New Jersey class (SFC)

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New Jersey class
Bismarck class (SFC2)

Bismarck class (SFC2)

During the General War, it became clear that even the Constitution class command cruiser (CC) would be overtaken by the rapid competition that the war had engendered. To maintain its leadership in cruisers, the Federation attempted to design the ultimate cruiser. A variant of the Excelsior class introduced in 2303, the Bismarck class battlecruiser (BCJ) could rely on existing technology, and was intended to improve firepower over the Kirov class for base assaults. Additional photon torpedo tubes were installed in place of the missile launchers of the Kirov, and the class proved to have the upper limit of photon torpedoes that could be installed on the spaceframe. The New Jersey class had a crew complement of 500, a capacity of thirteen shuttlecraft, eight science labs, four transporters, and two tractor beam emitters, and was armed with six photon torpedo tubes, two Type-G missile launchers, ten Type-1 phaser banks, and two banks of Type-3 phasers.

The Kirov class (BCF) and Bismarck class (BCJ) battlecruisers were further variants of the basic Excelsior spaceframe, and were designed to use different types of weaponry.[1]

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