Decker class (FASA)

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Decker class
Decker class (FASA 2012)

Decker class (FASA 2012)
Commissioned RSD 2/7502
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Number Constructed 40
Length 288 m
Width 120 m
Height 52 m
Mass 140,603 mt
Cargo Capacity 10,000 mt
Computer Type M-6A
Transporters  •  6-Person: 4
 •  20-Person: 2
 •  Cargo: 2
Crew 200
Marines 100
Passengers 10
Shuttlecraft 4
Velocity  •  Cruising: Warp 12
 •  Emergency: Warp 14
Weapons  •  5 FH-11 Phasers
 • 3 torpedo tubes

As the Excelsior class began to replace the older Enterprise class cruisers as the workhorses of Star Fleet, the need for a smaller, lighter vessel arose. The Decker class destroyers, named in honor of Commodore Matthew Decker and his son, Commander William Decker, was designed to fill the need for an armed ship able to carry out various escort, patrol, and deep-space tasks. Problems in redesigning the engine design introduced in the Excelsior class for a smaller hull delayed introduction of the Decker class; however, most of these problems were solved after the ships were equipped with the Daystrom Duotronics M-6A computer control system. The large Marine contingent that the "Damn Fine Decker" carried gave the class greater flexibility. Further, the Decker's long range and high speed often allowed it to arrive at a volatile area at a critical moment, with the ship's presence often calming a dangerous situation without having to fire a shot. Although no longer produced in quantity by Reference Stardate 3/03 (2303), the Decker class was still popular and respected. Vessels of the class were named for officers who showed special gallantry or sacrifice. Of the 40 Deckers constructed, 20 remained in service, two were decommissioned as training vessels, and the rest were lost, scrapped, or destroyed.[1]

Decker class vessels

FASA Timeline

U.S.S. Robert April NCC-6003  •  U.S.S. Koren Anastas NCC-6011  •  U.S.S. Irkin B'tly NCC-6037  •  U.S.S. Pavel Chekov NCC-6010  •  U.S.S. Archon Chovich NCC-6030  •  U.S.S. Libby Curtis NCC-6038  •  U.S.S. Stephen Decatur NCC-6015  •  U.S.S. Matthew Decker NCC-6000  •  U.S.S. Willard Decker NCC-6001  •  U.S.S. Jonathan T. Esteban NCC-6005  •  U.S.S. Mandala Flynn NCC-6036  •  U.S.S. Kelvar Garth NCC-6004  •  U.S.S. Zachary Holmes NCC-6019  •  U.S.S. Connor Jacoby NCC-6025  •  U.S.S. Kai-Jasik NCC-6020  •  U.S.S. Yoshitomo Karasuma NCC-6014  •  U.S.S. J.L. Lambert NCC-6018  •  U.S.S. Andre LaSalle NCC-6024  •  U.S.S. Meredith Levette NCC-6017  •  U.S.S. Peter Marlowe NCC-6021  •  U.S.S. Hieracho Naguro NCC-6032  •  U.S.S. Nherat NCC-6034  •  U.S.S. Christopher Pike NCC-6002  •  U.S.S. Samantha Piper NCC-6035  •  U.S.S. Peter Preston NCC-6027  •  U.S.S. Montgomery Scott NCC-6007  •  U.S.S. Jason Starion NCC-6022  •  U.S.S. Stonwin NCC-6031  •  U.S.S. Lawrence Styles NCC-6033  •  U.S.S. Hikaru Sulu NCC-6009  •  U.S.S. Surmass NCC-6026  •  U.S.S. Malcolm Swain NCC-6023  •  U.S.S. Myrr'lin T'alon NCC-6029  •  U.S.S. Clark Terrell NCC-6006  •  U.S.S. Anton Thiel NCC-6013  •  U.S.S. Samara Uhura NCC-6008  •  U.S.S. Dietrich Vinsel NCC-6028  •  U.S.S. Allison Vinson NCC-6039  •  U.S.S. Damon West NCC-6012  •  U.S.S. Nathaniel Zar NCC-6016

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