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Ranger class[1]
  Mk I Mk II Mk III
Date Entered Service Mar 2270 Oct 2275 Jan 2278
Number Constructed 52 53 54
Length 87m 87m 87m
Width 57m 57m 57m
Height 21m 21m 21m
Decks 3[1] 3[1] 3[1]
Mass 55,285mt 59,105mt 63,325mt
Cargo Capacity 1,000mt 1,000mt 1,000mt
Computer Type M-1 M-2 M-2
Transporters (Personnel) 2 2 2
Transporters (Emergency) 1 1 1
Crew 73 77 77
Marines 6 6 6
Shuttlecraft 2 2 2
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed Warp 8 Warp 8 Warp 8
Emergency Speed Warp 9 Warp 9 Warp 9
Armaments 2 FH-2 Phasers 4 FH-6 Phasers in 2 banks 4 FH-7 Phasers in 2 banks
2 torpedo launchers; Photon torpedoes 2 torpedo launchers; Photon torpedoes 2 torpedo launchers; Photon torpedoes

First commissioned in 2270, the Ranger class scout[2] is the second vessel class to bear the name.[3] Of the 159 vessels built by 2281, 12 Mark Is, 31 Mark IIs, and 52 Mark IIIs remained in active service, with two Mark Is and two Mark IIs in reserve fleets. Two Mark IIs and one Mark III were used by Starfleet Training Command; 26 Mark Is, eight Mark IIs, and one Mark III were destroyed; two Mark Is and one Mark II were listed as missing; one Mark I and 12 Mark IIs had been scrapped; and six Mark Is and one Mark II had been sold to civilian commercial interests. The Ranger class was produced at the Mars and Morena facilities at a combined rate of eight per year.[2]

Interior configuration

Although the Ranger class maintained the familiar saucer and nacelle configuration employed by the majority of Starfleet vessels, the saucer itself was of a more unusual design than other Starfleet ships, as it did not employ a swappable bridge module atop the saucer; the bridge was, instead, buried within the ship's hull on Deck 2.[1]

Deck One held all crew quarters and support facilities, including a gym, mess hall, sickbay, and life support; the ship's emergency batteries and torpedo tubes were also located on Deck 1. Deck 2 housed the bridge, transporter rooms, science labs, computer, and cargo bays. Deck 3 contained Engineering, the ship's armory, the brig, and the majority of the ship's engineering facilities. The shuttlebay extended through Decks 2 and 3 at the fore of the ship.[1]

Ranger class scouts


The numbers given for Mark I and Mark II Ranger class vessels commissioned in the "Federation Ship Recognition Manual were erroneous; the original numbers were 102 Mark Is and 108 Mark IIs; the total number of ships, including Mark IIIs, was given as 159. The numbers listed on this page were adjusted to correct this error.


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