S.S. Mariposa NAR-7678

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S.S. Mariposa
S.S. Mariposa (TNG144)

S.S. Mariposa (TNG144)
Registry NAR-7678
Class DY-500 class
Commissioned 27 November 2123
Prime Timeline
(The root of all realities)

The Starship Mariposa, a DY-500 class vessel that took its name from the Spanish word for butterfly, was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome as a colony transport to the Ficus Sector on 27 November 2123, under the command of Captain Walter Granger. The ship carried two groups of colonists to settle planets in the sector: a group of Irish Neo-Transcendentalists, who established a low-tech colony on the planet Bringloid V, and a group of scientists who settled on a planet half a light year away, which they also named Mariposa. Following the successful settlement of Bringloid V, the Mariposa began its descent to the planet Mariposa, but the ship's hull was breached, and only five of the Mariposa colonists survived. Using cloning technology, they populated their colony, but would face dire consequences from their dependence on cloning two centuries later. Both colonies were forgotten, as no record of the mission made its way into the Federation database, until Bringloid V sent out a distress call on Stardate 42823.2.[1]

Notes and References

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