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FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Reference Stardate -1/7001 through -1/7912



  • RSD -1/71: Apollo 14 lands at Fra Mauro on the moon, the destination originally chosen for the ill-fated Apollo 13.[1]
  • RSD -1/71: Apollo 15 lands in Hadley Rille on the moon.[1]


  • RSD -1/72: The Pioneer 10 probe is launched.[1]
  • RSD -1/72: Apollo 16 spends more than 71 hours on the lunar surface.[1]
  • RSD -1/72: Apollo 17 marks the end of NASA's manned lunar missions, spending a record 75 hours on the moon and returning with 113.6kg of lunar material.[1]


  • RSD -1/73: The United States orbits the Skylab space station and sets records for duration in space. Among the experiments performed is the evaluation of long-term weightlessness on humans. Skylab will remain in orbit until 1979.[1]
  • RSD -1/73: The Mariner 10 probe is launched.[1]



Apollo 18 and Soyuz XIX docked (SFC)

Apollo 18 and Soyuz XIX docked (SFC)


  • 'RSD -1/76: Viking 1 soft-lands on Mars and begins transmitting photographs, climatic measurements, and soil composition data. Designed for 90 days, the lander remains functional for two years.[1]



  • RSD -1/78: Ten probes arrive at Venus in the largest research assault to date. Among the mysteries to be solved are understanding the atmospheric composition and the internal mass distribution of the planet.[1]
  • Element 107 is discovered in the Soviet Union on Earth.[2]


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