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FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Reference Stardate 1/0001 through 1/0012
  • RSD 1/00: On Earth, the Centenary Conference looks at what the 22nd century will bring.[1]


  • RSD 1/0001: Several ongoing Federation cultural exchange programs, including the Student Exchange Program and the Galactic Cultural Exchange, are postponed indefinitely. The reasons given include a decreasing interest in the projects, and the fear of pirates attacking shipping. The Medical Assistance Program is limited to sectors that may be affected by open hostilities.[1][2]


  • RSD 1/0003: The ascendance of Keth epetai-Rivaki to the Imperial Throne begins a new era of Klingon expansionism and prosperity. Known as "the Centenarian," Keth lives to be just over 100 standard years old, and has the longest known reign of any Klingon Emperor.[3]


  • RSD 1/0011.21 (21 November): Star Fleet's 155th Combat Squadron, currently on recreational leave, is caught in a surprise attack at the unfinished Outer Sector Defense Outpost 4. A major sensor failure at the outpost permits a squadron of pirate cruisers to sneak up and catch the squadron unprepared for combat. Though the pirates left the incomplete base untouched, they destroyed eleven of the squadron's twelve starships. Enemy losses are believed to be very light.[2]

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