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Snipe class
Snipe class (SFAGame)

Snipe class (SFAGame)
Commissioned 2250

At the time that the Warbird class was the standard cruiser of the Romulan navy, the Snipe class was the corresponding frigate. Just as the Warbirds were updated to a variety of uses, the Snipes were also upgraded. The Snipe-A (SNA) frigate was a warp-enhanced version of the Snipe-S sublight frigate. The SNA provided necessary depth to the Romulan fleet in the early warp era. It was also used as a police frigate — the Snipe-P (SNP) — and as a convoy escort in addition to its fleet role.

Introduced in 2250, the Snipe-A frigate had a cloaking device, a crew of 100, a capacity of four shuttlecraft, no science labs, a single transporter, and one tractor beam emitter; it was armed with one Type-G plasma torpedo launcher, and two banks of Type-1 phasers. The SNA remained in service until 2270, when it was superseded by the SNAR refit, which was introduced in 2264. The SNAR featured an additional two banks of Type-3 phasers, and remained in service until 2290.

The Snipe-P (SNP) police ship, also introduced in 2250, was virtually identical to the Snipe-A, but mounted Type-2 phasers instead of Type-1s. The SNP+ refit in 2296, however, exchanged the Type-2 phasers for Type-1s, making the SNP+ equivalent to the SNA.

The Snipe-B (SNB) battle frigate was introduced in 2317. Like the King Eagle class, the SNB was the ultimate development of the Snipe design. These ships, being capable of fleet speed, served alongside newer ships. Some were added to Skyhawk squadrons to provide heavier torpedoes. The SNB had a crew of 100, a cloaking device, a capacity of four shuttlecraft, no science labs, a single transporter, one tractor beam emitter, and was armed with a single Type-G and two Type-F plasma torpedo tubes, two banks of Type-1 phasers, and two banks of Type-3 phasers.[1]

Snipe class vessels

SFC Timeline

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