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Series Star Trek Roleplaying Game
Published May 2003
"All I need is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by..." — Kirk to McCoy, The Ultimate Computer

These are the fleets of the Galaxy.

Enterprise... Excelsior... Stargazer... Their names and exploits have taken on the mantle of legend. Over two centuries' worth of starship engineering comes together in this comprehensive volume. Whether charting the unknown or battling hostile empires, starships form the vanguard of exploration and discovery for every starfaring species. So open hailing frequencies and prepare to deploy these starships in your own Star Trek RPG series!

Starships includes:

  • Over forty different starship designs, complete with illustrations, history, and technical data. Vessels include Starfleet designs such as the Prometheus and Nova classes, as well as threat vessels such as the implacable Borg cube and the Breen warship.
  • Additional maneuvers for the starship combat system allow you to perform the Riker Maneuver, Scorpion Evasives, and many other tactics.
  • Starship and system design rules for every type of vessel — UFP, Klingon, Romulan, Dominion, and others — allow you to create dozens of new ship systems and build any starship you can imagine!
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Bill Bridges, Andrew Greenberg, Kenneth Hite, Ross A. Isaacs, Doug Sun

Development and Editing
Jesse Heinig and Ross A. Isaacs

Bill Maxwell

Additional Research
Christian Moore

Line Developer, Star Trek RPG
Jess Heinig and Ross A. Isaacs

Creative Direction
Christian Moore, Owen Seylor

Product Development, Paramount
John van Citters

Visual Creative Direction
Dan Burns

Art Direction
Jesse Cassem

Production Design
Rob Burns, Jeannie Glover, Owen Seylor

David Pipgrass