U.S.S. Decatur (LUG)

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U.S.S. Decatur
Class Ranger
First Appearance Decipher3 (2003)
LUG Timeline
(Last Unicorn and Decipher Roleplaying Games)

The Federation Starship Decatur was a Ranger class starship.[1] In the early 23rd Century, the Decatur, the U.S.S. Horizon NCC-176 and the S.S. Potemkin were attacked by the Klingon Raptor class I.K.S. K'araH IKS-312.[2]

Ships Named Decatur

Columbia Timeline

U.S.S. Stephen Decatur (Daedalus class)

FASA Timeline

U.S.S. Stephen Decatur NCC-6015 (Decker class)

LUG Timeline

U.S.S. Decatur (Ranger class)

STO Timeline

U.S.S. Decatur (Engle class)

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