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FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Reference Stardate 0/1001 through 0/1912


  • RSD 0/10: The first Earth/Space census by the United Nations shows 1500 people living off-world, and estimates as many as 7500 could be living in space by 2020.[1]
  • RSD 0/10: Solar power now accounts for 40% of US energy use. A worldwide accelerated solar power satellite program will be completed within a decade.[1]


  • RSD 0/12: Marsbase 1, the first interplanetary outpost, begins the first thorough search for life, past or present, on Mars, among other scientific objectives. Director Mark Glynn leads a crew of fifteen scientists.[1][2]


  • RSD 0/13: The DY-300, the successor to the DY-100, undergoes prototype testing. The design has some serious flaws that prevent it from entering service.[1]



  • RSD 0/1410.21 (21 October): An Orion freebooter encounters the Romulan fleet detroying the colony at Farx and flees under fire.[3][4]


  • RSD 0/1411 through 0/1612 (November 2014 through December 2016): The Orions evacuate eleven worlds in the immediate vicinity of Romulan space. While their populations embark on giant colony vessels, two of these worlds are assaulted and the loss of life is heavy. The attackers never acknowledge any communication or pay any attention to offers of ransom.[4]


  • RSD 0/15: Marsbase 2 expands the search for extraterrestrial life.[1]
  • RSD 0/15: The first interstellar probes, the Stellar Series, are launched toward nearby stars. The series ends in 2022.[1][2]
  • RSD 0/15: The Lindbergh class space ferry is retired from service.[1]
  • Algobarium (element 115) is discovered on Mars at Martian Colony 3.[5]



  • RSD 0/18: Marsbase 3 begins an in-depth study on the mining of materials from Phobos and Deimos.[1]
  • RSD 0/18: The first homesteaders begin leaving for the asteroid belt.[1]


  • RSD 0/1811.15 (15 November): The United Nations charters the Terran Intelligence Agency, which replaces all national and territorial intelligence-gathering services. The new agency's primary task is to ensure the security of the United Nations' government. To do so, agents operate throughout the Sol system.[6]



  • RSD 0/1907.20 (20 July): On the 50th anniversary of the first manned mission to the moon, all six original Apollo landing sites officially become protected historic landmarks.[1]

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