Shuttlecraft Picasso SB11-1201/1

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Shuttlecraft Picasso
Shuttlecraft Picasso (TOS 15)

Shuttlecraft Picasso (TOS 15)
Registry SB11-1201/1
Home Base Starbase 11
Class F
First Appearance TOS 15 (17 Nov 1966; named in Remastered Edition, 25 Nov 2006)

The Shuttlecraft Picasso[1] flew past the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, which was in orbit at Starbase 11 on Stardate 2947.3, undergoing repairs after encountering an ion storm.[2] On Stardate 3012.4, Captain Kirk and Commodore Mendez took the Picasso from Starbase 11 to intercept the Enterprise, which was en route to Talos IV in violation of General Order 7.[3]

Notes and References

  1. In the original version of "The Menagerie," which aired in 1966, the shuttlecraft was a reuse of footage of the Shuttlecraft Galileo, and was not named in dialogue, referred to only as "Shuttle 1." When the series was remastered for high definition broadcasts in 2006, it was given the name and registry indicated in this entry.
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