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  • In 2386, the Romulan Mining Guild finishes a multi-year study of Remus and presents its findings to the Romulan Senate. The guild reports that the planet is seriously overmined, and recommends that, to avoid a Praxis situation, all Remus operations should be shut down and mining operations moved to more distant areas of space. As a proactive measure, the guild spreads their operations across the Empire, settling hundreds of miners and their families on space stations and colonies light years away from Romulus. The guild further recommends that it be put in charge of all off-world mining, but Colonel Xiomek of the Remans uses his new position in the Senate to block that request. In the weeks that follow, conflict between the guild and the Remans sparks a number of skirmishes between guild ships and Remans in distant areas of the Empire. (Star Trek Online)
  • After the Romulan Mining Guild discovers overmining has destabilized Remus and recommends that the population of that frozen world be moved elsewhere, Colonel Xiomek of the Remans speaks to the Romulan Senate. He argues that if the Remans are to be moved, that they should be given a continent on Romulus for their new home. The full Senate overwhelmingly rejects his proposal. With the backing of Donatra, Rehaek and Praetor Chulan, an alternative plan is reached. The Remans instead are offered the planet of Crateris in the distant Gamma Crateris system. The site of a failed Romulan colony, the planet has a harsh climate and is beset by almost constant electrical storms, but is rich in dilithium, decalithium and heavy metals. Xiomek agrees, because even the harsh climate of Crateris is a significant improvement over Remus. Thousands of Remans board colony ships and make the move to their new home. (Star Trek Online)
  • On Stardate 63322.55, Rehaek, leader of the Tal Shiar, sends a statement to the praetor and the leaders of the Romulan Senate with the conclusions of his investigation into the assassination of Praetor Tal'aura. Rehaek rules that Tal'aura was killed by agents loyal to a coalition of noble houses angered by her reformation of the Senate. Both Donatra and Sela request to see the evidence that backs up his claims, but Rehaek refuses to divulge his complete findings. (Star Trek Online)
  • In retaliation for the death of Tal'aura, the Tal Shiar begins a campaign of assaults on the noble houses, arresting dozens of nobles and seizing their assets. Sela pushes back against the persecution of her major supporters, and in response sways the Senate to drastically cut funding to the Tal Shiar. In a speech before the Senate, Sela accuses elements inside the Tal Shiar of knowing about the plot to assassinate Tal'aura but doing nothing to stop it. "Does standing silent make them as culpable as the killers?" Sela asks. "In abandoning their sworn duty to protect the praetor, as a symbol of Romulus itself, they are no better than those who wielded the knives that killed her." Donatra refuses to take sides in the conflict between Sela and Rehaek, and instead encourages the praetor to handle the situation. Praetor Chulan appoints a Senate committee to formally investigate the matter, but the committee takes little action. (Star Trek Online)
  • On Stardate 63446.41, an explosion destroys Rehaek's home on the outskirts of Ki Baratan. Observers report several visitors to the estate of the leader of the Romulan Tal Shiar in the hours before the blast, any of whom could have planted the explosives. The remains of Rehaek's wife and young daughter and several servants are found in the wreckage, but no trace of Rehaek is ever found. Investigators theorize that the blast was intense enough to have vaporized anyone close to the point of detonation. Two hours after the explosion, Tal Shiar forces storm Sela#Star_Trek_Online_Timeline|Sela's townhouse in Ki Baratan, taking her and her personal guard into custody for the murder of Rehaek. In a secret trial held days later, Sela is sentenced to death for the crime. At the last minute, Donatra intervenes. She argues that the evidence is not overwhelming, and pressures Praetor Chulan to allow Sela and her supporters to accept permanent exile instead of death. (Star Trek Online)
  • The leader of the Romulan fleet, Admiral Taris, maintains a low profile during the troubles, putting many of her responsibilities in the hands of General Tebok. Late in 2386, she informs Donatra that she plans to take her ship to Levaeri V to investigate claims that a blade believed to be the Sword of the Raptor Star has been recovered. The ancient sword, reputed to be one of the swords created by Vulcan swordsmith S'harien and taken into exile by S'task, was a revered artifact of the Sundering. (Star Trek Online)
  • The Gorn Hegemony mourns the death of King Xrathis in 2386. His son, Crown Prince Slathis, ascends to the throne and takes responsibility for dealing with the Hegemony's many troubles. One of his first acts is to reinforce their border with the Klingons. With more ships in the region, several skirmishes are reported. The Klingons respond to the buildup by the Gorn by sending more ships of their own to the border. The standoff escalates into open conflict on Stardate 63504.74, when a Klingon fleet bombards the Gorn colony on Gila VI. Klingon troops land on the planet two days later, and after a bloody battle with Gorn defenders they succeed in taking the planet. Federation diplomats work with both sides trying to work out a peaceful solution, but some analysts predict that a full war will erupt within four years. Federation Ambassador Worf makes a personal appeal to his friend Chancellor Martok to end the hostilities, but privately Worf admits that he is not sure if peace is possible. (Star Trek Online)
  • All is not work for Ambassador Worf in 2386, though. He weds Grilka in a traditional Klingon ceremony with his family and many of his friends from Starfleet in attendance. A surprise guest at the wedding of Worf and Grilka is Data. (Star Trek Online)
  • With his upgrades at the Soong Foundation complete, Data requests that his commision in Starfleet be reactivated. While there are some initial questions because the Data persona is in the body once used by B-4, after Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker and several other current and former members of the Enterprise-E crew testify on Data's behalf, Starfleet Command agrees to reinstate the android. He is promoted to captain and assigned to supervise the completion of the Enterprise-E's refit. On Stardate 63894.06, the refit of the Enterprise-E is complete and the ship, helmed by Captain Data, leaves the Utopia Planitia shipyards. "We are introducing a new era of exploration and peace," says Starfleet Command spokesperson Commander Marie Durant. (Star Trek Online)
  • Another update by Starfleet is its uniforms. Starfleet completes a redesign of the uniform code and by the end of the year all of its officers are wearing the new designs. (Star Trek Online)
  • On Ferenginar, protests rock the capital for two days after Grand Nagus Rom uses tax proceeds to start free schools. Many Ferengi sae the free education as an assault on traditional values, and the demonstrations continue until Rom charges each protester ten slips of latinum for mass assembly without a proper permit. To get a permit to protest, Rom charges a bar of latinum. Proceeds are used to fund the educational system. (Star Trek Online)
  • In addition to working to curb the rising hostilities between the Klingons and the Gorn, Federation diplomats are hard at work crafting a new pact between the Federation and the Cardassians. On Stardate 63976.74, the Cardassians sign a new treaty, in which they agree not to field a military or wage war. In exchange, the Federation agrees to provide aid to rebuild Cardassian cities and military protection in the event of an invasion of Cardassian space. In response to the landmark agreement, the Bajoran coalition drops its request to prosecute Cardassians for war crimes. Many among the Bajorans and Cardassians hoped that relations between their worlds would someday be normalized. (Star Trek Online)
  • On behalf of the Founders, Odo meets with Lamat'Ukan, First of the Jem'Hadar in the Alpha Quadrant. Odo asks the Jem'Hadar to return to the Gamma Quadrant with him, but Lamat'Ukan rejects Odo as a false god. "You wear the shape of our gods, but you do not have their spirit," Lamat'Ukan is reported to have said. "You are corrupted by your ... taste for the life of a solid. To follow you would be to sacrifice our souls. There would be no victory under your banner. Without victory, there is no life." (Star Trek Online)
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