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Myriad Universes: Klingon Empire
Klingon Empire
Klingon Empire trefoil (KAC)

Klingon Empire trefoil (KAC)
First Appearance  • TV: TOS27 (23 Mar 1967)
 • Game: SFASBS (1994)
SFC Timeline
(Starfleet Command Games)

The Klingon Empire was a small group of races ruled strongly by the Klingon race. The Klingon Empire included at least 12 planets in multiple systems with native sentient races, all of them subservient to the Klingons themselves. Many of these subject races served as crewmen on Klingon ships, and they were almost never allowed to navigate the ships or fire their weapons.

The Klingon government dedicated most of its resources to the military. Klingons were best known for their ferocity and sense of honor, and their hostile temperament often put them at war with their galactic neighbors.

The Klingon Empire arose on the ruins of a previous empire, of which the Klingons had been a subject race. The Klingon Empire was relatively poor, and could only match the Federation in military power at the price of a harsher standard of living for its people.

The Klingon military forces included the Deep Space Fleet (DSF), which was the regular military Navy, and the Internal Security Force (ISF). All ship names (DSF and ISF) were preceded with "IKV" (Imperial Klingon Vessel). Most Klingon ships were specialized to cruise at medium range, and snipe with their quick-charging disruptors, which were generally shorter-ranged until refitted with a more modern type. Torpedoes were used to supplement their weaponry and draw enemy fire.

The ISF, which mostly operated small ships, was a combined police, customs, tariff regulation, border patrol, search & rescue, and anti–piracy force. It was also assigned the duty of watching the various subject planets for signs of dissidence. The ISF was inferior (in military, political and social standing) to the DSF.

The Empire Security Service included internal security and counter–espionage branches, but was best known for the security forces which were on all ships to make certain that the subject races did not overstep their bounds (and to make certain that the officers did their duties to the Empire). External intelligence was a function of the Klingon General Bureau. The DSF and ISF also maintained their own external intelligence agencies: the DSF external intelligence was the Galactic Research Unit, and the ISF external intelligence was the Maximum Veracity Directorate. This led to the usual duplication of effort and political infighting.[1]

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