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Myriad Universes: Luna
Luna (TOS 00)

Luna (TOS 00)
Official Name Lunar Colonies[1]
Affiliation United Earth Republic,[2] United Federation of Planets[3]
Astrography Sol IIIa,[3] Sol Sector[1] (Sector 001),[4] Alpha Quadrant[1]
Distance from Primary 1 AU (149,680,000km)[1]
Distance from Planet 384,500km[1]
Orbital Period 27.3 days[1]
Rotational Period 27.3 days[1]
Class D[1]
Surface Temperature -155°C to 105°C[1]
Diameter 3476km[1]
Gravity 0.16g[1]
Natural Satellites Luna is the sole moon of Earth[3]
Points of Interest Tycho City,[5] New Berlin,[6][5] Lake Armstrong,[5] Lunaport[1]
Notable Species Humans[5]
Notable Events Apollo 11 landing[7]

Founded in 2039,[1] the Lunar Colonies were home to more than 50 million people in the late 24th century.[5] Light from lunar cities was visible from space[8] and, on a clear day, the surface of Earth.[5] In 2254, the Talosians downloaded the information in the Starship Enterprise's computers, including data on the Moon and Human exploration of the world.[3]

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