Chronology: 2277

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Reference Stardate 2/1900 through 2/1903


  • Reference Stardate 2/1909.17 (9 May): As the previous uniform style(s) proved unpopular with personnel and the public, the standard Starfleet uniform is changed to "the long-sleeved, red-maroon, wrap-around tunic with white [for command, or beige for other divisions] inner panel, ribbed collar, and ribbed cuffs; [with] a [division-colored] band encircl[ing] the left arm three inches above the cuff. Uniform pants are ... black with a [division-specific] color stripe down the leg. A right[, division-colored,] shoulder strap edged in thin gold braid [secures] the tunic flap, and a wide black belt with a brass buckle is ... worn over the tunic. Buckle and a smaller brass pin, worn atop a white, oblong tab on the left breast, ... prominently display[s] the [Starfleet] insignia." Rank is now denoted by insignia pins on the shoulder strap and sleeve band, rather than sleeve or shoulderboard stripes. Branch colors are Command white, Science light blue, Engineering gold, Medical green, Operations gray, and Cadet/Trainee red. The belt monitor is withdrawn from service.[1]