Space Seed (Episode)

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Star Trek, Season 1, Episode 24
Star Trek
"Space Seed"
Stardate 3141.9
Series Star Trek
Episode Number 24
Release Date 16 February 1967
Writer Gene L. Coon and Carey Wilbur
Story Carey Wilbur
Director Marc Daniels

Kirk meets Khan, a leader of Earth's Eugenics Wars.

The Enterprise discovers a "sleeper ship" from the late twentieth century. The crewmembers are found in a state of suspended animation, and the leader, a magnetic individual named Khan, is revived. Ship's historian Marla McGivers is strongly attracted to the man—whom Spock soon identifies as Khan Noonien Singh, the most dynamic and dangerous of the artificially bred men of the 1990s—and once absolute ruler of more than a quarter of Earth. With Marla's aid, Khan, supremely contemptuous of the Enterprise crew—especially Captain Kirk—revives his crew and takes the ship. But when she realizes Khan intends to kill those who will not aid him, Marla rescues the captain. Kirk then unleashes anesthetic gas throughout the occupied sections of the ship and recaptures the Enterprise. He gives Khan and his people the choice of facing arrest and incarceration or colonizing a virgin and hostile planet, Ceti Alpha V. Khan chooses to be a colonist, and Marla elects to go with him. Spock wonders what will come from these "seeds" the Enterprise has planted.

Related Data

Astrometrics: Australia; Botany Bay; Ceti Alpha system; Ceti Alpha V; Earth; Europe; Gamma 400 system; India; sectors; Starbase 12
Cast & Crew: Coon, Gene; Daniels, Marc; Doohan, James; Kelley, DeForest; Makee, Blaisdell; Montalban, Ricardo; Nichols, Nichelle; Nimoy, Leonard; Rhue, Madlyn; Shatner, William; Takei, George; Tobin, Mark; Wilbur, Carey; Winston, John
Chronology: Stardate 3141.9-3143.3; 1992; 1993; 1996; 2018; 2266
Culture: Sikhs
Education: doctor; psychologist
People: Alexander the Great; Bonaparte, Napoleon; Caesar, Julius; Ericson, Leif; Flavius; Harrison; Joaquin; Kati; Kirk, James T.; Kyle, John; Ling; Lucifer; McCoy, Leonard; McGivers, Marla; McPherson; Milton, John; Otto; Richard I; Rodriguez; Scott, Montgomery; Singh, Khan Noonien; Spinelli; Spock; Sulu, Hikaru; Thule; Uhura, Nyota
Politics: Eugenics War; military; Starfleet; Starfleet Ranks; United Federation of Planets; World War III
Science & Technology: anesthesia; armory; carotid artery; computer; impulse drive; intruder control systems; neural gas; nuclear power; oxygen; phaser; psychology; scalpel; sensors; suspended animation; tractor beam; transistors; transporter; tricorder; warp drive; warp nacelle
Ships & Vehicles: S.S. Botany Bay; Constitution class; DY-100 class; DY-500 class; U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
Xenology: Humans; Vulcans
Miscellaneous: English language; Morse code
Star Trek, Season 1, Episode 24