S.S. Botany Bay (Kelvin)

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Myriad Universes: S.S. Botany Bay
S.S. Botany Bay
S.S. Botany Bay (TOS 24)

S.S. Botany Bay (TOS 24)
Class DY-100 class
Commissioned c.1996
Kelvin Timeline
(Split from 2233)

In 1996, after the Eugenics Wars ended with the defeat of the "supermen," Khan Noonien Singh and 96 of his followers escaped in a DY-100 class vessel, the Botany Bay, placing themselves in cryogenic freeze in the hope of colonizing another world, though this fact was concealed from the general public.[1]

The Botany Bay was recovered more than 200 years later, in 2258, by a Section 31 vessel operating under the authority of Admiral Alexander Marcus. Khan was revived and pressed into service, while the 72 surviving Augments were kept in stasis.[2]

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