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FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Reference Stardate 1/1001 through 1/1012


Senior Councilman Dannon (FASA 2221A) (Original B&W file)

Senior Councilman Dannon (FASA 2221A) (Original B&W file)

  • RSD 1/1001: Now that the Romulan War has ended, Star Fleet Command is forced by budgetary constraints to decommision a number of ships. The entire fleet of Messier class cruisers is mothballed, after that class served exceptionally well throughout the Romulan War.[1][2]
  • RSD 1/1001: The Zone of Transport Escort is lifted, and peace brings tremendous growth in industry, trade, and tourism.[1][2]
  • RSD 1/1001.05 (5 January): The negotiations establishing the Romulan Neutral Zone destroy the political aspirations of Councilman Dannon. His opponents claim that he, as chief negotiator, gave away too much of the disputed area to the Romulans. Dannon is politically censured, and ultimately loses his position as Federation Councilman.[2]


  • RSD 1/1004: The Orions leak the existence of the Federation to the Klingons. All records of these transactions are, later, mysteriously lost.[3]


  • RSD 1/1007: Starbase 8 is completed and assumes operational status.[2]


Normandy class starfighter (SFC)

Normandy class starfighter (SFC)

  • RSD 1/1009: Star Fleet's Normandy class starfighter, with a crew of three, becomes operational, replacing some of the older Arrow and Galliant class starfighters. A total of 264 are built, and the ships are deployed in squadrons of twelve; the class will remain in service until 2135.[1]


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