2130 (FASA)

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FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Reference Stardate 1/3001 through 1/3012
  • RSD 1/30: Captain James Smithson is dishonorably discharged from Star Fleet in the first violation of the Prime Directive, after intervening in a world war on Vega Proxima by intercepting and neutralizing the nuclear missiles that had been launched. Commodore Thaddeau Stoner presiding over the special court-martial, noted that "the Prime Directive... is the hardest as well as the highest order... . If we are to make the exploration of new worlds a Federation goal, then its representatives must recognize and respect their limitations as uninformed outsiders. ... We cannot know the historical and cultural complexities of a new planet."[1][2]
  • RSD 1/30: The Pointer class corvette, with a complement of 25, enters service. The class will remain in service until 2156.[1]

Notes and References