U.S.S. Blackheart NCC-2327

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Chandley class[1]
Chandley class[2]

One of the most decorated frigates in Starfleet, the Chandley class Federation Starship Blackheart was reported missing in May 2278 while patrolling the Rimward Sector. A search was made, but all that was found was a communications buoy from the Blackheart. The buoy had only a partial message: "...small object paralleling our course...no response on hailing freq..." The remainder of the message was garbled, and portions had been intentionally erased. Starfleet had no more information on the fate of the ship or its crew. The Blackheart was most remembered for the large black hearts painted on each of its lower wing assemblies; such decoration was typical among Chandley class ships, making them easily distinguishable on visual scan, and the practice was thought to keep the crew's pride in their vessel at its peak.[1]