Starfleet General Orders (UFP150)

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Myriad Universes: Starfleet General Orders

General Order 1

Also known as the Prime Directive.

Section 1:
Starfleet crew will obey the following with any civilization that has not achieved a commensurate level of technological and/or societal development as described in Appendix 1.
 a) No identification of self or mission.
 b) No interference with the social, cultural, or technological development of said planet.
 c) No references to space, other worlds, or advanced civilizations.
 d) The exception to this is if said society has already been exposed to the concepts listed herein. However, in that instance, section 2 applies.

Section 2:
If said species has achieved the commensurate level of technological and/or societal development as described in Appendix 1, or has been exposed to the concepts listed in section1, no Starfleet crew person will engage with said society or species without first gathering extensive information on the specific traditions, laws, and culture of that species civilization. Then Starfleet crew will obey the following:
 a) If engaged with diplomatic relations with said culture, will stay within the confines of said culture's restrictions.
 b) No interference with the social development of said planet.[1]

General Order 6

General Order 6 was created and put into effect after the U.S.S. Archon NCC-189 bartered for substandard dilithium from an Orion trader; the dilithium caused the reactor aboard the ship to explode, nearly destroying the ship.[1]

In the manufacture and maintenance of Starfleet ships and facilities, it is forbidden for Starfleet personnel to use resources supplied by a third party whose mining, manufacturing, and processing standards have not been judged to meet the minimum standards of safety and quality assurance set by Starfleet Command.[1]

General Order 7

In 2267, General Order 7 was the only death penalty left on the books in the Federation. It prohibited any ship or person from visiting Talos IV.[2]

I. Specifications
The fourth planet of the Talos Star Group shall be considered off limits to Starfleet and Federation personnel. No vessel, under any condition, either emergency or otherwise, shall visit Talos IV.
 a) Violations of this order also include but are not limited to:
   1) Any attempt to make contact with denizens of Talos IV
   2) Any attempt to assist others in the violations listed herein.

II. Penalty
The penalty of any and all infractions of General Order 7 is death. Procedural details to be determined by the current Starfleet Commander-in-Chief.[1]

General Order 12

General Order 12 required adequate precautions be taken when approached by a spacecraft with which contact has not been made.[3]

General Order 15

According to Lieutenant Saavik in 2285, General Order 15 required that "no flag officer shall beam into a hazardous area without armed escort." Admiral Kirk, however, stated that no such regulation existed.[3]

General Order 24

General Order 24 was a command to destroy the surface of a planet, unless the order was countermanded within a specified period. Captain James T. Kirk invoked General Order 24 on Eminiar VII in 2267, in an effort to force the planet's leadership to enter into peace talks with the leaders from the neighboring planet Vendikar.[4]

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