Boyce, Phillip

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Phillip Boyce
Philip Boyce (TOS 00)
Philip Boyce (TOS 00)
Species Human
Sex Male
Portrayed by John Hoyt

Doctor Phillip Boyce[1] was the Chief Medical Officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 under Captain Christopher Pike in 2254. Before the mission to Talos IV, Boyce came to Pike's cabin and served the captain a martini, noting that "sometimes a man will tell his bartender things he'd never tell his doctor."[2]

Kelvin Timeline

In 2259, following the incident with Khan Noonien Singh, Doctor Boyce was the attending physician during Captain James T. Kirk's recovery at Starfleet Medical.[3]

Notes and References

  1. Though only referred to as "Phil" in dialogue, Boyce's first name was given as "Phillip" in the script.
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