Into Darkness (Film)

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Star Trek Into Darkness
Series Star Trek (Kelvin)
Previous Star Trek (ST11)
Next Beyond (ST13)
Released 13 May 2013
Kelvin Timeline
(Split from 2233)

Stardate 2259.55: Captain Kirk leads the Enterprise on a manhunt to capture a one-man weapon of mass destruction.

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Astrometrics Aberdeen; Alcatraz; Athens; Cape Town; Class M planet; Daystrom Conference Room; desert moon; Earth; Golden Gate Bridge; Io; Iowa; Jupiter; Ketha Province; Klingon Neutral Zone; London; The Moon; New Vulcan; Nibiru; North America; Pacific Ocean; Paris; Praxis; Qo'noS; Rome; San Francisco; Starfleet Headquarters; Starbase 1; Sydney; Ushuaia
Chronology Kelvin Timeline: 18th Century; 20th Century; 2258; 2259; Stardate 2259.55-2259.69
Culture Arabic language; Blues; Celts; chess; destiny; divorce; ethics; God; Hades; Heaven; Hell; jewelry; Klingon language; marriage; music; poker; Romans; Victorian; Vikings
Education doctorate; nurse; physician; Starfleet Academy
Food alcohol; corn; popsicle; Scotch; water
People Frank Abbott; Ainsworth; Isaac Asimov; Philip Boyce; Bradley; Chanakya; Christine Chapel; Pavel Chekov; Arthur C. Clarke; Darwin; Delcourt; Evans; Ford; Lucille Harewood; Rima Harewood; Thomas Harewood; G.P. Hendorff; Keenser; James T. Kirk; Poch Mahon; Alexander Marcus; Carol Marcus; Leonard McCoy; Nibiran High Priest; Christopher Pike; Science Officer 0718; Montgomery Scott; Khan Noonien Singh/John Harrison; Spock; Spock (Prime); Hikaru Sulu; Tannoy; Nyota Uhura
Politics Klingon Empire; Klingon Neutral Zone; Prime Directive; Section 31; Starfleet; Starfleet Command; Starfleet Ranks; Starfleet Regulations; United Federation of Planets; war; war crimes
Science & Technology airlock; antimatter; artificial gravity; astrophysics; bat'leth; biobed; blood; car; cesarean section; chronometer; cold fusion; communications; communicator; computer; cryogenics; d'k'tagh; deflector dish; dilithium; dynamite; EVA suit; explosives; fiber optic cables; fire hose; genetic engineering; gravity; hypospray; kilometer; lava; life support; magma; magnetism; magnetosphere; medical tricorder; medicine; meter; mind meld; orbit; oxygen; phaser rifle; phasers; photon torpedo; physical examination; physics; plasma coolant; radiation; Rankine nullifier; rebreather; record player; robots; seatbelt; sensors; shields; spears; subspace; subspace communications; telepathy; thruster pack; thrusters; titanium; ton; transporter; transwarp transporter; tricorder; volcano; warp core; warp drive; warp nacelle; warp signature; water; wetsuit
Ships & Vehicles S.S. Botany Bay; U.S.S. Bradbury; Constitution class; D-4 class; Dreadnought class; U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701; Enterprise Shuttle 1; hovercars; K'normian ship; shuttlecraft; Shuttlecraft Athena; Shuttlecraft Hyperion; Shuttlecraft Kirby; Shuttlecraft Trimble; U.S.S. Vasquez; U.S.S. Vengeance; U.S.S. Yorktown
Xenology androids; Augments; birds; Caitians; dogs; Gorn; horses; Humans; insects; K'normians; Klingons; Nibiran quadrupeds; Nibirans; oysters; Roylans; seagulls; tribbles; Vulcans
Miscellaneous bridge; brig; coordinates; genocide; Kelvin Memorial Archive; library; logs; money; Mudd Incident; nerve pinch; paranoia; red alert; Royal Children's Hospital; sentience; shot glass; shuttlebay; sickbay; Starfleet Uniforms (2250s); torture; underwear; yellow alert

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Star Trek Into Darkness
Series Star Trek (Kelvin)
Released May 2013
KLVX Timeline
(Variant of the Kelvin Timeline, split from 2233)

Book Credits

A Novelization by
Alan Dean Foster

Based on the Motion Picture Screenplay by
Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, & Damon Lindelof

Based Upon Star Trek Created by
Gene Roddenberry