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metric system

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First adopted in France in 1799, the metric system was a system of standardized measurements devised on Earth.[1] Each base unit could be divided or multiplied in increments of ten, as indicated by the prefix appended to the base unit. For example, a meter, the base unit of length,[2] could be expressed as a kilometer, with the prefix kilo- indicating that the unit was 1000 meters; alternately, the prefix centi- in centimeter indicated that it was 1/100th of a meter.[3]


A meter was the base unit of length in the metric system, and was roughly equivalent to 39 inches in the imperial system, while a kilometer — 1000 meters — was approximately 0.6 miles in that system.[3] The First Federation warning buoy maintained a distance of 1,593 meters from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 when the starship made first contact with the First Federation on Stardate 1512.2. The First Federation Starship Fesarius was so enormous, that even at a distance of 5,000 meters, it filled the viewscreen.[4]


A kilogram was the base unit of measurement for mass in the metric system. A kilogram, or 1000 grams, was equal to about 2.2 pounds.[3] Very large masses could be expressed as metric tons, with each ton equal to 1000 kilograms.[5]


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