U.S.S. Armstrong NCC-1784 (FASA)

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U.S.S. Armstrong
Registry NCC-1784
Class Miranda

Construction on the Federation Starship Armstrong, a Miranda class vessel, was authorized by the Starfleet Appropriation of Stardate 5930 as the Constitution class U.S.S. Kasimar.[1] During an attempted invasion by the Terran Empire in 2285, the Armstrong led a Starfleet task force charged with intercepting the Klingon Bird of Prey captured by Admiral Kirk, which was under the control of both the revived Captain Spock and his extradimensional counterpart. Before the Armstrong could open fire on the Bird of Prey, which was presumed to be hostile and under the control of the Terran counterparts of the former Enterprise crew, the two Spocks successfully transported the ship across dimensions.[2]

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