Chronology: 2070s

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Reference Stardates 0/6000 - 0/6412


  • RSD 0/3600: The Saratoga class cargo carrier is removed from service.[1]
  • RSD 0/6000: The Long class interplanetary cargo vessel is commissioned. The class will remain in service until 2151.[1]




  • RSD 0/6407: The Franklin series warp drive message probe becomes operational. These small, unmanned probes have rudimentary astrogational equipment, and are capable of carrying a cargo of up to 0.1 ton in addition to several hundred recorded messages. These probes are later refitted with modern warp drives and used for the next three decades. A total of 380 are built.[2]


  • RSD 0/6410: Rapid improvements in warp drive technology result in the launch of the advanced Verne class cruiser, which boasts a crew complement of 112. It is noteworthy as the first warp-capable class equipped with launch tubes and thermonuclear hydrogen-fusion torpedoes. The class will see 120 built, and will remain in service until 2140. Also commissioned this year is the Amity class shuttle, which carries 6 people and uses an advanced fusion drive.[1][2]