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U.S.S. Enterprise (TOS 61)
U.S.S. Enterprise (TOS 10)

Perhaps the most famous spacecraft in the history of space exploration, the Constitution class[1] Starship Enterprise was launched in 2245[2] from the San Francisco Fleet Yards[3] orbiting Earth. The Enterprise was first commanded by Captain Robert April,[4] who was later succeeded by his first officer, Christopher Pike,[5] in 2253.[6] During Pike's command, the Enterprise had a crew complement of 203, though it was unclear if this figure included Pike himself.[3] According to Ensign Tyler, the ship's power was "enough to blast half a continent."[3] Superbly equipped for research in deep space, the Enterprise had 14 science labs.[7] The ship achieved legendary status during the first five-year mission under its third captain, James T. Kirk, from 2265 to 2270.[8]

U.S.S. Enterprise, refit (ST02)

The Enterprise was refit several times during its lifetime, most notably from 2270 to 2273, when the ship was virtually rebuilt from the inside out.[9] On Stardate 7523.2 — April 7, 2270 — the Enterprise returned to Earth orbit following her last, historic five-year mission. Although the decision had been made three months earlier to decommission and scrap the Enterprise, the ship had come to be seen as a symbol of Starfleet and the Federation. This public opinion drove a motion in the Federation Council that led to the reversal of Starfleet's plans. The Enterprise, however, was still twenty-five years old; her systems were becoming outdated, and it soon became obvious that only a major refit could keep the ship at the forefront of the fleet, and what began as a simple refit evolved into a redesign of the entire vessel.[10]

Though commanded by Captain Will Decker during the refit, Kirk—who had been promoted to admiral in 2270—took temporary command of the vessel during the V'ger incident of 2273; Decker was lost during the mission,[9] and Kirk took command of the Enterprise for another five-year mission.[11][12] Eventually, Kirk retired[13] and the ship became a training vessel at Starfleet Academy under Captain Spock[14] in 2284.[15] In 2285, Kirk had returned to duty as commandant of the academy, and took temporary command of the Enterprise while overseeing a cadet cruise when the ship encountered Khan Noonien Singh in the Mutara sector. Spock was killed saving the ship,[14] but the Enterprise was destroyed some time later by Admiral Kirk just prior to its anticipated decommissioning, in order to prevent the it from falling into Klingon hands during a mission to recover the body of Captain Spock.[16]

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