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FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Reference Stardate 1/9801 through 1/9812
  • RSD 1/98: Warren Quinland of Earth is elected president of the Federation Council.[1]
  • RSD 1/98: The Year of Horror: as the Klingons retreat, they leave Orion worlds in shambles, their industry ruined, ecologies damaged, leadership slain or worse, and their people starved, shot, and demoralized. Federation forces of occupation seize control of the industries and civil government, and war crimes trials begin against Orion leaders for aiding the Klingon war effort.[2]




  • RSD 1/9803.20 (20 March): In the Battle of Kolm-an, the Federation deals a crushing blow to the Klingon supply and repair capability, forcing the Empire to sue for peace. The first widespread use of Marine Academy graduates in battle proves the worth of the new institution. Several senior Klingon officers surrender and are transported as official representatives of their government to Axanar.[3]


  • RSD 1/9804.10 (10 April): The Night of Empty Hands: as the Klingon forces prepare to leave the Rigel system untouched, a frenzy seizes the population and widespread rioting breaks out against the Klingons. Only two luckless Klingons are slain, the remainder having secretly re-embarked on transports a week before. Collaborators, real or imagined, are dragged from their beds and lynched. Morning finds more than 12,000 Orions the victims of mob violence.[2]
  • RSD 1/9804.16 (16 April): Orion Space Navy Admiral Namtac the Tardy reports that all Klingons and their vessels have departed the Rigel system, and Star Fleet forces have bypassed the system in pursuit. A Space Navy squadron is ordered to intercept the Star Fleet ships with the news that Rigel is free and that the Federation forces are welcome.[2]


  • RSD 1/9805: Star Fleet's Solar class cutter becomes operational, with almost 1300 built. The first starship class of its size in modern times, it arrives too late to see action, but will serve on postwar picket duty along the new Federation-Klingon border.[3]
  • RSD 1/9805: The Orion Space Navy squadron fails to return or reply to signals, and tension on Botchok mounts. The young scion of the House of Liktor, Arthas the Bold, appears on Botchok, having run through the Federation lines in his modified courier. His own world of Hartha has been subjected to degrading restrictions on business and trade, backed by force of arms that no Orion world can withstand. Alarmed and uncertain, the Botchok Planetary Congress imprisons Arthas and his crew to keep them quiet.[2]
  • RSD 1/9805.12 (12 May): The Axanar Peace Mission convenes.[3]


  • RSD 1/9806: A second colonial expansion begins into the Triangle, resulting in a trade boom unequaled in known history.[4]
  • RSD 1/9806: Rumors arrive on Botchok of battles beyond the Klingon frontiers, the destruction of all Klingon war fleets, the looting of peaceful Orion planets, secret Klingon super-weapons, and a thousand other wild claims. Refugees flee in earnest, and defense committees spring up in every estate and town.[2]
  • RSD 1/9806.13 (13 June): The Four Years War ends with the success of the Axanar Peace Mission. The Treaty of Axanar is signed by dignitaries of the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Limited diplomatic channels are established, and concessions are made on both sides as the Axanar Peace Mission negotiates details of the settlement and establishes new boundaries.[5][3] Admiral Komex refuses a Federation offer of asylum, and instead returns to Klinzhai after the war as part of a prisoner exchange program. He is never heard from again, nor will Klingon sources ever again acknowledge his existence.[6]
  • RSD 1/9806.13 (13 June): The phaser and photon torpedo have finally been manufactured in sufficient quantities to replace the laser and accelerator cannon as the Federation's primary shipboard weapons systems.[7][5][3]
  • RSD 1/9806.29 (29 June): Federation Admiral Brazeau arrives in the Rigel system with the Eighth Fleet, sealing off the system and landing troops to seize the spaceport and the communication centers. The Rigel Demilitarized Zone Commission lands on Botchok, where Commissioner Dzwonkowski meets with the Botchok Planetary Congress in closed session and outlines the Federation plan. A riot breaks out in the BPC, and before it ends, two members are slain. Under protest and by a bare majority, the Orions capitulate, and Orion Space legally becomes a 20-parsec sphere with strict borders.[8]


Derf class (FASA 2302, 1st Ed.) (Colorized; Original B&W Image)

Derf class (FASA 2302, 1st Ed.) (Colorized; Original B&W Image)

  • RSD 1/9807: Star Fleet's Derf class tender becomes operational, with more than 500 constructed. Though not seeing combat, the Derf class will be responsible for repairing and maintaining navigational beacons along the new border.[3]
  • RSD 1/9807 through 1/9904 (July 2198 through April 2199): Klingon citizens required to relocate in compliance with the terms of the Treaty of Axanar are transported to planets on their side of the newly-redefined Federation-Klingon border.[3]


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