DY-500 class (FASA)

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Myriad Universes: DY-500
DY-500 class
DY-500 class (SFC)

DY-500 class (SFC)
Commissioned 2019
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

In 2019, the DY-100 class underwent extensive design and performance upgrades to become the DY-500 class. The Amjet V Thrusters were the most efficient engines of the 21st century, and the magnetohydrodynamic generator provided all on-board power. The class was particularly popular for travel to and within the asteroid belt, and it remained in service until 2055.[1]

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Length 145 m
Beam 33 m
Draught 47 m
Mass 4.17 million kg
Cargo Modules Each 19.8x10.7m (2900 usable volume)
Ship's Complement  •  Officers: 3
 •  Crew/ Passengers: 33
Range  •  Standard: 600 million km
 •  Maximum: 1.15 billion km
Velocity  •  Cruising: 135,000 km/hour
Typical Voyage Duration 185 days (Earth-Asteropolis)
Thrust 33,000 kg per fission engine
Systems Overview[1]
Navigation Interplanetary Triangulation (3 body) Guidance
Communication Laser Radiotelemetry
Onboard Power Magnetohydrodynamic Electric Generator
Computer Elementary Independent Thought Processing Digital
Gravity .2g internally sustained
Atmosphere 25% O2; 9% humidity
Sustenance Duration 424 days at standard ship's complement of 36

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