40 Eridani system (FASA)

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Myriad Universes: 40 Eridani System
40 Eridani system
T'Khut and Delta Vega, seen from Vulcan (ST01)

T'Khut and Delta Vega, seen from Vulcan (ST01)
Coordinates 19.5, 60.0, -0.6
Astrometrics Quadrant IV[1]
Affiliation United Federation of Planets[2]
System Type Trinary[3]
Primary Star Name: 40 Eridani A
Spectral Class: Type K[3]
I:[3] Vulcan[4] (Class M)[2]
II:[3] T'Khut[5] (Class H)[6]
Other Stellar Objects Vulcan Space Central[7]

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Vulcan system (WoF)

Vulcan system (WoF)

The 40 Eridani system[8] — also known as the Vulcan system — is a trinary star system consisting of a Type K orange dwarf primary and two companion stars.[3]

The system's primary star, 40 Eridani A,[3] a Type K orange dwarf, was orbited by two planets. The first planet was Vulcan (Class M), and the second was T'Khut (Class H). The two planets shared an orbit,[5] which regularly gave magnificent views of T'Khut and its moon from the Vulcan surface.[5] Nearly a fifth of the system's population of 14.9 billion lived in the system's heavily-industrialized asteroid belt.[3]

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