United Earth Republic

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United Earth Republic

UFP Historical Society
First Appearace TOS 02 (10 Nov 1966)

Initially founded in 2099, based on the protocols developed decades earlier for international cooperation to construct the S.S. Conestoga by the Trade Council of Earth's chief minister, Davida Rossi,[1] the United Earth Republic was born from a union of the United States of America and the European Hegemony[2] in 2130,[3] resulting in a structure that combined both the European parliamentary system and North American federalism.[2][4][5] Although the pre-existing national governments continued to exist, they were, from that point forward, more akin to the state governments under the United States.[2] The head of state of the United Earth was the office of the President of the United Earth Republic,[5] while the head of the government was the Prime Minister.[4] Australia, the last remaining independent country, joined the United Earth Republic in 2150.[6][7]

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