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Myriad Universes: explosives
An explosive device detonates (STO: "Children of War")

An explosive device detonates (STO: "Children of War")
STO Timeline
(Star Trek Online MMORPG)

Explosives had a variety of uses, both in industry such as mining as well as military applications as weapons. When Klingons attacked the colony on Corvan II in 2256, a Starfleet landing party used explosives to breach the door in a dilithium mine, preventing the Klingons from disrupting the mine's operations.[1]

When their shuttle crashed on the Class P moon Priors Vd, Lieutenant Kerwin used canisters of jellied thruster fuel to create an improvised explosive device as a weapon of last resort against the Klingon forces pursuing the survivors.[2]

In 2409, Starfleet provided one of its captains with spatial charges — a powerful explosive device — to use on a mission to neutralize a Klingon listening post in the Bomari system. Just four of the devices were enough to obliterate the entire facility.[3] The Klingon Empire also used spatial charges, and forces working for House B'vat attempted to disrupt peace talks on Regulus IV, setting spatial charges at the embassy and nearby grounds.[4]

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