Starfleet Regulations

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Starfleet Regulations

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Starfleet regulations governed the organization and conduct of Starfleet personnel. Starfleet Order 104, Section B detailed how and when a visiting officer could take command of a ship to which they were not assigned, as well as circumstances that would prohibit their doing so.[1]

Under regulation 7, paragraph 4, Starfleet personnel "must consider [themselves] under arrest, unless in the presence of the most senior fellow officers presently available, [they] give satisfactory answer to those charges which [they] now bring."[2]

Selling of Starfleet technology without the express permission of the Federation Council was a violation of regulations 15, 25, 348, 498, and 756. Pointing a phaser at another member of Starfleet was a violation of regulation 76. Consumption of Romulan whiskey was also a violation of an unspecified regulation.[3]

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