2199 (FASA)

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Reference Stardate 1/9901 through 1/9912



  • RSD 1/9903: General Order Number One is specifically suspended for Axanar, and the planet is established as a Federation protectorate for sociological study. Based on the anticipated success of the Axanar Culture Mission, the government of Axanar has the right to petition for full membership to the Federation on Reference Stardate 2/4903.[4]
  • RSD 1/9903: The Klingon Empire begins construction of a naval installation in its newly-acquired territory. This base, at Mastocal, is completed less than three years later.[4]


  • RSD 1/9905: A full-scale research project under the Office of Star Fleet Research and Exploration confirms the underlying accuracy of the transwarp theory, later leading to the transwarp drive. A large-scale extra-galactic probe design study is completed, based on these transwarp theories. The Zone of Transport Escort is lifted, with all private and commercial starships allowed to return to normal operations.[5][4]

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