Makin class (FASA)

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Makin class
Makin class (FASA 2302E2)

Makin class (FASA 2302E2)
Commissioned RSD 2/1712
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

The Makin class assault ship could beam down its compliment of 1800 Marines, 9 heavy tanks and 32 light support vehicles in 25 minutes, slightly less rapidly than the Continent class vessel.

Size  •  Length: 180m
 •  Width: 95m
 •  Height: 35m
 •  Mass: 102,200mt
Cargo Capacity 30,000mt
Landing Capability None
Computer Type M-2
Transporters  •  Standard 6-person: 4
 •  Combat 20-person: 6
 •  Emergency 22-person: 2
 •  Cargo, small: 4
 •  Cargo, large: 2
Complement  •  Crew: 38
 •  Marines: 1800
Shuttlecraft 2
Warp Drive Type FWE-1
Velocity  •  Cruising: Warp 7
 •  Emergency: Warp 9
Impulse Engine Type FIB-2
Weapons  •  FH-2 phasers: 4
Deflector Shield Type FSD

The Makin was produced at the Tellar and Salazaar shipyards, with a combined annual production rate of 14 per year. As of Reference Stardate 2/2306 (June 2223), of the 68 Makin Class ships built, 64 remained in active service, 1 was used by Star Fleet Training Command, 1 had been destroyed, and 1 had been scrapped.[1]

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