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Myriad Universes: Eminiar system
Eminiar system
G-type star (ST04)

G-type star (ST04)
Astrometrics UFP Quadrant III[1]
Coordinates  • -37.0, 222.3, 25.1[2]
 • 2.15S, 5.77E[1]
First Appearance TOS23 (23 Feb 1967)
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Eminiar system (WOF; Original Image)

Eminiar system (WOF; Original Image)

Eminiar was a large yellow star, located within the dense[2] star cluster NGC 321.[3] The system had a total of 11 planets;[2] Eminiar I through IX were rocky worlds, while Eminiar X and XI were ringed gas giants. Eminiar X supported a system of 13 moons, and Eminiar XI had 19.[4] Two of the worlds—Eminiar III, aka Vendikar, and Eminiar VII—were Class M. Vendikar was a former colony of Eminiar VII,[3] which declared independence circa 1507,[1] sparking a war that lasted 500 years.[3] By 2223, Eminiar VII was a member world of the United Federation of Planets, while Vendikar was an associate member.[1]

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