U.S.S. Bowie NCC-597 (Myriad)

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Myriad Universes: U.S.S. Bowie
U.S.S. Bowie
Registry NCC-597
Class Hermes
Commissioned c.2188

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Construction on the Federation Starship Bowie, a Hermes class scout, was authorized by the Star Fleet Appropriation of Stardate 0965[1] and commissioned circa 2188.[2]

SFU Timeline

U.S.S. Bowie
Registry NCC-597
Class Hermes

Construction on the Federation Starship Bowie, a Hermes class scout, was authorized by the Articles of Federation (Stardate 0965).[1]

Hermes class vessels

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FASA Timeline

Hermes class Mark VII

Authorized Stardate 0965

U.S.S. Aeolus NCC-588  • U.S.S. Anubis NCC-586  • U.S.S. Batidor NCC-593  • U.S.S. Bowie NCC-597  • U.S.S. Bridger NCC-591  • U.S.S. Carson NCC-592  • U.S.S. Cody NCC-594  • U.S.S. Crockett NCC-600  • U.S.S. Diana NCC-589  • U.S.S. Hermes NCC-585  • U.S.S. Quintillus NCC-590  • U.S.S. Revere NCC-595  • U.S.S. Sacajawea NCC-598  • U.S.S. Spaker NCC-596  • U.S.S. Tonti NCC-599

Mk VIIA Monoceros class

Authorized Stardate 3669

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Mk VIIB Cygnus class

Authorized Stardate 5099, specially outfitted for regular duty as command and diplomatic couriers

U.S.S. Apus NCC-618  • U.S.S. Aquila NCC-623  • U.S.S. Columbia NCC-621  • U.S.S. Corvus NCC-620  • U.S.S. Cygnus NCC-617  • U.S.S. Grus NCC-624  • U.S.S. Pavo NCC-622  • U.S.S. Phoenix NCC-625  • U.S.S. Tucana NCC-619

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