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  • Stardate 1312.4 (approx. 6 October): After the Enterprise attempts to cross the Galactic Barrier at the edge of the galaxy, crew members Gary Mitchell and Elizabeth Dehner develop "godlike" psychic powers which threaten the safety of the crew. (TOS 01)
  • Stardate 1329.1 (approx. 9 October): The Enterprise pursues a vessel and rescues its occupants: interstellar con man Harry Mudd, who is arrested on outstanding charges, and three incredibly beautiful women, his cargo. After Kirk diverts to a mining planet to obtain new dilithium crystals for the Enterprise, Mudd negotiates with the three miners there, exchanging the women for his own profit. Finally, Mudd's deception is revealed as the women are, in fact, taking an illegal Venus drug. Kirk obtains the crystals he needs and takes Mudd back into custody. (TOS 03)


  • Stardate 1512.2 (approx. 17 November): The Enterprise is menaced by a gigantic alien ship whose commander condemns the crew to death. The alien ship appears all-powerful and the alien commander refuses all attempts at negotiation, forcing Kirk to employ an unorthodox strategy to save the ship. (TOS 02)
  • Stardate 1531.1 (approx. 21 November): The Enterprise visits planet M-113 for a routine medical inspection of the husband-wife archaeological team stationed there, but the crew finds that the wife has been replaced by a deadly, shape-shifting creature. (TOS 05)


  • Stardate 1672.1 (approx. 21 December): While beaming up from planet Alfa 117, a transporter accident splits Captain Kirk into two beings: one "good", who is weak and indecisive, and one "evil", who is overly aggressive and domineering. (TOS 04)
  • Stardate 1704.2 (approx. 27 December): A strange, intoxicating infection, which lowers the crew's emotional inhibitions, spreads throughout the Enterprise. As the madness spreads, the entire ship is endangered. (TOS 06)
  • Stardate 1709.1 (approx. 28 December): While investigating a series of destroyed outposts, the Enterprise discovers a lone Romulan vessel with a cloaking device and a powerful new plasma torpedo. The Enterprise pursues the Romulan bird of prey into the Romulan Neutral Zone, where it picks up images from the Romulan ship's bridge. The Romulans, having never before been seen by Humans, are revealed to visually resemble Vulcans, casting doubt from some on Mr. Spock's loyalty. After taking heavy damage, the Romulan ship self-destructs. (TOS 08)
Using the stardate given in "Charlie X" (1533.1), coupled with the calendar date given in that episode ("Thanksgiving," which falls on 23 November in 2265), a range of stardates for 2265 was devised: 0000-1717, which results in 4.7 stardates per 24 hours. Using this range as a guide, the following ranges were calculated per month for 2265:
  • January: 0000-0145
  • February: 0146-0277
  • March: 0278-0423
  • April: 0424-0564
  • May: 0565-0710
  • June: 0711-0851
  • July: 0852-0997
  • August: 0998-1143
  • September: 1144-1284
  • October: 1285-1430
  • November: 1431-1573
  • December: 1574-1719

These date ranges are, of course, approximate; calendar dates on other entries have been calculated based upon these ranges, except where explicitly given in the original story.

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