargo; Katana; U.S.S. Kearsarge NCC-1500; I.K.V. Keeper; R.I.S. Keeper; U.S.S. DeForest Kelley; U.S.S. Keppler NCC-3816; U.S.S. Kennedy NCC-870; R.I.S. Kestrel; I.K.V. Ketrick; H.M.S. Khan; H.M.S. Khanate; U.S.S. Khe Son NCC-1739; I.K.V. Khedive; H.M.S. Kherne; H.M.S. Kingship; I.K.V. Kievak; Killer; I.K.V. Killer; Killer Hawk class; R.I.S. Killer Hawk; King Condor class; U.S.S. King David NCC-540; King Eagle class; King Jaguar class; King of Thieves; King Snake class; King's Ransom; U.S.S. Kinshasa NCC-1661; Kirov class; U.S.S. Kirov NCC-1751; Klingon freighter; I.K.V. Klodode; I.K.V. Klothos; Knight class; U.S.S. Knight Errant NCC-2502; S.S. Kobayashi Maru; U.S.S. Kongo NCC-1710; U.S.S. Konkordium NCC-2106; I.K.V. Kor; I.K.F. Kormlin; U.S.S. Kortenauer NCC-1527; R.I.S. Kraken; U.S.S. Kravchuk NCC-858; I.K.F. Krash; I.K.F. Doctor Kreuss; U.S.S. Krieger NCC-1726; U.S.S. Kripney NCC-388; I.K.V. Krueger; U.S.S. Kublai NCC-507; I.K.F. Kurman; U.S.S. Kursk NCC-1736; Kzinslayer; R.I.S. Lacerta; G.C.S. Lady of War; U.S.S. Lafayette NCC-1720; Lancer class; U.S.S. Landsbergis NCC-859; R.I.S. Laurus; Lava Carrier; Lava Mother; Lava Path; Lava Stone; Lawbreaker; I.K.V. Lawmaker; U.S.S. Lawman; Leaper; R.I.S. Legendary; R.I.S. Legion; U.S.S. Lehman NCC-310; H.M.S. Lens; U.S.S. Leonidas NCC-538; R.I.S. Leonis; Leopard class; H.M.S. Lepton; Lesanius flagship; R.I.S. Leviathan; U.S.S. Lexington NCC-1703; R.I.S. Licentia; Lich; Lifetaker; I.K.V. Lightning; Lightningclaw; U.S.S. Lincoln NCC-868; Lion class; Lion Hunter class; R.I.S. Lithophyte; U.S.S. Littorio NCC-1513; Living Cage; G.C.S. Lizardicon; G.C.S. Lizardicon Rex; G.C.S. Locked Fang; R.I.S. Locust; U.S.S. London NCC-1655; U.S.S. Longarm; I.K.V. Longbow; U.S.S. Longstreet NCC-401; Lord Admiral class; Lord Bishop class; Lord Cardinal class; Lord Commander class; H.M.S. Lord Commander; H.M.S. Lord Dominion; Lord Marshal class; G.C.S. Lord of Lightning; G.C.S. Lord of the Sky; H.M.S. Lord Pacification; H.M.S. Lord Zealous; U.S.S. Los Angeles NCC-1654; Los Insurgentes; Los Vigilantes; Lost and Found; R.I.S. Loyal Charge; R.I.S. Loyal Hawk; R.I.S. Loyal Spirit; R.I.S. Loyal Warrior; R.I.S. Loyalty; IKF Zakov Lov; R.I.S. Lupus; R.I.S. Lyncis; Lyran freighter; U.S.S. Lysander NCC-532; M-Eater; R.I.S. Mace; Mafia Don; Mage; H.M.S. Magistrate; H.M.S. Magnificent; U.S.S. Magnum; U.S.S. Mahan NCC-1584; Maimer; H.M.S. Majestic; H.M.S. Majesty; U.S.S. Mali NCC-1592; I.K.V. Malicious; U.S.S. Mallory NCC-332; H.M.S. Mandate; U.S.S. Mandela; H.M.S. Manners; U.S.S. Manstein NCC-407; R.I.S. Mantis; U.S.S. Manuel; Marauder; Marauder class; I.K.V. Marauder; U.S.S. Marcos NCC-860; U.S.S. Marius NCC-539; U.S.S. Mars NCC-2152; H.M.S. Marshall; I.K.V. Massacre; U.S.S. Massoud NCC-831; H.M.S. Master; Master Assassin class; R.I.S. Master of Combat; Master of the Jungle; Master of the Wild; U.S.S. Masterson; G.C.S. Masticator; U.S.S. Matsumo NCC-1800; I.K.V. Mayhem; Mazerbird; U.S.S. McClusky NCC-342; U.S.S. Mecca NCC-1659; R.I.S. Medusa's Gaze; U.S.S. Meko NCC-1533; H.M.S. Melee; U.S.S. Mendoza NCC-1591; U.S.S. Merchant of Venus; I.K.V. Merciless; G.C.S. Mercy Killer; U.S.S. Merrimac NCC-1715; U.S.S. Messier NCC-3830; U.S.S. Michigan NCC-1539; U.S.S. Mikasa NCC-1543; I.K.F. Mikon; U.S.S. Militia; U.S.S. Milwaukee NCC-1662; I.K.F. Mischz; Miranda class; U.S.S. Missouri NCC-1526; U.S.S. Missouri NCC-1810; Mist Demon; Mistress of Pain; U.S.S. Mitterand NCC-857; Mohawk class; U.S.S. Mojadeddi NCC-836; Monarch class; H.M.S. Monarchy; Mongol class; U.S.S. Monitor NCC-1713; R.I.S. Monoceros; R.I.S. Monolithic; R.I.S. Monstrous; U.S.S. Montana NCC-1765; U.S.S. Montgomery NCC-328; U.S.S. Moreno NCC-1522; G.C.S. Mortal Strike; R.I.S. Morte; U.S.S. Mortgage Payment; R.I.S. Mortis; U.S.S. Moscotivitch NCC-1520; R.I.S. Mosquito; U.S.S. Mountie; Mugger; Murderous; I.K.V. Murderous; Mutant; U.S.S. Mutso NCC-1506; U.S.S. Nagato NCC-5017; G.C.S. Naja; U.S.S. Najibullah NCC-834; U.S.S. Naken NCC-1529; U.S.S. Nasrallah; U.S.S. Nebu NCC-2153; U.S.S. Nebuchadnezzar NCC-541; Necromancer; Necronomicon; Needle's Damage; I.K.V. Nemesis; R.I.S. Nemesis; Neuromancer; R.I.S. New Glory; H.M.S. New Hydra; New Jersey class; U.S.S. New Jersey NCC-1755; U.S.S. New Mexico NCC-1524; U.S.S. New York NCC-1652; U.S.S. New Zealand NCC-1753; U.S.S. Newton NCC-3822; R.I.S. Nexum; Nicotinotica; R.I.S. Night of Fire; R.I.S. Nightbird; Nightmare of Orion; R.I.S. Nighttalon; R.I.S. Nightwing; U.S.S. Nixon NCC-856; U.S.S. No Change; No-Dachi; H.M.S. Nobleman; U.S.S. North Carolina NCC; I.K.V. Nova; Nova Hawk class; R.I.S. Nova Hawk; R.I.S. Numinous; R.I.S. Nympha; U.S.S. O'Connor NCC-404; Deth O'Kay; R.I.S. Oathkeeper; I.K.V. Obdurate; I.K.V. Obliterator; U.S.S. Ocalan; Octagon; H.M.S. Officer; U.S.S. Ogarkov NCC-1763; Okinawa class; U.S.S. Okinawa NCC-150; U.S.S. Olympia NCC-1546; One Eyed Jack; G.C.S. One Time; Onerarius; Onerarius IV; Onerarius VI; Onerarius XXXI; Onerarius LXXI; OnerariusDVIII; Onero; Onero VIII; Onero XV; Onero XXIX; Onero MXXIV; Onero MCMXCIX; Onus; Onus XVI; Onus XXVI; Onus DXII; Onus CL; Onus MXMXCIIX; Onustus; Onustus II; Onustus XXXII; Onustus CIV; Onustus CCLVI; Onustus MIM; U.S.S. Oort NCC-3804; Operandi; U.S.S. Orca NCC-1770; R.I.S. Orcus; H.M.S. Order of Earth; H.M.S. Order of Stars; H.M.S. Order of Waves; H.M.S. Orderly; Orion Rage; R.I.S. Oris; U.S.S. Oriskany NCC-1020; Orrible Cannon; U.S.S. Ortega; Osiris; Outlaw class; Overlord class; H.M.S. Overlord Hygax; H.M.S. Overlord Primus; H.M.S. Overlord Hydan; H.M.S. Overlord Hydrus; P'imo; U.S.S. Pacifier; I.K.V. Pain; I.K.V. Painmaster; Paingiver; H.M.S. Palace; Paladin class; U.S.S. Paladin NCC-2501; Palliard; I.K.V. Pandemonium; Pander; U.S.S. Panjsher NCC-1743; Panther class; Passion Flower; I.K.F. Relinko Pasziovik; Patricoe; H.M.S. Patrician; R.I.S. Patrician; U.S.S. Patrol; R.I.S. Pavo; R.I.S. Pax Remus; R.I.S. Pax Romulus; U.S.S. Pazuzu NCC-521; H.M.S. Peacekeeper; U.S.S. Peacemaker; H.M.S. Peer; U.S.S. Pegasus Bay NCC-1595; G.C.S. Perfection; R.I.S. Perilous; U.S.S. Perry NCC-303; H.M.S. Perseverance; U.S.S. Pervenetz NCC-1532; Pestilence; Persuader; Petty Conflict; Phantom; Phantasmal; U.S.S. Pharsallus NCC-1612; U.S.S. Philadelphia NCC-1665; Picklock; Pickpocket; U.S.S. PickEmUp; H.M.S. Pilot; I.K.V. Pillage; U.S.S. Piorun NCC-1547; Pirate's Pleasure; I.K.V. Pitiless; Pit of Knives; I.K.V. Plague; Plains Carrier; Plains Mother; Plains Path; Plains Stone; H.M.S. Plan; Platemail; Plunderer class; I.K.V. Plunder; Plunderer; Plunger; H.M.S. Poignard; R.I.S. Poinard; H.M.S. Policy; U.S.S. Poltava NCC-1746; U.S.S. Pompey NCC-506; U.S.S. Port Moresby NCC-1605; Portorium; Portorium IV; Portorium XL; Portorium LXIV; Portorium MXI; Portorium CXXVIII; U.S.S. Posse; U.S.S. Postage Due; U.S.S. Potemkin NCC-1711; Pouncer; R.I.S. Power Hawk; Power Word; Powerclaw; Powderkeg; U.S.S. Prabhakaran; R.I.S. Praeda; R.I.S. Praeses; Praetor class; R.I.S. Praetor Karzan; R.I.S. Praetor Maximus; R.I.S. Praetor Rolandus; R.I.S. Praetorian; R.I.S. Praetor's Pride; Prancer; I.K.F. Praxis Transport; Predator; G.C.S. Predator; Predator's Pride; G.C.S. Predatoricon; G.C.S. Predicon; U.S.S. Premadasa; Premo; Premo XIX; Premo LXII; Premo LXIV; Premo CXXVIII; Pride's Claw; U.S.S. Prien NCC-472; Prigger; G.C.S. Prince Allurian; G.C.S. Prince Aratok; G.C.S. Princess Bauria; H.M.S. Prince Hadden; H.M.S. Prince Hakkor; R.I.S. Prince Hawk; H.M.S. Prince Hiny; H.M.S. Prince Hrakskit; G.C.S. Princess Ss'ltah; U.S.S. Prinz Eugen NCC-1511; Privateer class; R.I.S. Probe; I.K.V. Procession; R.I.S. Proconsul; R.I.S. Proeliator; R.I.S. Proletarian; H.M.S. Protector; I.K.V. Protector; H.M.S. Protocol; G.C.S. Proven Slayer; Prowes; G.C.S. Prowler; U.S.S. Ptolemy NCC-3801; H.M.S. Punctuality; U.S.S. Pundy; I.K.F. Purlivko; I.K.F. Kattic Purlivko; R.I.S. Pyrrhic; G.C.S. Queen of Battle; G.C.S. Queenmother; Querty; Quickie; I.K.V. Quiet Death; I.K.V. Quiet Strike; I.K.F. Quon Transport; I.K.F. Qur Quon Kin; U.S.S. Raan NCC-1812; U.S.S. Rabbani NCC-835; I.K.V. Rabblekiller; I.K.V. Rabbleslayer; I.K.V. Rabid; Rabid Dog; I.K.V. Rabidkiller; I.K.V. Rabidscout; I.K.V. Rabidslayer; U.S.S. Rabin; I.K.V. Racker; Rage (Lyran); Rage (Orion); R.I.S. Rage; I.K.V. Rager; I.K.V. Ragemaker; Ragged Cut; G.C.S. Ragged Rhino; Raging Blood; U.S.S. Rahman NCC-514; I.K.V. Raid; Raider class; I.K.V. Raider; I.K.V. Raidmaker; G.C.S. Rajath; Rake; Raker; U.S.S. Ramadan NCC-1536; U.S.S. Ramilles NCC-1373; U.S.S. Ramius NCC-471; U.S.S. Ramos NCC-864; R.I.S. Rampager; Ranger class; U.S.S. Ranger NCC-2500; I.K.V. Ransacker; Rapier; H.M.S. Rapier; I.K.V. Rapier; R.I.S. Rapier; I.K.V. Ratkiller; I.K.V. Ratslayer; Rattler; I.K.V. Ravagemaker; I.K.V. Ravager; R.I.S. Ravager; I.K.V. Raven; I.K.V. Ravenous; R.I.S. Ravenous; I.K.V. Raver; I.K.V. Raverscout; I.K.V. Ravisher; I.K.V. Razer; Razor Claw; R.I.S. Ready; U.S.S. Reagan NCC-854; Reaper; I.K.V. Reaper; I.K.V. Reaver; I.K.V. Rebellion; Red Claw Glory; Red Claw Sword; R.I.S. Red Glory; Redblade; I.K.V. Redkiller; R.I.S. Redemption; I.K.V. Redslayer; Reduction; I.K.V. Refutor; Regal Hawk class; R.I.S. Regal Hawk; H.M.S. Regent; R.I.S. Reigning Hawk; I.K.V. Relentless; U.S.S. Reliant NCC-1501; I.K.V.Renegade; U.S.S. Renown NCC-1504; U.S.S. Reprisal NCC-1605; G.C.S. Reptilicon; U.S.S. Republic NCC-1371; U.S.S. Repulse NCC-1503; U.S.S. Reshadije NCC-1372; I.K.V. Resilience; H.M.S. Resolution; R.I.S. Retaliation; I.K.V. Retaliator; R.I.S. Retiariis; H.M.S. Retribution; R.I.S. Retribution; I.K.V. Return; I.K.V. Revenge; I.K.V. Revenger; G.C.S. Rex; G.C.S. Rexicon; U.S.S. Reynolds NCC-354; G.C.S. Rhino; Rhino Hunter class; U.S.S. Richelieu NCC-1519; U.S.S. Rickover NCC-330; H.M.S. Rider; Rift Cutter; I.K.V. Rikor; Rimfire; Ripping Fang; U.S.S. Rivadavia NCC-1521; Road Warrior; Roadrunner; G.C.S. Roaricon; Robber; U.S.S. Robert E. Lee NCC-536; U.S.S. Rocroi NCC-1745; U.S.S. Roger Young NCC-389; I.K.V. Rogue; I.K.V. Roguekiller; I.K.V. Rogueslayer; U.S.S. Rommel NCC-336; Romulan freighter; R.I.S. Romulan Fury; U.S.S. Roosevelt NCC-309; U.S.S. Roosevelt NCC-312; U.S.S. Rossbach NCC-1747; Rowdy; Royal Hawk class; R.I.S. Royal Hawk; H.M.S. Royalty; Ruffler; I.K.V. Ruiner; I.K.V. Ruinmaker; Ruler; H.M.S. Rumbler; H.M.S. Rumbly; Rustler; I.K.V. Ruthless; Rye Catcher; G.C.S. S'sscullars; G.C.S. S'sslathosss; G.C.S. S'ssnissian; G.C.S. S'ssnossis; R.I.S. Sabbatical; U.S.S. Saber NCC-1769; H.M.S. Sabre; R.I.S. Sabre; Sabretooth; U.S.S. Sadat NCC-527; U.S.S. Saddam; U.S.S. Safarov; Safecracker; I.K.V. Safeguard; H.M.S. Safety; Sagacious; U.S.S. Saladin NCC-500; U.S.S. Samurai NCC-2506; H.M.S. Sanctity; Sand Crab; I.K.V. Sangrfroid; Saracen; U.S.S. Saratoga NCC-1724; G.C.S. Sardith's Sword; U.S.S. Sargon NCC-504; G.C.S. Saurian; G.C.S. Sauricon; I.K.V. Savage; I.K.V. Savagery; R.I.S. Sanquinarius; G.C.S. Scale; Scalp Hunter; R.I.S. Scepter Hawk; Scepter of the Claw; U.S.S. Scharnhorst NCC-1510; U.S.S. Schwartzkopf NCC-417; Scimitar; R.I.S. Scimitar; R.I.S. Scorpii; U.S.S. Scorpio; Scorpion; G.C.S. Scorpion; G.C.S. Scything Tail; Seahawk class; H.M.S. Security; I.K.V. Seeker; I.K.V. Sefarian; G.C.S. Selach; U.S.S. Sergei NCC-1543; G.C.S. Serpent's Tooth; G.C.S. Serpenticon; G.C.S. Setting of the Twin Suns; R.I.S. Senatarian; R.I.S. Senator; R.I.S. Senatus; I.K.V. Senior Sgt.; U.S.S. Senyavin NCC-347; Seydlitz; I.K.V. Sgt. Kobol; I.K.V. Sgt. Korl; I.K.V. Sgt. Victorious; Shadow; I.K.V. Shadow; U.S.S. Shaitan NCC-519; U.S.S. Shamir NCC-868; Shapeshifter; Sharper; U.S.S. Shaw NCC-349; H.M.S. Sheriff; U.S.S. Shevardnadze NCC-865; I.K.V. Shieldbearer; G.C.S. Shima; R.I.S. Shikra; R.I.S. Shillelah; U.S.S. Shiro; G.C.S. Shock Force; R.I.S. Shrike; shuttlecraft; U.S.S. Sidorov; R.I.S. Siege; U.S.S. Sihanouk NCC-867; I.K.V. Silent Death; I.K.V. Silent Strike; Silver Flyer; R.I.S. Sinvenio; Sioux class; U.S.S. Skanderbeg NCC-529; Skiki; U.S.S. Skorzeny NCC-387; R.I.S. Skua; Skullcrusher; R.I.S. Sky Demon; R.I.S. Skydragon; G.C.S. Skyfire; R.I.S. Skyflame; Skyhawk class; Slammer; R.I.S. Slanderous; Slasher (Lyran); Slasher (Orion); Slaughterer; G.C.S. Slayer of Enemy; I.K.V. Slaymaster; R.I.S. Sling; I.K.V. Slinger; G.C.S. Slither; G.C.S. Slithicon; Slizer; U.S.S.. Small Fries; G.C.S. Smasher; G.C.S. Snarl; Snipe class; R.I.S. Sniper; Snow Leopard class; Solar Sailer; U.S.S. Solidarity NCC-2123; H.M.S. Solitude; Solvo; Solvo VIII; Solvo XII; Solvo XXXII; Solvo CXXI; Solvo CCLVI; Sorcerer; Sorcerer's Power; I.K.V. Sorrowmaker; H.M.S. Soul; Soul of Steel; I.K.V. Soul of Vengeance; I.K.V. Souldemon; Souleater; I.K.V. Soulfire; Soulstealer; Soultaker; I.K.V. Soulwind; I.K.V. Soulwing; R.I.S. Solvanius; H.M.S. Sovereignty; Spaceshell; R.I.S. Sparrow; Sparrowhawk class; R.I.S. Spartan; R.I.S. Species; R.I.S. Specificity; R.I.S. Speedy; G.C.S. Spiller of Warm Blood; G.C.S. Spine; G.C.S. Spinecrusher; H.M.S. Spirit; Spiritcaptor; Split Infinitive; G.C.S. Spur; R.I.S. Spurious; R.I.S. Squalus; Stabber; Stake; Stalker; I.K.F. Stalker; I.K.V. Stalker; R.I.S. Stalwartly; Starclaw; U.S.S. Star League NCC-2101; U.S.S. Star Union NCC-2112; H.M.S. Starguild; R.I.S. Starhawk; R.I.S. Starwing; I.K.V. Stealth; G.C.S. Steel Jaws; R.I.S. Stiletto; G.C.S. Sting; Stinger class; I.K.V. Storm Champion; I.K.V. Storm Chariot; Storm Cheetah; I.K.V. Storm Chieftain; I.K.V. Storm Cry; I.K.V. Storm Demon; I.K.V. Storm Destroyer; I.K.V. Storm Dog; I.K.V. Storm Dragon; I.K.V. Storm Killer; I.K.V. Storm King; I.K.V. Storm Leader; I.K.V. Storm Lord; I.K.V. Storm Slayer; I.K.V. Storm Song; I.K.V. Storm Warrior; I.K.V. Storm Wielder; I.K.V. Storm Wind; I.K.V. Stormcloud; I.K.V. Stormer; I.K.V. Strangler; U.S.S. Strasbourg NCC-1520; H.M.S. Strengthbow; I.K.V. Strike; Striker; G.C.S. Strong Heart; G.C.S. Strongarm; H.M.S. Strongaxe; H.M.S. Strongblade; H.M.S. Strongbow; G.C.S. Stronger Talons; H.M.S. Stronghand; Strongjaw; I.K.V. Stubborn; R.I.S. Subjugator; Summit; R.I.S. Sun Hawk; I.K.V. Suffering; U.S.S. Suffren NCC-346; U.S.S. Sulaco NCC-390; U.S.S. Suleiman NCC-508; U.S.S. Sultan; U.S.S. Summons; U.S.S. Sun Tzu NCC-1581; U.S.S. Suomussalmi NCC-1744; R.I.S. Superator; U.S.S. Suvarov NCC-535; Sunglider; U.S.S. Sverdlov NCC-1541; Swagman; I.K.V. Swatter; R.I.S. Swooping Death; R.I.S. Sword; Swordfall; I.K.V. Swordmaster; G.C.S. Szkor; G.C.S. Szurra; G.C.S. Szurrazan; U.S.S. Tacitus NCC-1583; R.I.S. Marcus Tacitus; Tagger; G.C.S. Tail of Spikes; U.S.S. Talabani; G.C.S. Talon; R.I.S. Talon; G.C.S. Talons of Glory; U.S.S. Tamerlane NCC-510; U.S.S. Tanabe NCC-473; U.S.S. Tanaka NCC-319; U.S.S. Tangiers NCC-1590; Tanker; U.S.S. Tannenberg NCC-1735; G.C.S. Tannin; R.I.S. Tarus; Tartar class; H.M.S. Taskmaster; U.S.S. Taylor; H.M.S. Technetium; U.S.S. Tegethoff NCC-314; Temporal Fall; Temptress of Sin; G.C.S. Tenacious; H.M.S. Tenacity; I.K.V. Tenacity; R.I.S. Tenacity; Terminator; G.C.S. Terrible Hand; I.K.V. Terror; I.K.V. Terrorist; H.M.S. Testament; U.S.S. Texas Ranger; U.S.S. Thatcher NCC-855; G.C.S. Thecos; U.S.S. Thermopolae NCC-1730; G.C.S. Thorn; Thought Taker; H.M.S. Thundation; G.C.S. Thunderbeast; R.I.S. Thunderbird; H.M.S. Thunderblow; Thunderbolt; G.C.S. Thunderbolt; I.K.V. Thunderbolt; H.M.S. Thundercall; Thundercat; G.C.S. Thunderchild; H.M.S. Thunderchild; I.K.V. Thunderchild; H.M.S. Thunderclap; Thunderclaw; Thunderduck; H.M.S. Thunderer; I.K.V. Thunderer; Thunderfang; G.C.S. Thunderfoot; I.K.V. Thundermaker; R.I.S. Thundermaker; H.M.S. Thunderous; G.C.S. Thundersnake; H.M.S. Thunderson; H.M.S. Thunderspace; I.K.V. Thunderstorm; U.S.S. Thurmost III NCC-537; Tiger class; Timberwolf; U.S.S. Title Inside; U.S.S. Togo NCC-334; U.S.S. Tokyo NCC-1656; I.K.F. Tomak Vilkov; U.S.S. Tongogara; G.C.S. Tooth; G.C.S. Torch of Conquest; U.S.S. Tori NCC-1725; H.M.S. Torment; R.I.S. Tormentor; H.M.S. Torture; Torturer; Touch of Gold; G.C.S. Track of Heavy Foot; Tragic Course; H.M.S. Trampler; R.I.S. Tranchet; I.K.F. Transport; Traveler class; R.I.S. Treachery; Trenchoxica; I.K.V. Trepidation; S.S. Tribbles Forever; R.I.S. Tribune; G.C.S. Tricericon; Triumph; R.I.S. Triumph; R.I.S. Triumph of Remus; R.I.S. Triumph of Romulus; R.I.S. Triumver; R.I.S. Triumvirate; U.S.S. Trooper; I.K.V. Troublemaker; True Sight; Truespirit; R.I.S. Truly; R.I.S. Truncheon; I.K.F. Truncy; U.S.S. Trust No One; I.K.V. Trustworthy; R.I.S. Trusty; Truthdealer; U.S.S. Tudjman NCC-803; U.S.S. Turabi; I.K.V. Turbulent; G.C.S. Tusk; Twilight; R.I.S. Two Moons; G.C.S. Tyranicon; G.C.S. Tyranicon Rex; U.S.S. Tyrant NCC-2252; G.C.S. Tyrex; U.S.S. Udzha NCC-1593; H.M.S. Uhla; G.C.S. Ultimate Wrath; Ulysses class; Unbeliever; I.K.V. Unbreakable; I.K.V. Undaunted; Unfriendly; U.S.S. Unification NCC-2122; G.C.S. Unity; U.S.S. Unity NCC-2127; Uprightman; I.K.V. Urgency; R.I.S. Urgent Fury; R.I.S. Ursus; U.S.S. Ushakov NCC-325; Utmost; H.M.S. Vainglory; I.K.F. Vakoc; I.K.F. Truncy Vakoc; H.M.S. Valiant; U.S.S. Valiant NCC-1709; I.K.V. Valorian; H.M.S. Valorous; I.K.V. Vandal; U.S.S. Vanguard NCC-1536; G.C.S. Vanquish Evil; G.C.S. Vanquish Invader; H.M.S. Vantage; H.M.S. Vapori; H.M.S. Variance; H.M.S. Varlet; RIS Varrix; U.S.S. Varyag NCC-1542; H.M.S. Vaunt; H.M.S. Vector; Vectura; Vectura VII; Vectura IX; Vectura XVI; Vectura XVII; Vectura DXII; H.M.S. Vehement; H.M.S. Vendetta; H.M.S. Vengeance; I.K.V. Vengeance; I.K.V. Vengeful; I.K.V. Venom; U.S.S. Venture NCC-1537; H.M.S. Verisimilitude; Vertex; RIS Vesuvius; Vicious; I.K.V. Vicious; RIS Victor; Victorious; I.K.V. Victory; U.S.S. Victory NCC-1535; I.K.V. Vigilance; G.C.S. Vigorous; I.K.V. Viking; I.K.F. Vilkov; U.S.S. Villalobos; U.S.S. Villeneuve NCC-329; U.S.S. Vincennes NCC-1749; U.S.S. Vincent NCC-320; RIS Vindex; U.S.S. Vindicator NCC-1531; I.K.V. Violation; H.M.S. Violent Mist; G.C.S. Vipericon; G.C.S. Vipericon Rex; U.S.S. Virgil NCC-1532; I.K.V. Virulent; U.S.S. Vision NCC-1530; H.M.S. Vizier; H.M.S. Void Rider; RIS Volantis; I.K.V. Volcano; H.M.S. Voracious; I.K.V. Voracious; H.M.S. Vorlans; U.S.S. Vosper NCC-1534; Voulge; Vulgar; RIS Vulpes; U.S.S. Vulture NCC-1602; I.K.V. Walkurian; I.K.V. War; I.K.V. War Angel; I.K.V. War Champion; I.K.V. War Chant; I.K.V. War Chariot; I.K.V. War Chieftain; I.K.V. War Cry; I.K.V. War Demon; I.K.V. War Destroyer; I.K.V. War Dog; I.K.V. War Dragon; War Eagle class; I.K.V. War Hound; I.K.V. War Killer; I.K.V. War King; I.K.V. War Leader; I.K.V. War Lord; I.K.V. War Lust; I.K.V. War Slayer; I.K.V. War Soldier; I.K.V. War Song; I.K.V. War Storm; I.K.V. War Sword; I.K.V. War Wielder; I.K.V. War Wind; Warbird class; R.I.S. Warbird; Warbride; G.C.S. Wargod; I.K.V. Warhammer; Warrior class; U.S.S. Warspite NCC-1548; I.K.V. Warstalker; H.M.S. Waterguild; R.I.S. Wasp; U.S.S. Wasp NCC-1721; Watcher; U.S.S. Watson; U.S.S. Webber NCC-1587; H.M.S. Wehalk; G.C.S. Whiplash; G.C.S. Whiptail; Whisker; R.I.S. White Feather; R.I.S. White Hawk; G.C.S. White Rhino; Whitefire; I.K.V. Widowmaker; G.C.S. Wing; Wild Carrier; Wild Hearts; Wild King; Wild Mother; Wild Path; Wild Stone; Wildcat class; R.I.S. Wildfire; Wizard; U.S.S. Wolf NCC-3834; R.I.S. Word of Honor; H.M.S. Wraith; G.C.S. Wrathful Judge; G.C.S. Wyrm; G.C.S. Wyrmicon; G.C.S. Wyvericon; H.M.S. Xanthate; U.S.S. Xerxes NCC-505; Yamato class; U.S.S. Yellowknife NCC-1666; U.S.S. Yeltsin NCC-852; G.C.S. Yevaud; U.S.S. Yi-Chun NCC-406; U.S.S. Yorktown NCC-1704; H.M.S. Yssiss; Zadika; U.S.S. Zamora; Zealous; H.M.S. Zenith; U.S.S. Zhadanov NCC-321; U.S.S. Zoroaster NCC-524; Zul's Annuity
Xenology Andorians; Antarian mankillers; Deltans; Denebian slime devils; Dunkar; Gorn; hanyurii; Humans; Hydrans; Ikyrianns; Iturahama; Klingons; Lyrans; Organians; Orions; Prahistaa; Romulans; Scovions; Skorr; targs; Tellarites; Terrans (Mirror); tribbles; Vulcans; Yantani; Zolati
Miscellaneous bridge; cargo bay; chief engineer; chief of security; chief science officer; commanding officer; corbomite; Gorn eggs; helmsman; Jones Corporation; Romulan brain plague; shuttlebay; torture; Traveler's Death


Lead Programmer
Marc Hertogh

Senior Technical Lead
Michael Donovan Mandap

Networking Programmer
Tung Mei "Rita" Liu

Interface Programmers
Stephen Roney, Tung Mei "Rita" Liu

Sound Programmer
Otmar Schlunk

Game Design
Marc Hertogh, Tom Hughes

Additional Design
Otmar Schlunk, Gary Graeper, William Fisher

SFB Consultant
Tom Hughes

Engine Programmers
George Shackelford, Rob Barris, Greg Marsters

Special Tools
Brian MacDonald

Technical Writer
Nancy Berman

Animated Quicksilver Logo
Rantz A. Hoseley

Quicksilver Web Site
Debra Hilton

Technical Consultant
David Steffen

Production Assistant
Sarah McKinley Oakes

Star Trek Consultant
Ralph Miller

Gary Graeper

William Fisher




Lead Designer
Erik Bethke

Senior Designer
Chris Taylor

Art Director
Scott Bieser

Lead Artist
Adam Rote

AI Programming
Zachary Drummond

Scripting Engine
Dave Boulanger

Special Effects
Sean Dumas

Mission Scripting
Lance Watanabe

Campaign Mission Design
Scott Bennie Senior Artist
David Potter

Michael Blumenthol, Tim Kuder, Marc Bergo, Kelly Wine, Mike McCarthy, "3", Mike Harris

3–D Ship Models
Perry Scalf, Regalado Christopher, Salazar Manuel, Arlene Somers

Patrick D'Arcy

Press Manager
Heather McLaughlin

Marketing Manager
Debbie Howell

Traffic Manager
Paul Naftalis

Line Producer
Warren Schultz

Erik Bethke

Division Director
Brian Christian

Executive Producer
Trish Wright

Brian Fargo




Lead Sound Designer
Adam Levenson

Sound Design
Tim Walston (EFX), Charles Deenen, Shannon Mills, Jeff Witchers (EFX)

Mastering by
Craig Duman

Voice Editing by
Stephen Miller

VO Direction/Supervision
Chris Borders

VO Talent
George Takei, Kevin Michael Richardson, Michael Bell, Wayne Grace

'Music by
Ron Jones Productions

Music Supervision
Sean Dumas, Rick Jackson

Audio Administrator
Gloria Soto

Re–Recording Mixer & Audio Director
Charles Deenen

Video Services
Dan Williams, Dave Cravens, Bill Stoudt




Jeremy S. Barnes

Vice Admiral
Mikey "Ghibli" Motoda

Rear Admiral
Greg "Moose" Baumeister

Monica Vallejo

David "Tiberius" Simon

Chief Steward
Dubs Communications Officer
Larry "EQHura" Smith

Danny "Sancho" Martinez

Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Charlie "Bones" Gale

Science Officer
Gary "Home Brew" Tesdall

Weapons Officer
Rafael "Tribble Trainer" Lopez

Green Orion Animal Woman
Shanna Takayama

Chief Engineer
Darrel "I Don't Care" Jones

Cory "Faerl" Nelson, Jeremy "RayZor" Ray, Doug "Thor" Finch

Lieutenants, Junior Grade
Ed Hyland, Rob "Sassypants" Giampa, Amy "Schlamma" Presnell

John "Psy" Kirkland, Kevin "Daulton" Osburn, Jay "Pancake" Nielsen, Asher "Tattoo" Luisi, John "Diablo" Palmero, Eric "Dev Button" Chung, Dan "The Humongous" Levin, Ed "Berserker" Kang, Ishmael "Ishtar" Quijano, Tony "Wardog" Piccoli, GJ "Mofs" Ramirez, Tim "Cthulhu" Anderson, Harold "Dragonball" Kim, Mark "Noodles" Holtzclaw, Amy Avery, Sean "Darkman" Johnson, Brad "Bushwhacker" Dutton

John Parker, David Parkyn, Derek Gibbs, Josh Walters




Philo Northrup

Art Director
Mark Giambruno

Liz Stuart

Lead Artist
Richard Fong

Modeling, Mapping, Design
Leila Noorani

Modeling, Mapping
Johannes Huber

Mapping, Design
Cody Chancellor

Luis Castro

Johnny Harrup

Modeling, Mapping
Eric Ronay




Director, Interactive Product Development
Juliet Dutton Manager, Interactive Product Development
Harry Lang Box Cover Art Direction
Dan Curry Box Cover Art
Brandon MacDougall




Star Fleet Battles Game Design
Stephen V. Cole, PE Star Fleet Battles Executive Developer
Steven P. Petrick




Lyran Creator
Jim Curtis

Hydran Creator
Andrew Robinson




Internet Gaming Consultant
Joshua “Jinxx” Morris

Mplayer Software Engineer
Edmond L. Meinfelder III

Content Engineer
Rich Rice

Service Engineer
Adam Schricker



Beth Wershba – Editor, The SFC Beta Testers: Bradley Barr, Mark Mean, YnrohKeeg, Matt Reynolds, Geoff Conn, Brian Downer, Jim Pierce, Jason Bowman, Merlin, Chris Goff, Lee Contini, Russ Khater, Fletch, Bradley B Upson II, Bill Moore, Andrew Harding, Commodore Rook, John Kim, And to all the other beta testers and posters on the Starfleet Command forum

In memory of DeForest Kelley & Robert Berzins