Bode class (FASA)

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Bode class
Bode class (SFC)

Bode class (SFC)
Commissioned RSD 1/8008
Retired RSD 1/9602
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

The Bode class scouts were commissioned on Reference Stardate 1/8008 (August 2180), the last major class to be introduced without a dilithium-moderated warp drive;[1] 51 Bode class vessels were built, and the class saw extensive service during the Four Years War. On Reference Stardate 1/9501 (January 2195), the class was hastily refit with a more powerful warp drive and deployed to replace the Hale class scouts, which were retired from service due to their unsatisfactory combat performance. The Bode class was also retired from service on Reference Stardate 1/9602 (February 2196).[2]

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