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Planetary Data

Affiliation: United Federation of Planets[1]
Distance from Star: 108,200,000km[2]
Orbital Period: 0.9 rotations (224.7 days)[2]
Rotational Period: 5832 hours (243 days)[2]
Class: N[2]
Surface Temperature: 465°C[2]
Diameter: 12,104km[2]
Gravity: 0.9g[2]
Natural Satellites: None[2]
Points of Interest: Aphrodite Terraforming Station[2]

A Class N planet, Venus was the second planet in the Sol system,[1] located in the Sol sector[2] (aka Sector 001),[3] in the Alpha Quadrant.[2] Terraforming efforts to convert Venus to a Class M planet continued well into the 24th century.[4]


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