Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Prime Timeline
(The root of all realities)

Space... the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise,
her continuing mission:
to seek out and discover new life and new civilizations;
to boldly go where no one has gone before.


Season 1

Season 2

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Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Feature Films


Title Series Stardate Release Date
"Encounter at Farpoint" TNG 41153.7 Oct 1987
"Ghost Ship" TNG Unknown Jul 1988
"The Peacekeepers" TNG Unknown Sep 1988
"The Children of Hamlin" TNG Unknown Nov 1988
"Survivors" TNG Unknown Jan 1989
"Strike Zone" TNG Unknown Mar 1989
"Power Hungry" TNG 42422.5 May 1989
"Masks" TNG Unknown Jul 1989
"The Captain's Honor" TNG 41800.9 Sep 1989
"A Call to Darkness" TNG 42908.6 Nov 1989
"A Rock and a Hard Place" TNG Unknown Jan 1990
"Metamorphosis" TNG 42528.6 Mar 1990
"Gulliver's Fugitives" TNG Unknown May 1990
"Doomsday World" TNG 43197.5 Jul 1990
"The Eyes of the Beholders" TNG Unknown Sep 1990
"Exiles" TNG 43429.1 Nov 1990
"Fortune's Light" TNG Unknown Jan 1991
"Contamination" TNG 43951.6 Mar 1991
"Vendetta" TNG Unknown May 1991
"Boogeymen" TNG 43747.3 Jul 1991
"Q-in-Law" TNG Unknown Oct 1991
"Reunion" TNG Unknown Nov 1991
"Unification" TNG 45233.1 Nov 1991
"Perchance to Dream" TNG 44295.7 Dec 1991
"Spartacus" TNG Unknown Feb 1992
"Chains of Command" TNG Unknown Apr 1992
"Imbalance" TNG 44839.2 Jun 1992
"Imzadi" TNG Unknown Aug 1992
"War Drums" TNG Unknown Oct 1992
"Relics" TNG 46125.3 Nov 1992
"Nightshade" TNG Unknown Dec 1992
"Grounded" TNG 45923.4 Mar 1993
"The Devil's Heart" TNG 45873.3 Apr 1993
"The Romulan Prize" TNG Unknown May 1993
"Worf's First Adventure" SFA Unknown Aug 1993
"Guises of the Mind" TNG 46401.9 Sep 1993
"Line of Fire" SFA Unknown Oct 1993
"Descent" TNG 46982.1 Oct 1993
"Dark Mirror" TNG 44410.2 Dec 1993
"Survival" SFA Unknown Dec 1993
"Here There Be Dragons" TNG Unknown Dec 1993
"Sins of Commission" TNG Unknown Mar 1994
"Debtors' Planet" TNG Unknown May 1994
"Q-Squared" TNG Unknown Jun 1994
"Capture the Flag" SFA Unknown Jun 1994
"All Good Things..." TNG 47988 Jun 1994
"Atlantis Station" SFA Unknown Aug 1994
"Foreign Foes" TNG 46921.3 Aug 1994
"Requiem" TNG 46931.2 Oct 1994
"Federation" TOS / TNG 3849.8 / 43920.6 Nov 1994
"Star Trek: Generations" TNG 48632.4 Dec 1994
"Balance of Power" TNG Unknown Jan 1995
"Mystery of the Missing Crew" SFA Unknown Feb 1995
"Blaze of Glory" TNG Unknown Mar 1994
"Secret of the Lizard People" SFA Unknown Apr 1995
"The Romulan Stratagem" TNG 46892.6 May 1995
"Into the Nebula" TNG Unknown Jun 1995
"Starfall" SFA Unknown Oct 1995
"The Last Stand" TNG 45523.6 Oct 1995
"Crossover" TNG Unknown Dec 1995
"Nova Command" SFA Unknown Dec 1995
"Dragon's Honor" TNG 47616.2 Jan 1996
"Rogue Saucer" TNG Unknown Mar 1996
"Loyalties" SFA Unknown Apr 1996
"Possession" TNG Unknown May 1996
"Klingon" KE / TNG / DS9 Unknown May 1996
"Kahless" TNG Unknown Jul 1996
"Invasion! Book Two: The Soldiers of Fear" TNG Unknown Jul 1996
"Infiltrator" TNG 47358.1 Sep 1996
"A Fury Scorned" TNG 46300.6 Nov 1996
"Crossfire" SFA Unknown Dec 1996
"Star Trek: First Contact" TNG 50893.5 Dec 1996
"The Death of Princes" TNG Unknown Jan 1997
"Breakaway" SFA Unknown Apr 1997
"Intellivore" TNG 48022.5 Apr 1997
"Lifeline" SFA Unknown Aug 1997
"Day of Honor, Book One: Ancient Blood" TNG Unknown Sep 1997
"The Chance Factor" SFA Unknown Sep 1997
"Ship of the Line" TNG Unknown Oct 1997
"Quarantine" SFA Unknown Oct 1997
"The Haunted Starship" SFA Unknown Dec 1997
"To Storm Heaven" TNG Unknown Dec 1997
"The Best and the Brightest" TNG Unknown Feb 1998
"Deceptions" SFA Unknown Apr 1998
"Planet X" TNG Unknown May 1998
"The Captain's Table, Book Two: Dujonian's Hoard" TNG Unknown Jun 1998
"The Q Continuum, Book One: Q-Space" TNG 51604.2 Aug 1998
"The Q Continuum, Book Two: Q-Zone" TNG Unknown Aug 1998
"The Q Continuum, Book Three: Q-Strike" TNG Unknown Sep 1998
"Triangle: Imzadi II" TNG Unknown Oct 1998
"The Dominion War, Book One: Behind Enemy Lines" TNG Unknown Nov 1998
"Star Trek: Insurrection" TNG Unknown Dec 1998
"The Dominion War, Book Three: Tunnel Through the Stars" TNG Unknown Dec 1998
"Dyson Sphere" TNG 47321.6 Apr 1999
"Double Helix, Book One: Infection" TNG Unknown Jun 1999
"Double Helix, Book Two: Vectors" TNG Unknown Jun 1999
"Double Helix, Book Three: Red Sector" TNG Unknown Jul 1999
"Double Helix, Book Four: Quarantine" TNG Unknown Jul 1999
"Double Helix, Book Five: Double or Nothing" TNG Unknown Aug 1999
"Double Helix, Book Six: The First Virtue" TNG Unknown Aug 1999
"I, Q" TNG Unknown Sep 1999
"The Forgotten War" TNG Unknown Sep 1999
"The Badlands, Book One" TOS / TNG 5650.1 / 45091.4 Dec 1999
"Gemworld, Book One" TNG Unknown Jan 2000
"Gemworld, Book Two" TNG Unknown Feb 2000
"The Valiant" TNG Unknown Apr 2000
"Enterprise Logs" MISC / TOS / TNG Various Jun 2000
"The Genesis Wave, Book One" TNG Unknown Sep 2000
"Tooth and Claw" TNG Unknown Feb 2001
"Diplomatic Implausibility" TNG Unknown Feb 2001
"Maximum Warp, Book One: Dead Zone" TNG Unknown Mar 2001
"Maximum Warp, Book Two: Forever Dark" TNG Unknown Mar 2001
"The Genesis Wave, Book Two" TNG Unknown Apr 2001
"Section 31: Rogue" TNG 50368.0 Jun 2001
"Gateways, Book Three: Doors into Chaos" TNG Unknown Sep 2001
"Gateways, Book Seven: What Lay Beyond" TOS / TNG / DS9 / VOY / NF / MISC Various Nov 2001
"The Genesis Wave, Book Three" TNG Unknown Jan 2002
"Immortal Coil" TNG 51505.9 Feb 2002
"A Hard Rain" TNG Unknown Mar 2002
"The Battle of Betazed" TNG Unknown Apr 2002
"The Brave and the Bold, Book One" ENT / TOS / TNG Various Dec 2002
"Star Trek: Nemesis" TNG 56844.9 Dec 2002
"Genesis Force" TNG Unknown Jul 2003
"Do Comets Dream?" TNG Unknown Jul 2003
"A Time to Be Born" TNG Unknown Feb 2004
"A Time to Die" TNG Unknown Mar 2004
"A Time to Sow" TNG Unknown Apr 2004
"A Time to Harvest" TNG Unknown May 2004
"A Time to Love" TNG Unknown Jun 2004
"A Time to Hate" TNG Unknown Jul 2004
"A Time to Kill" TNG Unknown Aug 2004
"A Time to Heal" TNG Unknown Sep 2004
"A Time for War, a Time for Peace" TNG Unknown Oct 2004
"Engines of Destiny" TOS Unknown Mar 2005
"Death in Winter" TNG Unknown Sep 2005
"Resistance" TNG Sep 2007
"Q & A" TNG Oct 2007
"The Sky's the Limit" TNG Oct 2007
"Before Dishonor" TNG Nov 2007
"Greater Than the Sum" TNG Aug 20080
"Gods of Night" Destiny Oct 2008
"Mere Mortals" Destiny Nov 2008
"Lost Souls" Destiny Dec 2008
"Losing the Peace" TNG Jul 2009
"Zero Sum Game" TP Oct 2010
"Seize the Fire" TP Nov 2010
"The Rough Beasts of Empire" TP Dec 2010
"Paths of Disharmony" TP Jan 2011
"Indistinguishable From Magic" TNG Mar 2011
"The Struggle Within" TP Oct 2011
"Plagues of Night" TP May 2012
"Raise the Dawn" TP Jun 2012
"Brinkmanship" TP Sep 2012
"Cold Equations, Book I: The Persistence of Memory" TNG Oct 2012
"Cold Equations, Book II: Silent Weapons" TNG Nov 2012
"Cold Equations, Book III: The Body Electric" TNG Dec 2012
"The Stuff of Dreams" TNG Mar 2013
"Revelations and Dust" TF Aug 2013

Comic Books