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Starfleet Command (FASA 2014B)

Star Fleet was the space navy of the United Federation of Planets, charged with the responsibility for exploration of new territory, policing of Federation law within the UFP, and defense of the Federation from outside hostile forces. Star Fleet had a military structure and used military terminology, but it was not simply a military organization; the role of Star Fleet involved duties beyond that of a military arm of government.[1]

Following the incorporation of the United Federation of Planets by Earth, Alpha Centauri, Vulcan, Andoria, and Tellar Prime[2] on Reference Stardate 0/8706.06 (12 August 2161),[3][Notes 1] Starfleet Command was scheduled to be organized within three years in order to provide a unified military force for exploration and common defense.[4][1][5]

Starfleet Command was formally established to replace the spacegoing forces of all member planets, with all ships redesignated as "United Space Ships" (U.S.S.). To discourage the possible misuse of military forces anywhere in space, General Order Number One, aka the Prime Directive, was adopted as the most important regulation in Star Fleet.[5] To provide Starfleet Command with military intelligence-gathering capabilities, Starfleet Intelligence was created. Its Operating Forces Subdivision initially consisted of Sectors 1 through 4, and the Technical Services Subdivision contained Orion Activities Units as well as supporting branches.[6]


  1. While Star Trek: Spaceflight Chronology and Star Trek: The Role Playing Game gave the date of the founding of the Federation as 6 June 2087 (predating the Romulan War by several years, which occurred decades earlier in that chronology), this was contradicted on screen in Star Trek: Generations, in which a newspaper article in Picard's family scrapbook explicitly states that the founding of the Federation occurred on 12 August 2161, following the end of the Romulan War. While the FASA Reference Stardate has been retained, the Earth calendar date has been adjusted to reflect the information seen on screen.