The Keeper

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Myriad Universes: The Keeper
The Keeper
The Keeper (2258) (DSC23)

The Keeper (2258) (DSC23)
Species Talosian
Sex Male[1]
First Appearance TOS16 (24 Nov 1966)
Portrayed by  • Meg Wyllie (TOS01, TOS16)
 • Malachi Throne (Voice) (TOS01, TOS16)
 • Rob Brownstein (DSC23)
Prime Timeline
(The root of all realities)

Referred to as "magistrate" by other Talosians, the "Keeper," as he was referred to by Captain Christopher Pike, served as a spokesperson for the Talosians when dealing with Pike and their other Human captives in 2254. The Keeper wore an authoritative-looking jeweled pendant around his neck, possibly as a symbol of authority. When the Talosians realized that Humans would not be able to adapt to a life in captivity, no matter how pleasant or benevolent, the Keeper released them, and allowed Vina to remain, where she could live her life unburdened by the deformities she'd suffered from the crash of the S.S. Columbia eighteen years earlier.[2]

The Keeper (2254) (TOS01)

The Keeper (2254) (TOS01)

In 2258, when Lieutenant Spock was suffering from the effects of a mind meld with a time traveler that resulted in his mind becoming unfixed in time, he was able to return to Talos IV with the help of his foster sister, Commander Michael Burnham. Once there, Burnham and the Keeper were able to restore Spock's mind, as well as assist Pike, who was in temporary command of the U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031.[3]

When Pike was crippled in a training accident in 2267, Spock was able to coordinate telepathically with the Talosians to circumvent General Order 7 and bring his former captain to Talos IV. Once there, Pike was reunited with Vina, and both were freed from the prisons their bodies had become.[4][5]

Notes and References

  1. The Talosians were played by women, with voices dubbed over by male actors, to provide an additional sense of "alienness" to the characters. Nevertheless, the Keeper was referred to as a male in the script to "The Cage," and the role was later portrayed by a male actor in Star Trek: Discovery.
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