We'll Always Have Paris (Episode)

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We'll Always Have Paris
"We'll Always Have Paris" (TNG 124)

"We'll Always Have Paris" (TNG 124)
Series Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season 1
Episode 24
Production Number 124
Release Date 2 May 1988

Stardate 41697.9: A temporal disturbance reunites Picard with an old flame

While the Enterprise is traveling to Sarona VII for shore leave, a bizarre time loop distortion causes literal déjà vu. Soon after, the ship receives a distress signal from Dr. Paul Manheim's science outpost on Vandor IV. The crew rescues Manheim and his wife, Jenice, who turns out to be an old love of Picard's, but the nonlinear temporal experiments Manheim and his now-dead team were conducting not only ended in disaster on Vandor, but were responsible for the disturbance that the Enterprise experienced earlier. Those disturbances now threaten to spread and rip open the fabric of spacetime.

Manheim himself is dying, as his body can't deal with the strain of partial interdimensional existence. On top of that, Picard's unresolved feelings for Jenice, whom he stood up in Paris twenty-two years earlier, are left hanging following a session on the holodeck, and even Dr. Crusher finds herself feeling jealous of Jenice. Finally, using Manheim's directions, Data beams into the Vandor lab to reseal the center of the dimensional breach with a piece of antimatter; although he finds himself in three overlapping timeframes at once, he is able to sort out the situation and succeed in his task. Manheim is instantly cured, and he and Jenice prepare to begin his work anew. This time, thanks to Picard's holodeck recreation of Paris, he is able to bid Jenice a proper farewell.

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