The Dauphin (Episode)

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The Dauphin
"The Dauphin" (TNG 136)

"The Dauphin" (TNG 136)
Series Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season 2
Episode 10
Production Number 136
Release Date 20 Feb 1989

Stardate 42568.8: Wesley falls for a mysterious girl

A diplomatic mission provides the setting for Wesley Crusher's first romance when the ship ferries home a princess and her overprotective guardian. As Troi worries that the two passengers are not what they seem, Wesley seeks advice on how to handle his emotions. Meanwhile, the princess' guardian, Anya, grows irrational at any hint of danger to Salia. When Anya transforms herself into a dangerously violent creature to challenge Worf, Dr. Pulaski realizes that Salia's people are allasomorphs, a race of shape-shifters.

To avoid a fight, Picard orders Wesley to stay away from Salia, but Wesley cannot, and their meetings continue until Anya discovers them. When Salia matches Anya's transformation with one of her own, Wesley is stunned and he flees. Wesley at first rebuffs Salia's apologies for having deceived him, but he finally overcomes his pride and brings her a peace offering: another bowl of the [[chocolate mousse[[ they once enjoyed together.

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