Magna Roma

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Magna Roma (TOS 43)
System Data
Official Name: Roman Empire[1]
Affiliation: Nonaligned[1]
Astrography: FGC-892[1] IV,[2] Beta Quadrant[1]
Class: M[2]
Natural Satellites: 2 moons[2]
Points of Interest: Rome
Notable Individuals:

Either a remarkable instance of Hodgkins' Law or the result of Preserver activity,[3] Magna Roma (FGC-892 IV[1] or, simply, 892-IV)[2] is dominated by a civilization that is remarkably similar to that of classical Rome on Earth, but with much more advanced technology. First contact was established in 2261 by the S.S. Beagle under Captain R.M. Merik, and then by the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 under Captain James T. Kirk in 2267.[2] The Federation advised all vessels to avoid the planet until proper diplomatic contact could be established.[3] By the 24th century, the planet's population had grown to 8.6 billion people.[1]


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